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50 Stylish Lighting Ideas for any home

When selecting lighting for your home, there are many things you must consider, including the use of the space, the fixture type, light output needed and the aesthetic style of your space. Whether you are choosing lighting for your entryway, kitchen, dining room or outdoor spaces, read on to learn tips and tricks to select the best fixtures for each area of your home.

Casual Outdoor Dining

Pendants aren’t just for the dining room! Textured wicker pendants bring a cozy, coastal vibe to outdoor dining areas. Leading interior designers have noted the resurgence of 1970s design, and materials such as wicker, rattan and bent cane exemplify mid-century style. Try incorporating natural materials for fixtures and furnishings in your outdoor living areas to help tie them into your overall landscaping design.

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Jewelry for a Room

The right light fixture can dazzle like jewelry for your dining room. Here, a glittering multi-light pendant features cast glass spheres that recall pearls or dew drops. Consider the scale of your dining area and size of your table when choosing the best fixture for the space; many multi-pendant lights such as this one allow you to select the number of lights you need to meet your particular lighting requirements.

Out-of-the-Box Bedroom Lighting

Take cues from designer Patricia Davis Brown, who used elegant brass pendants with opaque white shades in place of bedside lamps for her Model Home project. Hanging pendants free up nightstand space for personal devices or other decorative elements. Patricia’s approach proves bedroom lighting doesn’t need to be a one-size-fits-all solution.

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Go Bold in the Bath

Bathroom lighting is an invitation to be a bit dramatic. Sublime Homes showcases glittering crystal wall sconces against a bold red backdrop. Frameless mirrors featuring etched initials bring an especially personal touch to this intimate space.

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Path Lighting Ideas

Wayfinding is one of the most important aspects of outdoor landscaping lighting. Simple path lighting fixtures can help your guests find your front door while improving the curb appeal of your home. The best path lighting fixtures cast most of the light downward to avoid lighting pollution.

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Lovely Lanterns

When looking for landscaping lighting ideas, look no further than the classic lantern. This wall and post fixture features a blackened copper aluminum frame, which is striking against well-trimmed shrubs and other thoughtful landscaping elements. Bring old-world charm to your yard with elegant outdoor lighting sources.

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Easy Living

Designer Nadia Watts takes an understated and elegant approach to lighting the Cherry Hills project. A stately two-tiered chandelier surrounded by LED “candles” ties together this eclectic living space. Artfully selected lighting brings a cohesive feel to any interior.

Island Lighting Takes Center Stage

Houston-based Pamela Hope Designs takes kitchen island lighting to the next level. Delicate geometric pendants relate to gray lacquered cabinets and stainless steel appliances in this modern kitchen. This composition proves that minimal lighting fixtures can enhance the design of a space while still taking center stage.

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Poolside Lighting Vibes

When you think of pool lighting, you might think of fixtures mounted beneath the depths. However, freestanding portable lamps are an affordable and practical solution. These sleek lamps move easily from outdoor tables to pool side or even inside your home.

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Let Light Guide Your Work

Forget boring corporate office lighting. For this home office design, Shades of Gray Design Studio incorporates striking black-and-white graphics and a glowing, sculptural pendant fixture. Let your home office lighting be an expression of your aspirations and work style.

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Making a Statement

For a Rancho Sante Fe home renovation, Jill Shelvin Design took a bold approach to entryway lighting in this Spanish-meets-California style interior. A multi-light pendant with delicate glass gloves is suspended above a table in a generous foyer. The delicate fixture stands in contrast to the sturdy-yet-intricate metalwork of the stunning double front doors.

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First Impressions

Your front entryway makes the first impression to guests. Lighting your front door is a major part of that, so choose a combination of wall sconces and/or a pendant fixture that showcases your front door. The fixture style should coordinate with your home’s architecture.

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Best Outdoor Wall Sconces

Outdoor lighting encompasses many layers, but one of the most essential components to a successful outdoor lighting scheme is wall sconces. These elegant fixtures wash exterior walls with light. They provide wayfinding and highlight significant architectural features.

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Lighting the Way

Sleek step lights prove the perfect illuminator for outdoor stairs. Ensure that you and your guests can safely navigate your property without sacrificing style. Outdoor lighting should create drama and intrigue, but safety is always paramount.

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Cheers to Light

Sleek outdoor wall sconces flank an outdoor bar. These sconces are effective because they cast light both up and down, which provides surface lighting for the bar while contributing to overall ambience. When selecting outdoor fixtures, always be sure they are UL rated for outdoor use.

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Elevate Your Outdoor Kitchen

Interior kitchens are expected, but outdoor kitchens are next level—you can grill and entertain all at once beneath the open sky. Even outside, indoor lighting principles still apply. Outdoor pendant fixtures are the perfect solution to light your grilling needs and create ambience for entertaining.

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Keep the Porch Light On

When lighting an outdoor porch, carefully coordinate wall sconces and outdoor pendants. Together these two fixture types can provide both ambient and focused light. Opt for durable materials that can withstand the elements while delivering sleek modern style.

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Overall Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Simplify your outdoor lighting scheme by choosing fixtures that can work in a variety of formats. Sleek outdoor light posts can be mounted freestanding or affixed to exterior surfaces as wall sconces. Identify fixtures with robust finishes rated to resist harsh outdoor conditions including wet locations.

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Low Voltage High Style

Joe Human of Designs by Human utilized low voltage outdoor light fixtures to create a backyard oasis. Wall sconces cast light along wood-slat side walls, while a covered outdoor seating area features a pendant. Planter-level lights round out this well-considered lighting scheme.

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Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

These elegant, semicircular outdoor light fixtures cast light both up and down. As an added benefit, they are energy-efficient low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. They utilize a transformer to step down power consumption and consume less energy than line voltage fixtures.

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Statement Maker

When you think of chandeliers, you might think of entryways or dining rooms. However, these elegant fixtures can become the focal point of a living area. Bring a bit of sparkle to an otherwise neutral living room design with a bold chandelier.

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Wildlife-friendly Lighting

You may have heard the term dark sky lighting and be wondering, what is dark-sky compliant outdoor lighting? Dark-sky compliant fixtures, such as these outdoor downlight wall sconces, avoid unnecessary light pollution that can negatively affect wildlife and your neighbors.

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Cascading Pearls

Double-height entryways call for a dramatic statement fixture, especially those with spiral staircases. This show-stopping pendant appears like a string of pearls cascading down multiple levels. You can customize the fixture to suit the dimensions of your space.

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Multi-level Lighting

A two-story volume with a staircase, such as in an entry area, calls for a statement-making chandelier. This three-tiered chandelier features draped nickel chains that almost look like fabric. Don’t shy away from going bold in these types of spaces!

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Drop It Light It's Hot

Some spaces may contain a lower portion of ceiling, or drop ceiling, as compared to the rest of the space. You can use this drop to your advantage by cultivating a more intimate feel using lighting. These low-profile, sleek fixtures illuminate the kitchen island without much visual interruption.

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Lighting Ideas for Vaulted Ceilings

When lighting a space with a vaulted ceiling, it’s important to look for fixtures with long enough cords to reach your desired hanging height. This elegant pair of pendants helps to bring the scale of the high ceiling down to a more intimate dining area. Complement overhead lighting with soft, ambient sources like table lamps.

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Lighting an Island

When lighting your kitchen island, pendants are a great choice. How many pendant lights are needed over a 7 foot island, for example? Likely you can get away with two fixtures, but if you choose smaller pendants you may need three.

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Fancy Closet Lighting

The interior of a closet is an often overlooked space. However, if you have a nice-sized walk-in closet, treat it like you would any other space when it comes to attention to detail and decor. A chandelier can make you feel as if you are trying on clothes in a high-end retail store.

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Low Ceiling Solutions

If your home has lower ceilings, choosing light fixtures can be a bit more challenging. Instead of looking at pendants or chandeliers, opt for flush or semi-flush mounted fixtures. These fixtures come in many stylish formats, such as these drum shades.

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Low Ceiling Living Room Ideas

While high ceilings are desirable, low ceilings can cultivate a more intimate feel when you choose the right light fixtures. Semi-flush or flush mount fixtures are a great option for low ceilings. Or consider a modern hugger fan that incorporates a light fixture.

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Galley Kitchen Lighting

Galley kitchens are compact and functional, and the lighting scheme should emphasize these characteristics. Sleek semi-flush mount pendants with blown-glass bulbs coordinate with brass hardware. The result Is a modern and efficient space that any family can enjoy.

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Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Farmhouse design gained popularity for its fresh, modern look contrasted by rustic finishes. In this bathroom design by Andrea Van Soest of Vantage Design Studio, sleek brass wall sconces take the place of standard builder-grade vanity lights. The fixtures coordinate nicely with brass bath fixtures and fittings.

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A Neutral Take

For this living room makeover by Shades of Gray Design Studio, designer Melissa Fields layered textures and patterns in a neutral palette. A sleek metal table lamp with a simple white shade is the perfect complement to the tastefully curated space. Task lighting is an important feature in a living area.

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Bedroom Lighting Inspiration

To add ambient lighting to your bedroom, consider a decorative floor lamp. This nature-inspired design washes the walls and floor with soft lighting. Overhead lighting can be too harsh for the bedroom, but a dimmable floor lamp helps you transition from the day to a relaxing sleep.

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Contemporary Deck Lighting

Outdoor deck lights can be just as stylish as interior pendant fixtures. These weathered metal-framed pendants contribute to a rustic vibe that works with a variety of decor styles. They provide needed lighting while keeping the focus on the beautiful natural setting.

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Patio Vibes

Outdoor patio lighting should preserve ambience and views, all while providing task lighting. These modern pendants accomplish both at once. With the right light fixtures, your patio can feel like a natural extension to your home.

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Lighting with Exposed Beams

For those fortunate enough to have exposed wood beam ceilings, light fixtures provide the icing on the cake. Opt for decorative pendants that play off of the natural wood texture. This ribbon-inspired pendant is an art piece on its own.

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Spaces with high ceilings can be challenging to light. Select a fixture that works with the scale of your space and has a long enough cord and suspension rod. This delicate design complements the bright, modern look of this space.

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Light Up the Night

Dining alfresco is an advantage of living in a temperate climate. It’s worthwhile to invest in outdoor chandeliers that set the mood. This minimal farmhouse fixture hints at a basic form while keeping the focus on the meal and beautiful scenery beyond.

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Safe and Secure Lighting

Exterior wall lighting helps to guide guests to your home while contributing to safety. Modern outdoor wall lights aid in wayfinding while deterring potential break-ins. These compact fixtures deliver just enough light without adding to light pollution.

Driveway Lighting Strategies

Lighting a driveway involves a layered approach. First, incorporate inviting wall sconces that welcome guests. Also consider flood lights for security purposes. A well-lit home and landscape can feel both inviting to guests and discouraging to would-be invaders.

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Classic Kitchen Design

When looking for light fixtures for your kitchen, draw inspiration from Bec Burgmann’s stunning design in Wahroonga, a suburb of Sydney. A clean, neutral backdrop of paneled cabinetry allows these classic fixtures to shine. Chrome pendants above the island coordinate with a rectangular pendant above the dining table.

Delineating Dining

In an open plan layout, a strategically placed chandelier can help define the dining area. How high should the chandelier be hung above the table? Aim for around 30 to 36 inches to adequately light the surface without blocking the view.

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Sculptural Lighting for Dining

When choosing the right fixture for above your dining room table, you might be wondering what is the best size chandelier for a dining room? That of course depends on the scale of the space and the size and configuration of your dining table. If you have a rectangular table, look for a linear or rectangular fixture that can adequately light the entire table surface.

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Elegant Dining

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design specified a simple rectangular drum pendant for an elegant dining space. This simplistic design allows the slatted chairs and intricate mullions to take center stage. The result is sophisticated but also accessible for everyday use.

Vaulted Kitchen Lighting Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a vaulted ceiling in your kitchen, you’ll appreciate the expansive feeling. However, vaulted ceilings make lighting a little more challenging. Look for pendants or chandeliers with longer cord lengths.

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A bold orange kitchen is complemented by three simple white drum pendants with metallic interiors. When suspended above a kitchen counter or island, pendants should reach approximately 30 to 36 inches above the surface. Adequately space your pendants so that the counters are evenly illuminated.


In the past it was common to evenly space pendants above the surface of a kitchen island. A more stylish and modern take is to hang three similar pendants closely grouped together at staggered heights. This simple multi-pendant fixture provides a refreshing contrast to this rustic kitchen design.

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Bedtime Stories

A bronze and faceted crystal chandelier adds a touch of whimsy to this fanciful bedroom design. As a counterpoint, modern wall sconces provide bedside reading light. The bold statements of the chandelier and wallpaper are balanced by soft, soothing materials throughout.

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Porch Time

Blackened wall sconces can prove an inviting feature to your front porch. Coordinate your fixtures with your window and trim colors, or the overall architectural style of your home. Porch fixtures can make your home feel that much more inviting.

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Looking Up

Greet your guests with a sleek modern entry sequence. Painting your front door a cool, fresh shade is a major upgrade. Enhance the effect with low voltage 12v to 15v landscape lighting, such as these angled wall sconces.

We hope you have been inspired by these unique solutions from talented interior designers and lighting fixture designers. These examples prove that lighting can elevate and transform any space in your home. Please feel free to save these ideas to your Pinterest board and return to them when you are ready to move forward with your home renovation project.


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