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How to Choose which Lighting style Suits your Rooms Needs

When it comes to choosing the best lighting styles to suit your needs within a particular space, there are many factors to consider. Whether you are looking for lights for the living room, bedroom, bathroom or dining room, you’ll want to consider the style, size, finish and lighting output. Lighting should not only enhance the design of your home but also support your everyday needs. A layered lighting scheme is the best approach when it comes to flexibility and energy savings.

What Lighting Fixtures are Favorites for the Bedroom?

The best lighting fixtures for the bedroom include wall sconces, flush and semi-flush ceiling fixtures, pendants and lamps. Lamps can be placed on nightstands on each side of the bed, or if space is an issue wall sconces are an excellent choice. Depending on your ceiling height, there are a variety of ceiling fixtures that can enhance the space. Dimmability is an important fixtures for bedroom lighting.

What Lighting Fixtures are Favorites for the Kitchen?

The best kitchen lighting fixtures include mini pendants, pendants and recessed lighting. In the kitchen you must combine task lighting with ambient lighting. The best lighting options for over kitchen islands are mini pendants and pendant lighting. These fixtures can make a statement and provide even illumination over the counter surface.

What Lighting Fixtures are Favorites for the Dining Room?

Pendant fixtures and chandeliers are the best choices for the dining room. Whether you go with a traditional crystal chandelier or a modern globe or rectangular fixture, you’ll want to be sure you evenly illuminate the surface of your dining table.

What Lighting Fixtures are Favorites for Your Outdoor Spaces?

Outdoor lighting fixtures include outdoor pendants, wall sconces, path lighting and spot lights. The best outdoor lighting scheme includes fixtures of multiple types and prioritizes safety for you and your guests.


How can I light a room without overhead lighting?

It’s easy to light a room without overhead lighting. Table and floor lamps and wall sconces prove light that reflects off the walls and ceilings and can adequately light the space.

What's the best lighting for a dark room?

If you have a dark room that lacks natural light, try aiming light fixtures towards the walls and ceilings. By casting light on several surfaces you can provide even illumination.

How to utilize lighting for a romantic ambiance?

The most romantic lights include dimmable chandeliers and wall sconces. When you want to look your best aim for indirect light that is warm and makes you glow.


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