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40 of the best Living Room Lighting Ideas

The living room is the heart of your home. It's where you entertain, or work, or where you relax and watch TV. It has many scenarios to accommodate, and lighting is key to making your living room a flexible space.

Medallion for the Win

In this clean living room interior Becc Burgmann opted for a traditional pendant with shaded bulbs. A ceiling medallion grounds the fixture, which is placed within a tray ceiling. Subtly patterned wallpaper and structured draperies add texture to the space.

Subtle Approach

Ceiling lights aren’t the only option for living areas. This bright airy living room makes the view the focal point. Simple wall sconces and table lamps are all that’s needed to supplement it.

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Island Vibes

Warm tones ignite this living room design by Grey Joyner of Grey Joyner Interiors. A rattan pendant coordinates with bright walls and a light wood floor. A marine-related print plays into the island vibes of this space.

Open Living

Rich wood beams lend definition to this open living concept space designed by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes. A slate blue kitchen recedes into the background while spotlights provide task lighting. A weathered wood ceiling fan keeps the space comfortable year round.

Feature a Focal Point

Low, modern furnishings mean you can have more fun with your lighting scheme. This extravagant chandelier easily become the focal point of the space. A whimsical floor lamp complements it.

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Burgundy and Gold

Burgundy and gold are a classic combination. This living room design by Grey Joyner of Grey Joyner Interiors plays upon the playful contrast. A living room flush mount ceiling light offers a modern take on the sputnik fixture.

Neutral Curves

Neutral shades and rounded shapes give a playful yet sophisticated vibe to this living room designed by Olma Fuentes of Deni + Dove Interiors. The ceiling pendant picks up on these cues, featuring stacked white shades and a corresponding ceiling medallion.

Steal the Show

This artful interior by Benjamin Ibanez of FCI Interiors has a playful flow. A tray ceiling with cove lighting sets a theatrical stage. The focal point is the alluring artwork, but the round modern pendants are threatening to steal the show.

Make the Transition

If you are aiming for a transitional design—which combines traditional and modern elements as well as some in between—take cues from this serene living room set up. This modern pendant is elegant and complements the more traditional architecture, featuring a tray ceiling.

More Modern Than Midcentury

Wood panelling is made modern again in this living room design by Pamela Hope of Pamela Hope Designs. The midcentury vibe is echoed in the three-arm pendant with black shades and brass detailing. Ample white surfaces signify this is slightly more modern than midcentury.

Arced Light

A beautiful floral arrangement can transform any living space. Abstract art and a textured rug in this design by Melissa Fields of Shades of Gray Design Studio make for a well-rounded living space. An arced floor lamp provides light where it's needed.

High Drama

Nadia Watts Interior Design kept the palette neutral but managed to create a rather dramatic living area. A huge picture window frames a view, and a vaulted wood ceiling draws the eye upward. A tired pendant was an obvious choice for this luxurious living space.

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Plays on Texture

Soft blue walls and wall paneling make a statement in this modern living room. A simple gray sectional is contrasted by a textured white coffee table. The round pendant picks up on this texture and becomes a key feature in the space.

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Cue the Drum

Deborah Bettcher of Deborah Bettcher Decorating Den Interiors gave this bungalow a clean and welcoming look. Teal and green accents are soothing, alongside neutral grays and whites. A simple drum pendant ties it all together.

Tropical Vacation

This tropical living space by Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design focuses on botanicals and patterns. Window treatments and textiles are bolds a neutral gray backdrop is grounding. A sleek brass and blow-glass pendant, in the corner of the room, gives polish to the look.

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Serene With an Edge

This living space utilizes shades of bright with strategic black accents. The result is serene but with and edge. The tired chandelier is a perfect for this elegant space.

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Pendant Within a Pendant

For a larger living area, you might need more than one pendant. Here, one pendant lights a seating area while the other illuminates a table. The designs of these fixtures feature a pendant within a pendant, making them work in a variety of decors.

Sunny Outlook

In this sunny living room interior, Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design opts for a traditional chandelier with shaded bulbs. The fixture draws the eye upward towards the general trim and vaulted ceiling detail. Table lamps supplement the lighting scheme.

Sweet with an Edge

Designer Becc Burgmann paired crisp white and black with sweet blue and white upholstery in this sophisticated living area. A parrot print above the fireplace ties the space together. A round pendant with black and brass detailing further grounds this elegant design.

City Lights

What better way to complement the sparkling lights of the cityscape than with a glittering, dramatic pendant in your living space? Even if you don’t have a skyline view, consider adding a bit a sparkle to draw the eye up and dress up your space.

Old School

This charming living space design by Megan Dufresne of MC Design Shop features a rough hewn front door and wood slatted walls. Floor-length draperies lend softness. A wrought-iron chandelier contributes to the old school feel.

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Cool and Neutral

This tranquil open living room design by Melissa Fields of Shades of Gray Design Studio features cozy, neutral tones and ample comfy seating. A modern three-blade fan with ceiling light looks sleek and modern while keeping the space cool. Table and floor lamps and a pendant over the dining area round out the lighting strategy.

Living/Dining Combo

This combo living and dining area calls for not one but two pendant fixtures. Both feature brass fittings, but the dining pendant incorporates black detailing that relates to the dining chairs. The simpler living room pendant features white globes that won’t steal the show from the fireplace.

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Space Age Design

This quirky living spice combines teal accents in the form of pillows, vases and a graphic rug. However the true statement piece is the fan. It offers a space age take with a sleek chrome finish. The design allows you to aim air movement just where you need it.

Opposites Attract

Curved sofas are very much on trend, and with the addition of plenty of pillows makes for an inviting place to lounge. What’s the best light fixture to pair with this set up? An abstract linear feature makes a contrasting statement that adds interest.

Double-height Solutions

This striking double-height living space features an LED multi-pendant fixture that acts as a piece of jewelry in the space. It also contributes to defining the seating area. An area rug further anchors this conversation space.

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Bridging Old and New

This beautiful townhome features exquisite detailing like a ceiling medallion and wood floors. A traditional rug grounds the space, which integrates a modern sofa and art. A brass perforated pendant shade perfectly bridges the old and the new.

A Present with a Bow

A ceiling light is an excellent way to dress up a living space. This ribbon-like fixture is eye catching and draws your attention up towards the wood rafters. The rest of the design is fairly simple, with a cowhide rug picking up on the warm wood tones.

Eclectic Vibes

Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design does not shy away from color in this eclectic living room interior. Grasscloth wallpaper forms a textured backdrop for teal draperies and bold upholstery for seating. A brass starburst light is an obvious choice for this funky space.

Natural Approach

Nature is the inspiration behind this living room design. An awe-inspiring waterfall print color coordinates with a soft green sofa. An elegant chandelier featuring unique shades that point up is the perfect way to draw the eye up.

High Altitude

High-ceiling living rooms can especially benefit from a ceiling fan with lighting. Look for a fixture that will work with your particular ceiling height. Heat rises, so you can reverse your fan in the winter to keep your home feeling warmer.

Become a Fan

If you live in a warm climate, consider investing in a sleek-looking ceiling fan that incorporates a light for your living room. This wooden fan blends with the wood-lined ceiling and picks up on the textures of the art beyond it. Ceiling fans don’t have to be eyesores!

Live Boldly

Megan Dufresne of MC Design Shop went bold in this cozy living space. Orange details give 70s vibes, and an antique crystal chandelier takes the look over the top. Don’t shy away from showing your personality.

Combining Themes

For this project in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design opted for Moroccan style glass pendants. The blue and white upholstery of the accent chairs contributes to the theme. In the kitchen beyond, a simple brass drum pendant does the trick.

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Let Natural Light Shine

Southwestern vibes abound in this sunny living room. A beach print and large collection of cacti and succulents take center stage. A simple flush-mount light is all that’s needed when natural light is so abundant.

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Consider Color

A winning living room lighting combo includes both table lamps and ceiling fixtures. Here an artful approach was taken with both fixtures, taking advantage of an opportunity to inject color and texture into the space.

Multiple pendants can be better than one

A grouping of multiple pendants can make your living room feel especially on trend. Consider using wciker light fixtures which are throwback but also current. They add texture and warmth to most any living space.

Stand Out and Blend In

This bright living space keeps it neutral with accents of wood, gray and beige. The white walls and ceiling reflect lots of light, so it made sense to go with a black pendant that both stands out and blends in at the same time.

There is no one right way to light your living room. We hope some of these ideas inspired you. The best living room lighting strategies incorporate a variety of approaches making them adaptable to your needs.


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