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25 of the best Living Room Corner Lighting Ideas

Living rooms are places where every part of life happens. Because it's such an important, well-used room, it is vital to carefully consider the entire room's design and tone. The lighting fixtures you include in the room are monumental in setting that tone and providing necessary lighting. Corner lights in particular are important for illuminating dark spaces and helping to set that tone. If you're stuck with how to light your corner, continue on to our list of living room corner lighting ideas, tips, and tricks.

Onward and Upward

The direction your light is cast greatly impacts the light's functional purposes along with its tone. The Athena Floor Lamp from Artemide focuses solely on uplighting with its rounded upper base blocking any light from going directly downward. With lights like these, you can cast light over the room's upper corners and ceiling for a softer lighting scheme.

Cohesive Design

Whatever lighting fixtures you use in your living room should tie into the rest of the room's overarching design and aesthetic. In the case of this cozy modern home, the corner wall sconce uses a simple rectangular shape to balance all the other clean lines of the room. Subtle connections like these are vital in creating a cohesive design.

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A Twist on Tradition

Traditional wall sconces often feature a singular rod and lamp shade to create a streamlined design. These wall sconces from Hinkley Lighting take obvious inspiration from classical designs, but they add their own twist with modern metals, simple structures, and two light bulbs. Modern wall sconces like these can serve as bridge to transform a traditional room into something more contemporary.

Maximizing Built-Ins

Built-in bookshelves and cabinets can be lit by picture lights like the one shown here. Even though it doesn't stand out against the bright shelves, it serves as a complementary accent to that corner and ties it back to the rest of the room's color scheme. Picture lights and museum lights also tend to highlight built-ins as unique works of art, so including these fixtures is a great way to make the most of your built-ins and shelves.

Perfect Symmetry

Symmetry is a powerful tool in interior design. It makes spaces feel neat, tidy, and perfectly balanced. Whether your home is highly modern or more traditional, consider using symmetry in your corner lights to create a very balanced design in your living room.

Illuminating Tall Spaces

This modern living space features multiple lights to provide ample lighting around the room. Between the two table lamps, the two wall sconces, and recessed ceiling lights, this room has fixtures distributed at different heights and placements throughout the room. When designing a room, consider the entire room's lighting scheme to determine how and where to place lights to best suit your room's footprint and uses.

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Another Idea

Oftentimes, a small table rests by the sides of the sofa to hold any beverages, remote controls, or books. Instead of using a table and table lamp, choose a floor lamp that includes its own small surface. Not only will this fulfill the practical needs of the space, but it will do so in a uniquely styled way.

All Shapes and Sizes

Living Room Table lamps are incredibly diverse with their different styles and structures. This airy living room showcases a luxuriously crafted table lamp that features a tall glass stem atop a glass base. Unconventional table lamps, floor lamps, and other fixtures can serve as works of art in your room's darkest corners.

Dark Design

It is especially important to provide enough lighting in living rooms with dark paint. A brighter lamp with a warm lighting temperature can help balance out the dark tones of the paint, but there is another element to consider: mirrors. Mirrors bounce and reflect light through the room, and so when you include lights anywhere in the room, the mirror will naturally brighten the space to your desired level. Aside from including mirrors, look at the base of your lamps and nearby tables for any glossy or reflective surfaces that can provide the same effect.

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Pops Of Pink

Pink can be a daunting color to work with, since it can read as overly feminine or childish. However, there are plenty of shades of pink that work well in contemporary and youthful spaces. Pink table lamps can serve as one pop of pink in the room and coordinate with other hues throughout the room.


Although this room features a predominately bright color palette, the corner lamp temporarily breaks that pattern with a dark ceramic base. That deep, rich color complements the traditional style of the room and adds depth to create an elegant space. Whether your living room is traditional or contemporary, classic table lamps like these can add elegance to your space.

Multiple Dark Corners? No Problem!

Depending on the number of windows and the room's layout, there may be multiple corners that need to be brightened. In these cases, you can easily use different lighting types and styles in each space. When doing so, look for common design elements like similar lamp shades, matching lighting temperatures, and overall flair to create a unified design in the room.

Introducing Pattern

Although the structure of the lamp is important on conveying your unique aesthetic, the lampshade itself also plays a key role in the light's design. In the case of this neutral room, the lampshade introduces a vibrant new pattern into the room and highlights all the main colors of the room's furniture. This unconventional design method goes a long way in creating a unique lamp and a masterfully designed living room.

Making the Most of Minimalism

Modern minimalist spaces rarely include unnecessary accents in their spaces, which can sometimes result in the room feeling empty. To combat that, try a large arching floor lamp like the Arco Floor Lamp. The low level of detailing, practical functionality, and artistic design make this lamp and other sweeping arc lamps perfect for modern and minimalist living rooms.

Matching Set

When outfitting a room with lights, consider using lights from the same collection. This will help you create a cohesive style throughout the room and help you tailor your room's lighting scheme to meet your specific needs. If your favorite light does not come from a set, consider using lights from the same designer or lights that feature similar designs, details, and structures.

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Layered Design

Textures and layers make any space feel more dynamic. The Astin Chandelier from Made Goods features hundreds of tiny coco beads that are handwoven over a metal-flower shaped frame. With that level of attention and texture, this light naturally adds dimension to dark living room corners.

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In a room where bright colors and whimsical patterns take the forefront, it's natural that the lamps complement the style without stealing the spotlight. The floor lamp in the far corner perfectly fits the room's whimsical style with its branching arms and artistic shape, but thanks to its lack of detailing and simple colors, it balances that corner spectacularly. You can apply similar principles to adding lamps to your whimsical and eclectic spaces.

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Wondrous Wall Sconces

Although wall sconces are typically smaller, tall wall sconces do exist to decorate tall walls. The wall sconce shown here has the dimensions and scale of a floor lamp, but it presents a new aesthetic while hanging on the wall. In addition to fitting the scale of that space, the hanging wall sconce also clears the floor so that the room feels more open.

A Work of Art

Whether you use a wall sconce or a floor lamp, your corner light can serve multiple purposes as practical lighting and as a unique work of art. Pieces like Corbett Lighting's 5th Avenue Wall Sconce are ideally suited for corners thanks to their size, vertical structure, and timeless color palette.

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Floor Lamp Or Table Lamp

If your dark corner has room for a side table, you may be tempted to just use a table lamp to brighten that space. However, you can choose a reading floor lamp instead to free up that table for other purposes. Ultimately, both options are valid for sitting corners like this, and each presents its own style potential.

The Grand Scheme

It is important to consider the entire room's design when choosing a lamp, but it's equally important to study the specific area you'll place the lamp. In the case of this room, the lamp is up against a very detailed wallpaper. Because of that, the lamp itself is fairly simple with its structure and level of detailing. Take into account where the lamp is placed and how it will interact with its background and complementary accents.

Flexible Design

Portable table lamps and lights without cords are ideally suited for indoor living rooms and outdoor living spaces alike. These fixtures are small and designed to produce ambient lighting or focused task lighting. Since these lights are not tied down with a cord, they can be moved freely around the room to fulfill different functions at different times.

Sculptural Details

Lights aren't just designed for practicality; they are now designed as functional works of art. This oversized Antonia Floor Lamp from AERIN for Visual Comfort Studio takes on the shape and structure of a table lamp, but it distorts the proportions to create an artistic floor lamp. Sculptural lighting fixtures like this are ideally suited to be works of art in today's contemporary homes.

Small Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are great fixtures to hang above a dark corner. Whether you are illuminating a singular seat, a small accent table, or a plant, hanging a small light from the ceiling maximizes the corner's potential and gives you a new area to show off your style.


Form and function go hand-in-hand with this coastal corner. Though it has only a few pieces of furniture and accents, each piece is placed there intentionally with practical and style purposes. The floor lamp in particular is key to rounding out the space stylistically and functionally with its intentional downlight for reading a good book. Floor lamps come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, so be sure your lamp suits your room's functional purposes.

When adding lights to living room corners, there are many different aspects to consider. Not only do these lights practically brighten dark spaces, but they can also act as a unique work of art or a connective tie that rounds out the living room's style. With the 25 living room corner lighting ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration photos listed above, you can now go about designing your own living room and choose lights perfect for you.


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