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Choosing which Lighting Style is Right For You?

Determining the best lighting style for your home can be a challenge. There are so many types of lighting available, including ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. And each of these fixtures comes in a range of styles and finishes. While it can be overwhelming to begin your search, it’s helpful to first determine your goals when lighting your space as well as which fixtures will best suit your needs.

The Benefits of Different Lighting Styles at Home

A variety of lighting styles can infuse your spaces with interest as well as improve your quality of life. Having a balanced range of fixtures, from task to ambient to overhead lighting, can create functional lighting schemes within your home. Layers of lightning allow you to adjust depending on how you are using the space during different times of the day. The styles of the fixtures themselves can enhance your interior design scheme.

How to Mix and Match Lighting Styles

You don’t have to commit to a single lighting style for your home. It’s easy to mix and match fixtures, finishes and features to create a cohesive lighting scheme that best suits your lifestyle. Sometimes you simply need overhead lighting, but other times softer ambient lighting is more suitable. Combine lamps, wall sconces and other types of lights so that you can be selective depending on your mood or the time of day.

Lighting Styles FAQs

How many lighting styles Are there?

There is an endless array of lighting styles from modern to traditional. Fixtures are offered in a range of formats, finishes and sizes. You should choose styles that are best suited to your home’s architecture and interior decor.

What styles work well outdoors?

There are specific fixtures intended to be used outdoors. You’ll want to select fixtures that are UL-rated for outdoor use. These fixtures include path lights, spot lights and wall sconces, among other styles.

Does modern work well with other styles?

Modern lighting fixtures can easily mix and match with other lighting styles, including traditional and transitional fixtures. Mixing styles can create an eclectic feel for your space that feels blessed, planned out and more organic.


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