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39 of the best Dining Room Lighting Ideas

In many spaces within your home, lighting is about function. Obviously function matters in the dining area, but these spaces also encourage creativity and expression. If dining is like theater, then your lighting scheme should bring the drama.

In Bloom

These polycarbonate pendants recall blooming flowers. They serve as a focal point in an otherwise moody kitchen design. Contrast is key when you want to make your dining room lighting stand out.

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Go for Whimsy

When describing this dining room interior by Pamela O'Brien of Pamela Hope Designs, maximalism would be an understatement. A cascading candelabra chandelier ties together traditional wood and lucite dining chairs. Don’t be afraid to make a whimsical statement with your dining room lighting.

Staying Trim

Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts interior Design kept the focus on the architecture of this incredible dining room. The wide trim work of the drop ceiling is painted white to showcase the tray ceiling and arched door opening. The light fixture features a traditional form in a subtle neutral tone.

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Low Profile

Linear lights are go-to choice for dining areas. They focus light where it’s needed while keeping a low profile. This fixture serves double duty as dining and island lighting.

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Warm and Bright

In this transitional dining area, Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design opted for warm neutrals to keep the space bright and inviting. A linear pendant with white shades perfectly complements the decor. Shevlin added some texture in the form of rattan-backed chairs.

Floral Arrangement

Grey Joyner of Grey Joyner Interiors used a fanciful pendant that resembles flowers in this colorful dining area. Naturally, an orchid looks right at home beneath the fixture. Your dining light can become part of your table’s centerpiece.

Arches Are On Trend

Arches have long been a staple element of interior and exterior architecture. A new trend is incorporating them into millwork and other features. Your dining light can dial into the rend with a wire-frame pendant.

Simply Traditional

A farmhouse-style pendant complements the decor of this formal dining area. Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design mixed colors and patterns to add visual interest to the space. The simplicity of the light fixture works well with the traditional architectural style.

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Delineate with Light

Open plan layouts can sometimes be a challenge to light. However that shouldn’t stop you from using a large pendant or chandelier above your dining table. This two-tier round chandelier helps to delineate the dining area from the living area.

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Round and Round

Deborah Bettcher opted for a class look in this dinning nook. Against a soft white backdrop are patterned window valances and a bold blue-and-white rug. A round pendant is a good choice for above a round dining table.


Melissa Fields of Shades of Gray Design Studio selected an abstract modern light fixture to stand out against a neutral backdrop. A contemporary take on a starburst fixture, it features linear elements with bulbs at some ends. Naturally the backdrop consists of gray curtains.

Two Over One

Many people think of a single pendant above a dining table, but it’s totally cool to use two smaller pendants above a rectangular table. This ensures even lighting on the table surface. For extra long tables, three or more mini pendants may be needed.

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Rattan Revival

Woven rattan pendants add texture to this vintage-inspired design. Cool mint cabinets offer a clean backdrop to the fixtures. Mismatched chairs further contribute to the charm.

Just the Basics

You can’t go wrong with white walls, plenty of plants and natural light. Wood furnishings and a traditional rug round out this blissful dining area. A modern brass pendant keeps the look feeling light and airy.

On Red

It’s hard to imagine a more dynamic statement piece above your dining table. For dark, moody spaces, don’t be afraid of color. These fixtures are architectural in their own right.

Tying it Together

This eclectic dining area features bold wallpaper, low stools and a sunburst mirror. Anchoring the space is rustic wheel-like pendant suspended from heavy chasis. This brings the focus to the table, even though technically it’s in the kitchen.

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Art Piece

If you have a simple design in your dining area overall, opt for a light fixture that is a work of art. This sputnik-style chandelier features blown-glass “blossoms.” It is at once structured and organic, making for a beautiful focal point.

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Multiple Lights and Finishes

Multi light pendants are a popular choice for dining areas. One simple rod allows multiple lights to project and cover the dining table surface. This unique pendant combines brass and black finishes that blend other elements within the space.

Mirror Mirror

This dramatic pendant stands out against the moody decor of this formal dining area. It coordinates with brass-framed wall mirrors and the glass-topped dining table. The symmetry of the layout makes the fixture a focal point within the space.

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Center Stage

Ornate crystal chandeliers can complement just about any dining room decor style. They work equally well in traditional, transitional modern and farmhouse decor styles. Just keep in mind these fixtures will easily become the focal point, so adjust your colors and finishes to support that.

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Look Outside

A blue fringe chandelier draws the eye in this otherwise mostly white space. Look to your windows for inspiration. In this case, the designer played off the blue of the water beyond.

Layers of Leaves

A bold blue pattern on the ceiling calls for an equally dramatic light. This stunning brass fixture features layers of leaves. Naturally a bouquet of branches was needed to complement it.

By Candlelight

There’s a reason candlelit dinners are considered romantic. The soft lighting creates ambience and is flattering to us all. Many dining room light fixtures are designed to look like traditional candelabras. Install a dimmer so you can recreate the feel.

Bold and Balanced

Bold velvet draperies and a colorful patterned rug make quite a statement in this dining space. A simple white dining table and globe pendant fixture with arced brass round out the palette. The effect is balanced and inviting without being over the top.

Fall for Foliage

Dining room light fixtures that incorporate foliage-like elements are very much on trend. And it makes sense given many people keep fresh flowers or branches as a dining table centerpiece. This bold black fixture coordinates with the black dining table and frames of the chairs.

Maximalist Design

Dining lighting is an invitation to go all out. This fixture combines fans and glass globes. No one will accuse it of being minimalist, but sometimes you need to make a bold statement.

Artful Touches

A black metal chandelier helps tie together this traditional dining area. It doesn’t steal the show from works of art hanging on the walls, but it makes its own subtle statement. It’s proof that your fixture doesn’t have to match to blend in.


A cage-style linear pendant brings elegance to an outdoor dining space. This style of fixture stands up to the elements without blocking sight lines. It would look equally at home indoors.

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Two Works of Art

Making a work of art the centerpiece of your dining area is an effective strategy. But keep in mind that lighting can be art too! This abstract fixture pairs well with the abstract painting beyond.

Double the Height

If your dining space is double height, be sure you choose a fixture that offers the length you need. This angled fixture celebrates the additional space. It is modern and simple against a warm wood backdrop.

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Ephemeral Lighting

An ephemeral pendant fixture floats in this large dining area. It reflects the flickering firelight. A backdrop of neutral tones is ideal for such a statement-making piece.

Vertically Oriented

This unique pendant features a circular frame with vertical rods. This form makes the ceiling feel higher. A shiny chrome finish complements this clean white dining area.

Smoke Show

Smoked glass is very much on trend, not that it ever really goes out of style. This bubble pendant features smoked glass globes that make this neutral table-scape pop. Who knew gray on gray could be so exciting?

Filtering the Light

If you think dining room fixtures are just metal frames and bulbs, think again. Comprised of draped nickel chains, this fixture takes on a life of its own. The chain work filters the light for maximum dining ambience.

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Back to Black

If you have a black dining table and/or chairs, then a black light fixture is a no brainer. These elements stand out best against a neutral backdrop. Be sure to include a play of textures to keep the space from feeling boring.

In the Shade

A multi-shade chandelier adds warmth to an otherwise cool-toned space. The brass finish coordinates with the hardware of the sideboard. This tiered chandelier looks right at home above a rounded dining table.

Minimal / Maximal

This beautiful, minimal space is nearly perfection on its own, but a circular pendant with multiple globe lights is the icing on the cake. If your space is on the minimal side, go for a larger, bolder fixture to define the dining area.

Something to Smile About

This sweet dining setup features a colorful rug, place settings and a beautiful bouquet. Continuing the theme, the dining room chandelier features curving uprights that appear to be smiling. Cultivate the mood you want to feel with your lighting and decor.

Transitional Design

These stunning fixtures offer a new take on the classic crystal chandelier, making them a perfect fit in this transitional space. They are a good example of a drum-shaped pendant without the fabric, which can make the space feel more open and airy.

Now that you’ve digested a range of dining room lighting ideas, it’s time to put them to practice in your own home. The right light fixture can feel more satisfying than dessert, and will make your space feel complete. OK, maybe you can have dessert, too.


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