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25 of the best Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Farmhouse style is popular thanks to its warm, welcoming tone and calming color schemes. Dining rooms in particular often feature this style to create a relaxed socializing area. The room's furniture, decor, and colors can help define it as farmhouse style, but the lighting fixtures also play a key role in establishing the room's aesthetic. With that in mind, here are 25 farmhouse dining room lighting ideas and advice on creating your perfect farmhouse dining space.

Setting the Tone

Farmhouse style dining rooms should feel welcoming with their comforting color palettes, warm tones, and furniture. The lighting fixture you place above your tail can help reinforce that tone through the shapes in its structure. Here, the rounded shapes displayed in the light's ring and the lampshades all work towards setting a soft, soothing tone that works well in any farmhouse dining room.

Parallel Design

If your dining space is connected to either a living room or kitchen, then it is wise to use similar lights in both areas. The kitchen and dining areas in this example each feature the same small light in each area to create a very cohesive style, but you can use different lights as long as they convey the same tone and have similar style elements to connect them.

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Tiered Lights

Lights with multiple tiers can convey extra elegance and style through their grand size and design. In the case of this chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting, the two tiers balance well with one another and convey a farmhouse style through the use of candles and traditional round tiers. Lights like these are ideal for creating an elevated farmhouse style at your dining room table.

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Black and White

When modern farmhouse style first rose in popularity, it was known for its use of black and white. In order to harken back to that original color scheme, consider using a black chandelier in a white room or a white chandelier in a dark farmhouse room. It is a simple practice, but it can help show off your style in the lighting fixture and the coordinating color scheme.

Wonderful Whites

White and off-white are two colors highly used in farmhouse dining rooms. To further that scheme, you can use a white chandelier even if the walls themselves are white. The chandelier may not stand out as much as a focal point, but it will still serve as a subtle accent that reinforces the room's aesthetic.

Lighting Scheme

Whenever you add a light to any room, it is important to look at the entire room's lighting scheme to be sure it is properly illuminated. With that in mind, you can see how this singular chandelier can brighten that space since it has several bright exposed bulbs and a lot of natural light covering the same area. Remember, other fixtures and natural lighting all impact what sort of chandelier or pendant lights will work best in your dining room.

Creating Balance

Dining room chandeliers should be hung in line with the dining room table to create visual balance. As a general rule, the chandelier's bottom should be at least 30-36 inches away from the table's surface. Then, there should be at least 6 inches of table past the sides of the chandelier. These practical guidelines help establish a visually appealing space and prevent guests from bumping the lighting fixture.

Modern Candelabra

Traditional candelabras often use rounded edges and detailing to create its classic aesthetic. However, modern candelabra chandeliers may simplify the structure and use less detailing. If you are looking to create a modern farmhouse dining room, consider a modern candelabra for the primary lighting fixture.

Elegant Farmhouse

Elegant farmhouse style can be established through the pendant lights and chandeliers in many ways. The Bailey Pendant Lights from Capital Lighting fit the style in three ways: the use of soft round shapes, the inclusion of candles, and the use of a warm, welcoming metal. When choosing fixtures for your dining room, look at elements like these to help you determine the light's style and tone.

Woodsy Wonders

Wood tones are another element that appears in farmhouse style dining rooms. Even if the other furniture in the room does not highlight natural wood stains, you can use a pendant light or wood chandelier to add that texture/color to the room and reinforce your farmhouse style.

Contemporary Candles

As mentioned previously, candles often appear in farmhouse and country dining rooms. However, they do not have to be used in classic candelabras or traditional structures. Contemporary fixtures like the Abbott Linear Chandelier from Crystorama does an excellent job showcasing classic candles in a fresh, modern way and shows how contemporary candle lights can be used in farmhouse dining rooms.

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Large candelabra chandeliers are ideally suited for adding charming style to farmhouse dining room tables or eat-in kitchens. This works well in spaces with large tables, but if your room has a vaulted or tall ceiling, you can add further dimension to the room based on the light's size and mounting height.

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Large Spaces

If you have a large dining room or seating area, then it is wise to disperse light over that longer space. By using a series of pendant lights, not only do you provide essential lighting to those spaces, but you also draw the eye further into the room and create accents across the length of the room. In this room and others, it can also help draw the eye to exposed beams that reinforce the farmhouse aesthetic.

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Contrasting Metals

Oftentimes, we recommend using similar metals with lights, faucets, and handles to create a cohesive space. While this is still a great option, you can actively choose to use a warm metallic light with cool fixtures to create two distinct spaces. Be sure both lights fit into the room's overarching design by tying to picture frames, furniture, and other fixtures, but keep in mind it the room does not have to match every element to feel consistent.

Classic Design

Lanterns and candles are two lighting types frequently used in farmhouse style rooms. Even if the lantern leans into other aesthetics through its detailing, finishes, or structures, hanging a lantern above your dining room table is an easy way to convey that classic farmhouse/country style.

Mid Century Farmhouse

Farmhouse style is incredibly versatile in how easily it can be combined with other interior design aesthetics. In this case, the country cottage style shines in the natural wood tones and texture floor, but the chandelier leans into the same mid century style as the chairs. When combining interior design styles in your kitchen, consider how the light can highlight a secondary or primary style in the dining room to define your style.

Matching Metals

Earlier, we saw a farmhouse chandelier that used different metals than the nearby handles, faucets, and drawer pulls. Although this room does not have many metallic accents, it does intentionally pair the warm gold chandelier with the handles on the dining room console. This simple touch is a great way to add warmth to a farmhouse dining room and create an intentional design moment.

Inviting Entrance

Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes highlighted this home’s stunning entry with curved wood paneling that is illuminated by single pendant. A pendant is a great choice for a narrow yet deep front porch. The arched opening is homey and inviting.

Transitional Farmhouse

Transitional style blends traditional and modern aesthetics to create a timeless style. Transitional farmhouse fits into that aesthetic by using popular farmhouse colors in traditional and modern ways. The light centered above the table leans into a more contemporary aesthetic with its structure and colors, but it fits within the farmhouse scheme thanks to its connection to the room's color palette and furniture. You can employ similar methods in blending farmhouse style with other interior design branches.

Breaking the Mold

Perhaps your room's architecture, wallpaper, and other decor all lean heavily into a country farmhouse style. In these cases, you can go bold with your chandelier and bring in a new style to highlight your dining space. Even if the light's structure/design does not convey a farmhouse aesthetic, be sure it at least ties to the rest of the room through similar colors or finishes to draw the room together.

Eclectic Farmhouse

The lighting fixture itself heavily impacts the room's overall tone and style, but the placement of the light has a big impact as well. By placing a light over one side of the table and having a separate source of lighting for the other side, you can create a vibe that feels more whimsical or eclectic.

Simple Ties

Modern farmhouse style often shows its contemporary aesthetic through the use of clean lights and rectangular shapes. The chandelier shown here definitely fits a modern aesthetic, but it works itself into farmhouse style thanks to the nearby architecture and brick walls that feature similar shapes. Therefore, when adding a chandelier to your dining room, consider how the light connects to architecture and furniture through similar shapes.

Lines and Curves

Traditional farmhouse style often uses rounded shapes to convey a soft tone while modern farmhouse style emphasizes linear lines and simple shapes. These two styles can still work together in the dining room to create a modern farmhouse style. In this case, the dining chairs, accent chair, and nearby accessories all present soft edges while the chandelier, cabinets, and ceiling all present more standard modern structures. Even if your dining room does not feature the same layout, you can safely use both rounded edges and straight lines in your farmhouse dining room.

Only Natural

Farmhouse style often incorporates wood into their rooms, but other natural materials and texture are also popular in this style. Woven rattan chandeliers and pendant lights work well in farmhouse style thanks to the warm colors, texture, and materials. Plus, they can convey a boho style or contemporary flair depending on the light's shape and overarching design.

Linear Lights

Linear chandeliers can accent rectangular tables as long as they are properly balanced with the table. The rules listed above of having the chandelier at least 30 inches away from the table's surface and 6 inches away from the sides is applicable, but with the linear chandelier, there is another aspect to consider. In order to balance the size of the light with the table, the light should be about half or two-thirds the size of the table. This ratio will help ensure that the light is not too large or too small for your space.

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Farmhouse dining rooms are welcoming spaces that spark warm conversations and create a room where memories are made. With the 25 country dining room lighting ideas and advice detailed above, you can take action and create your perfect farmhouse dining room.


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