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40 of the best Outdoor Lighting Ideas

While many people focus on lighting the interiors of their homes, outdoor lighting should not be overlooked. Not only does it improve your home’s curb appeal and resale value, but also helps to ensure your property can be safely navigated at night. And not to mention, well-lit outdoor spaces are a great place for entertaining.

Lounge Lighting

Outdoor wall sconces are typically used for flanking front doors or to highlight architectural features of a home. However, an often overlooked use is to light a lounge area. These angular fixtures are unobtrusive by day but provide much-needed light after dark.

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Cozy Vibes

A fire pit is a cozy focal point for an outdoor lounge area. However, the light from the fire alone is not enough lighting for an outdoor living area. A modern wall sconce with both up and down lighting will contribute to the warm vibe while providing adequate lighting levels.

Stay Cool

The comfort of outdoor kitchen and dining spaces can be greatly improved by modern outdoor ceiling fans. In this project by Pamela Hope Designs, a low-profile 8-blade fan serves double duty as air-mover and light feature. Outdoor fans have an added benefit of shooing mosquitos away.

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Classic Lanterns

Lanterns are a welcoming feature. These outdoor walls sconces offer hanging versions that recall the older styles with candle light. These fixtures, paired with colorful flower boxes, will make all of your guests feel most welcome.

Celebrating Symmetry

A classic brick facade calls for a timeless, traditional lighting scheme. These mission style sconces frame the entrance and offer the symmetry needed. Black or oil-rubbed finishes both look equally at home with the rich red brick and arched window.

Welcome Home

The right front door light fixture can elevate your home’s curb appeal and make guests feel more welcome. This elongated rectangular pendant features black metal and frosted glass that complement the traditional architecture of the home. Another front door lighting option is wall sconces.

A New Angle

You’ve heard of up lighting and down lighting, but have you ever considered an angled light fixture? These wall sconces deliver light where it is needed without creating glare. Their modern style fits in with the clean architecture of this home.

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Pool Party

Nothing says party time like a well-lighted pool-scape. This oceanfront Orchid Island beach house by Jill Shevlin Design features semi-flush and pendant porch lights that highlight the home’s outdoor spaces. Framed against this dramatic backdrop is the elegantly shaped pool.

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Dinner Under the Stars

Pendant lighting isn’t limited to the indoors. An elegant pendant with a drum shade provides lighting for an outdoor dining table. Make sure the pendant is UL listed for outdoor use.

Far East

For this Asian-inspired porch design, Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den Interiors selected spherical, lantern-like pendants that play well with the scroll-back dining chairs. The result is a zen outdoor space that accommodates both relaxing and dining.

Keep Us Posted

Post lights can be mounted on poles or even on stone fences, as pictured here. These fixtures lend elegance to your landscaping scheme through the day and into the night. Post lights can be used to guide the way along a path or highlight plants and other landscaping features.

Traditional Sconces

Outdoor wall sconces are an excellent choice when it comes to outdoor light fixtures. They not only help to light your yard or mark an entrance, but they also showcase the architecture of your home. This stately wall sconce highlights the texture of this traditional brick home.

Establishing the Framework

Outdoor pendants should be made of durable materials that can withstand the elements, especially for seaside properties. These powder-coated steel pendants feature a framework that suggest forms associated with more traditional interior pendant lights. Suspended above a daybed, they beckon for an intimate retreat.

Tall and Handsome

This super sleek post light features durable aluminum finishes that stand up to the elements. It becomes a statement piece within your landscape design. Position these lights along a pathway to orient your guests and lead them to focal points such as a pool.

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Lit from Within

Large-scale pendants and coordinating wall sconces illuminate this two-story colonnade. The pendants reflect in the glass and, combined with the effect of interior fixtures, made the facade appear to glow.

Lighting in 3D

Many people just focus on lighting their front door, but you should consider lighting the exterior of your home in three dimensions. Not only do the fixtures showcase your home’s architecture, but they also provide landscape lighting and help your family and guests safely navigate the terrain.

Above and Below

Here the same wall sconce is used to light the way along a path and also to flank the front door. Keep in mind you don’t have to hang all your wall sconces at the same height. Consistency of fixtures is key to a well considered outdoor lighting scheme.

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Warm and Inviting

A warm brick facade and casual outdoor seating area call for wall sconces that convey a warm and inviting feel. This vintage-inspired sconce features a gooseneck arm with seedy glass. The interplay of textures works with a variety of architectural styles.

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Light as Art

Every midcentury modern home needs a statement exterior light fixture. This modern design by George Kovacs features aluminum bars that form an abstract composition. It proves that lighting can double as art and make your home stand out even more.

Entrance Marker

This custom home design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes features a rustic exterior palette of brown brick and cut stone. Elegant wall sconces flanking the entrance serve as a marker for guests and add refinement to the home’s facade.

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Repetition and Rhythm

Two wall sconces flank the front entrance of this home and then wrap the side to illuminate an outdoor seating area. The repetition of the same outdoor wall sconce creates a rhythm and provides continuity. By wrapping the side of the home, the lighting helps showcase its form.

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Back to the 70s

A rattan-like outdoor pendant provides a natural touch that is also on trend, given that the 1970s have come back in a big way. The woven texture compliments both the landscape design and the outdoor dining set. Rustic weaves and earth tones are an easy solution for your outdoor dining area.

Better Together

Can’t decide between wall sconces or a pendant to light your front entry? Why not choose both! Look for outdoor lighting fixtures from the same collection to create continuity.

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Subtle Elegance

Outdoor sconces and fixtures often mimic forms found in nature. These egg-shaped wall sconces align perfectly against wooden supports while making a subtle statement. Casting light both up and down, the sconces contribute to a relaxed outdoor lounge.

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A Layered Approach

A combination of strategically placed spotlights and an entrance pendant make this custom home designed by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes look incredibly warm and inviting. The spotlights are aimed to showcase the texture of the rustic cut stone base, while the pendant is refined and leads guests to the front door.

Clear the Air

For this covered outdoor lounge area, in San Antonio, Melissa Fields of Shades of Gray Design Studio utilized two 7-blade outdoor fans with integrated lighting. The dual fans help keep guests cool in this hot climate, and help clear the air when grilling is in progress.

Architectural Lighting

This modern, masculine exterior is complemented by stylish linear wall sconces. The vertical format works equally as well mounted on a column or a wall flanking an entrance. The fixtures integrate seamlessly with the home’s architecture, making for a custom look.

Rustic Feel

An open air framed globe pendant complements the rustic feel of this outdoor space. The metal frame coordinates with the corrugated metal roof and rough-hewn wood. Many outdoor chandeliers look similar to those you can use indoors, and in fact many are perfectly appropriate for both locations.

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Industrial Chic

A rustic outdoor seating area is completed by industrial-style pendant fixtures. Aluminum shades stand up well to the elements. Built-in benches with cozy pillows round out this inviting tableau.

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Lighting Beneath

An excellent opportunity for outdoor lighting is beneath an overhang, such as this home’s balconies. Simple, modern pendants illuminate a seating area and a water feature, all while coordinating with the design of the house.

Get to Grouping

Outdoor pendants can be grouped just as you would inside your home. These vintage-inspired, drum-shaped pendants are made of durable and metal and glass, making them suitable for use both indoors and out. They help to delineate a cozy outdoor seating area.

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Unexpected Forms

An ultramodern take on outdoor wall sconces, these fixtures feature a rectangular diffuser that emits a soft glow. It ties into the modern look of this home’s exterior, integrating seamlessly with the architecture.

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Stay Cool

Ceiling fans aren’t always considered attractive, but there are outdoor models that manage to achieve a refined yet industrial look. This fan features wide blades that are sure to keep guests comfortable while dining on the patio al fresco. The metal finishes hold up well in an outdoor environment.

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Natural Wonders

Take inspiration from natural forms for your outdoor lighting choices. These faceted pendant fixtures recall crystals or ice formations. They emit a soft glow that is perfect for outdoor dining.

Only a Little Country

Farmhouse decor is still a preferred style by many. Bring a bit of the trend to the exterior of your home with simple outdoor wall lighting: These fixtures are a little country and a little rock and roll. In this application they establish a rhythm along a wall of windows and competent the home’s metal siding while providing ample driveway lighting.

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Old Meets New

A generous porch lends itself to outdoor dining and lounging. Helping this space transition from day to night are a traditional wall sconce and coordinating pendant. The fixtures feature black frames with taper candle detailing, but benefit from the energy efficiency of LEDs.

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One is All You Need

The Flos In Vitro Wall Sconce is a contemporary sconce that features a concealed LED light source that emits a warm, atmospheric glow. You don’t always need sconces on each size of the front door; sometimes one will do the trick

Safety First

If your entrance involves a set of stairs, consider integrated stair lighting to help your guests safely navigate the way. Here the stair fixtures are paired with a dark-sky compliant wall sconce that marks the front door. This lighting scheme is safe yet subtle, and won’t disrupt your neighbors or wildlife.

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Elegant Entryway

Black is a bold yet refined choice for a front door. Here, an elegant black pendant and wall sconce emphasize the effect. Round out the look with a unique brass door knocker and layered welcome mats.

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Fit for a King or Queen

Your home is your castle, so why not let your exterior lighting reflect that? Ornate, patinated outdoor wall sconces bring a European flair to your home’s exterior. They look equally at home flanking a front door or a special window.

We hope these outdoor lighting ideas have given you some inspiration for your own home. By following some basic lighting principles and sourcing the right types of fixtures, you’ll be well on your way to a cohesive lighting strategy. Your outdoor spaces will be attractive, safe, functional and entertaining after dark.


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