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26 of the best Outdoor Pool Lighting Ideas

A pool is a nice amenity to have, but it's the lighting that really makes it. If you plan to use your pool at night or while entertaining, it's worthwhile to invest in a pool lighting scheme. It will help you enjoy your pool more and also improve resale value.

Hot Tub Time Machine

It’s hard to further enhance this gorgeous outdoor pool setting. To keep the look simple and focused on nature, Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design opted for modern portable lanterns that can be positioned around the hot tub or moved elsewhere after dark. Pendants in the home’s outdoor arcade round out the outdoor lighting scheme.

Personal Light

Indoor/outdoor portable lamps come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Because they are rechargeable and free from plugs, you can use them in a variety of situations. This streamlined style is equally at home by the pool, in an outdoor seating area or even your living room.

Outdoor Living

Treat your pool area like an extension of your living area. Here, a seating area is integrated with a modern outdoor kitchen, which leads right off the hot tub and pool area, making it a perfect spot to entertain guests. A sleek metal outdoor chandelier ties the look together.

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Be a Fan

While pool lighting is extremely important, don’t forget outdoor fans for your exterior spaces. These simple three-blade, propeller-style fans look sleek while providing a gentle breeze. In particularly warm climates and those with lots of insects, outdoor fans are a must.

Picture Perfect Pendant

Preserve your picture-perfect view of your outdoor lounging area and pool by hanging a simple outdoor pendant. Think about your exterior lighting similarly to how you’d approach interior lighting. Pendants and chandeliers are fair game, so long as they are rated for outdoor use.

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Under the Balcony

Have a balcony or overhang above your pool or outdoor lounge area? Suspend simple pendants to light your outdoor spaces. The look is elegant and unexpected, and can also provide light for interior spaces.

Go Over the Top

Pamela O'Brien of Pamela Hope Designs created the ultimate retreat with an outdoor waterfall feeding into a pool from a Spanish Revival-style home. For such an over-the-top gesture, the only fitting outdoor lighting source could be burning bowls of fire. These outdoor lighting pits can double as torchieres.

Mixed Metals

Each metallic finish has its own tone and temperature. For example, gold is considered to be very warm, while silver is a colder finish. This room masterfully combines those two metals along with others to create a recurring motif throughout the room's accents and decor. Using various metals subtly throughout an office can help establish an elegant, elevated style.

Be Indirect Sometimes

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design created a dramatic backyard design with an elegant pool and outdoor dining pavilion. Most of the light sources are concealed, making the architecture glow. Pendants along an outdoor arcade establish a rhythm for safe egress.

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Not Just for Walls

Wall sconces aren’t just for the exterior walls of your home. Here, a savvy homeowner has installed a wall sconce into the edge of a patio to light the pool. Always be sure you are choosing fixtures that are rated for use in a wet outdoor area.

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Festive Lamps

Portable battery-powered lamps are an excellent choice for lighting your outdoor pool area. They can easily be moved around to provide light where you need it. Try this playful approach for your next party: Place colored lamps around the edge of your pool.

Preserve the View

It’s tough to compete with a stunning view, especially when you have an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Opt for a simple modern metal pendant that lights your outdoor seating area without trying to compete with the view. The abstract form complements the modern architecture.

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Idyllic Living

For this idyllic estate, Pamela O'Brien of Pamela Hope Designs kept the focus on the large, crystal-clear swimming pool. A large outdoor fan cools a dining area, while subtle sconces that blend with the architectural style illuminate the back doors and a porch acceded via a spiral metal staircase.

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Stick to Classics

You can never go wrong with classic wall sconces to light an outdoor area with a pool. These traditional outdoor wall lights complement the rustic cut stone facade of this home. They impart a warm and welcoming light to outdoor areas, creating a perfect vibe for entertaining.

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Layered Lighting

Like any good lighting scheme, the approach to outdoor pool lighting should be multi-layered. For this home, we see three different types of fixtures: wall-mounted security lights, modern outdoor wall sconces and spot lights under the eaves. This allows the homeowner to adjust the lighting levels as needed.

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In and Out of the Pool

Light fixtures mounted within the walls of the pool are one of the best ways to provide illumination for swimming while making the pool itself glow. Beneath the exterior lounge area, soft spot lights provide an even wash. Two outdoor table lamps round out the scheme, lending a cozy vibe.

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Integrate Lighting with Architecture

Examine the architecture of your home and get creative about integrating outdoor light fixtures. Outdoor Sconces can be added to columns to get more light to your outdoor pool area. This simple antique bronze style complements the Mediterranean architecture of the home.

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Keep it Continuous

Continuity in lighting and architectural features, paired with expansive glass, is a good way to make your interior living spaces feel connected to your outdoor areas. Here, an overhang features elegant spotlights that illuminate the pool area. These fixtures are similar to others used on the interior.

Lit from Within

One strategy for lighting your outdoor pool area that you might not have considered: Use the indoors to light the outdoors! It can actually be an energy efficient and cost-saving option, especially if you have large expanses of glass. A wall sconce or two will fill in the gaps.

Multilayered Lighting

This multilevel outdoor entertaining space seamlessly transitions from an outdoor lounge area to a deck with a series of pools. Similarly, the lighting strategy includes multiple levels. Recessed lighting direct light as needed to seating areas, while outdoor fans keep the temperature comfortable. In-pool lights create a dazzling effect.

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Versatile Fixtures

To get the best bang for your buck, look for versatile fixtures that you can use in a variety of ways within your outdoor pool area. This pendant fixture can be suspended from a variety of structures and surfaces and can even double as an outdoor lamp. Lighting needs to accommodate the multiple ways in which you use your outdoor space.

Install a Pergola

A pergola is a great way to shield an outdoor dining area from the sun, but also doubles as a structure from which to hang outdoor pendants. These drum-shaped metal pendants softly illuminate the entertaining area. Step lights provide safe passage from the patio to the yard.

Take me with You

A portable lamp with a handle is especially handy in an outdoor pool area. Place it by the edge of the pool while you are swimming, then move it to a table for lighting for dinner. As an added plus, you can use these portable lamps to guide your way around the yard.

Get Floored

Floor lamps aren’t just for the indoors. These indoor/outdoor lamps add just enough light to this moody outdoor pools cape. Movable lamps are a more flexible option for lighting your pool area than permanent post lights, which might end up in the way.

Midcentury Vibes

Cultivate a midcentury pool party vibe with bright orange upholstery for outdoor furnishings and earthy textures like brick pavers. Subtle lighting interventions include outdoor ceiling fans with lights and wall sconces that blend in with the architecture of your home. Double doors that open to the interior allow for an indoor-outdoor connection.

Statement Pieces

Sometimes the most unexpected light sources make the biggest impression. This freestanding outdoor floor lamp features illuminated vertical rods that call to mind delicate reeds. They draw the eye upward and make a dynamic statement, all while providing soft lighting for the yard and pool.

We hope these outdoor pool lighting ideas will help you to transform your pool into a stunning feature in your landscape, day or night. Pool lighting is also an important consideration from a safety standpoint. A good lighting scheme allows you to maximize your enjoyment of this desirable amenity.


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