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10 of the best Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Lighting Ideas

Outdoor kitchens are beautiful spaces where family and friends can gather over food and fellowship. The outdoor lights included in those areas not only make them more practical, but they are also ideal for conveying your personal style. Whether your aesthetic is farmhouse, industrial, modern, coastal, mid century modern, or another style, look at these outdoor kitchen lighting ideas for inspiration and guidance for your home.

Oversized Luxury

Since the great outdoors is so vast, it is easier to add oversized accents and furniture without overwhelming the space. That is why this large lantern over the round table works so well; it defines the table area as something special and naturally draws your eye towards it with its grand size.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Even in backyards and open spaces with airflow, incorporating an outdoor ceiling fan is a great way to improve the airflow and cool a specific area. Many outdoor ceiling fans come with lighting installed in them and these fans are also incredibly diverse in their styles. With those few facets in mind, these are solid reasons for adding an outdoor ceiling fan can benefit your space practically and stylistically.

Purposeful Pairings

When using multiple lighting types throughout a space, look for similarities that can tie them together thematically and stylistically. This outdoor kitchen perfectly displays that with the wall lantern and pendant light above the kitchen counter. However, even the fan pairs well with the lights because of its similar color palette. Simple yet intentional connections like these make a space feel fully realized and masterfully designed.


In large outdoor spaces, you can easily use various lighting fixtures without fear of them clashing or competing with one another. However, choosing to intentionally use the same wall sconces in numerous outdoor spaces can also help create a thematic tie between the spaces and display a consistent style.

Transitional Spaces

Transitional style is a blend of modern and traditional styles. This outdoor kitchen displays that style through the use of stone walls and dark woods, but the modern aesthetic comes through in the cleancut lines and design. Even the lights are a perfect blend of styles with their dark woods and minimalist framing. When you design your space to fit your style, look at the outdoor lights as a prime opportunity to encapsulate your unique aesthetic.

Linear Design

Contrasting lines and parallel schemes can create a very dynamic outdoor kitchen. This outdoor kitchen has plenty of horizontal lines through the wall's shiplap and countertop, but that scheme is divided by the vertical wall sconces on the kitchen wall. Consider how using contrasting vertical and horizontal lines in areas like counters, backsplash, tile, furniture, and lights can help you create a sleek and stylish outdoor kitchen.

Contemporary Coastal

Contemporary chandeliers tend to display sprawling, artistic structures in their fixtures. This may seem contrary to coastal style, which often uses simple rounded edges and light woods to create their tones, but even these styles can work together. The contemporary chandelier naturally draws in a coastal style through its branching lights that pay homage to a coral reef. Interior design styles can be blended through what they convey, what materials they use, what colors are highlighted, and other aspects, so do not be afraid to combine styles to create your personal aesthetic.

Setting the Tone

Outdoor kitchen chandeliers come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, but no matter the style, the shape of the light has a large impact on its tone. For example, the rounded rustic chandelier above the round table conveys a softer tone due to its lack of rigid corners and straight lines. Even if this is not your personal style, carefully choosing a light shaped to reinforce your desired tone is a wise way to craft your ideal outdoor space.

Perfect Pendants

Multiple pendant lights can be used to illuminate key areas of your outdoor kitchen, such as your kitchen island, bar, or sink area. When you add lights to one of these areas, carefully choose the lighting temperature, lighting direction, and lighting distribution along with how you space out the lights. Considering all these facets will help you create a visually balanced yet practical outdoor kitchen.

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Bright Ideas

When you are designing a space or adding light to it, it is vital to consider the area as a whole and how you want to illuminate it. The central ceiling fan does an excellent job providing general and ambient lighting, but if this area did not have the recessed lighting, the room would be too dim and the kitchen would lack task lighting. Whether you have this exact layout or not, numerous lighting types and placements can help optimize your outdoor kitchen space.

Chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and other lighting types are ideally suited to illuminate outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands. Whatever your personal style is, you can find lights that perfectly capture your unique flair and define your outdoor kitchen as the best hangout spot.


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