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15 of the best Screened In Porch Lighting Ideas

Screened in porches are wonderful spaces to relax and refresh on a warm summer's evening. An underappreciated part of finishing porches is how the space is illuminated. Outdoor chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and lighted ceiling fans are all popular options for these spaces, and each conveys its own style and tone. To help you choose the best lights for your screened in porch, we've created a guide full of our favorite porches and screened in porch lighting ideas.


Screened in porches often need airflow to create a comfortable space, which is why so many screened in patios have some sort of fan in the room. Outdoor ceiling fans are well suited for these spaces, since they can be bought in different sizes, blade numbers, and mounting types to suit your specific patio. In addition to that, outdoor ceiling fans with lights can be used in these spaces to optimize the room's functionality and comfort.

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Sticking With The Classics

Lantern pendant lights are common across every interior design style. While they're often used in traditional or cottage styles, there are plenty of modern iterations to choose from as well. Modern and transitional lantern lights will typically soften any detailing and present very clean, perfected finishes. No matter what style you want to convey, lantern chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces are all classic options.

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Artistic Details

Minimalist modern porches often feature little in the way of furniture, artwork, and decorative accents. That is why it's so easy to incorporate an artistic pendant light or chandelier in these spaces. With nothing to compete with, these lights can shine as unique works of art and add dimension to the space without sacrificing any practicality.

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Fantastic Design

Fans used to be appreciated just for their practicality, but now they are known for their style as well. This contemporary lighted ceiling fan from Fanimation shows how the structure of the blades, the central details, and a simple light can create highly stylish fixtures. No matter what style you prefer, there are outdoor ceiling fans that can help you express your unique aesthetic.

Modern Rustic

Modern rustic spaces are highly in style as they showcase natural materials and textures in contemporary ways. If your screened in patio features a lot of wood tones, consider using matte black or other black lighting fixtures throughout that space. The black will serve to complement any knots present in the wood and reinforce the woodsy tone of the room without feeling out of place.


Long screened in porches and decks benefit from consistent airflow and lighting. By using numerous ceiling fans and recessed lights, you can successfully create a space that is comfortable no matter where you are. In these scenarios, it is wise to space the fans/chandeliers equally from one another to create visual balance, but recessed lights can be placed at different intervals to create greater lighting over outdoor kitchens, bars and other task-heavy spaces.

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Can-Do Design

Can lights are stylish fixtures fitting for modern and contemporary screened in porches. They often highlight minimal features and colors in their designs, which makes them great for minimalist styles. Their sizes also make them ideal for patios with low ceilings, but they can also be used in taller spaces as well to intentionally brighten the porch.

Setting the Tone

Lights do brighten whatever space they're in, but they do so much more than that. Lights with smaller bulbs, lower wattages, or dimming options can help establish the tone of your porch as calming or energetic. When choosing lights for your space, consider what tone you want to set and how lights work towards that goal and your goal of brightening the deck.

Connective Ties

Aside from shopping from the same collection, you can choose to mix and match lights from different collections or even different designers. This rustic screened in porch features a matte black chandelier along with a more polished black wall sconce. The colors alone would be enough to tie these lights together, but the similarities in using rounded edges and warm lighting temperatures also help creative connective ties between the lights and throughout the room as a whole.

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Defining Spaces

Screened in porches that are large enough to host several different areas can be difficult to style. One way to create distinct spaces is to use lighting fixtures with each area. This traditional porch uses a series of pendant lights directly above the dining table to set that space apart and provide necessary lighting. With that space defined, it is easy to distinguish the seating area from the dining space.

Other Considerations

It's important to choose your light or fan intentionally, but the placement of that fixture is equally important. The placement of your fixture will help you determine if you need more than one light in the space, how that light is directed, and how bright each light needs to be. Another facet to consider is how the light interacts with nearby furniture and accents. In this example, the lighted ceiling fan is placed above a glass table, which will reflect that light throughout the space and serve to brighten the entire deck.

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Perfect Posts

The structural posts of your screened in porch are great locations to add wall sconces. When you add lights to these areas, you can intentionally choose a light that connects to the posts through a simple accent color or design elements. In this example, the porch fits into a modern transitional style through the furniture and structure, so the lights convey a similar style in their shapes and detailing. These elements are monumental in creating a cohesive style in your back porch.

Practical Placements

Although this isn't an overly large screened in porch, this homeowner included two ceiling fans to promote airflow within the space. When using fans in your patio, you don't have to center it over a particular space like the outdoor living area or outdoor kitchen. It's often natural to do so, but if your home's architecture or layout doesn't allow for that, it's perfectly acceptable to place these lights equidistant from one another like this room does. Even when they're not tied to specific spaces, these lights can fit in seamlessly thanks to their alignment with the architecture and space as a whole.

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Complete Style

Larger screened porches and decks will likely need multiple lighting fixtures to brighten the space. In these cases, it's wise to use lights with similar structures, shapes, and detailing. You can choose connective lights on your own, or you can shop from a specific collection to create a very intentionally designed, stylistically whole space.

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Architectural Details

If your screened in patio has a vaulted or elevated ceiling, consider how pendant lights, chandeliers, and ceiling fans can highlight those features. This room draws attention to the elevated ceilings by using elegant, dark lights that contrast the nearby walls. That color difference naturally draws the eye upward to appreciate the room's natural architectural details. However, you do not need to use contrasting colors to draw the eye upward; any hanging light fixture will help guide the eye towards the ceiling.

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When it comes to decorating and furnishing your screened in porch, it is essential to consider what lighting fixtures will best suit your space. Lights come in many different styles, lighting capabilities, lighting directions, and finishes, so there are many ways to customize lights. With the screened in porch lighting ideas listed above, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to design your ideal oasis.


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