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15 of the best Paver Patio Lighting Ideas

Patios are beautiful outdoor spaces where you can unwind for the day or host friends and family. Paver patios in particular are highly stylish with their use of texture, material, and color. In order to highlight these patios, it's important to consider what lighting fixtures you'll use in these settings. Since there are so many possibilities with outdoor lighting, we've created a list of our favorite paver patio lighting ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration.


A bright lighting fixture can stand out against soft beige stonework and pavers to create a point of visual interest. Many outdoor lights incorporate warm metallic finishes like gold, bronze, and copper into the light. Although these details may be minimal in your ideal lamp, these soft details go a long way in creating a warmer design.

Lighting Scheme

Although the wall sconces outside this transitional home point downwards, the glass shades help disperse the light over a wider area. Because of that, the entire porch is covered in a soft light. That light even carries over into neighboring spaces to lead the eye (and your guests) further onto your patio. It is important to consider how light is spread over the entire space to create your ideal tone and balanced lighting scheme.

Back to Classics

Lantern pendant lights are two of the most popular lighting fixtures for rustic and traditional homes. The classic candles and structures of these lights harken back to simpler times and classic design styles. In this case, they decorate a vintage cottage space, but they can also add class to modern and contemporary patios.

Temperate Design

Whether you're decorating a home in the cold mountains or a sunny beachside home, the lighting temperature of your outdoor lights is as important as the fixtures themselves. This beautiful cottage uses a warm light under the stairs, in the wall sconce, and even inside the home. That warm lighting temperature is what transforms this home from aloof to welcoming.

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Ceiling Fans Without Lights

Not all outdoor ceiling fans have a light. In these cases, you may choose to use recessed ceiling lights to take the place of that fan light. While it may not provide central illumination like a ceiling fan light would, you can place recessed lights more sporadically to highlight doorways, arches, and other areas of the patio.


While outdoor lights often feature bright lighting capabilities, it is also worthwhile to consider more subdued lights like this one. The soft glow of the light along with its artistic structure are ideally suited to create ambiance and a calm outdoor setting. Many lights feature dimming options as well to help you further customize your landscaping.

Wondrous Wall Lights

Wall lights and wall sconces are two additional options that can highlight your home's architecture and nearby pavers. The lantern lights shown here perfectly suit the classic aesthetic of this home with their shape, level of detailing, and finish. Lantern lights are one of the most popular options for outdoor lights thanks to their versatility and various stylings, so you can easily find lantern lights that suit your unique aesthetic.

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The Path to Success

Paver patios, decks, and paths all have unique functions. One thing is for sure: downlighting and path lights like these are a great addition for establishing clear paths and shining a light on your pavers. While these lights suit more modern aesthetics, there are plenty of options to suit more vintage or classic settings as well.

Flexible Lighting

Portable lamps and lights like this are ideal for decorating paver porches. You can place the light alongside a pool, near your chair, or at a dining space. Aside from their practicality and ease of use, portable table lamps and floor lamps come in all sorts of styles to complement your unique aesthetic.

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Perfect Placements

Wall sconces are hung in many different locations based on your home's unique architectural features. In many cases however, these lights are intentionally placed by doorways and tall windows. The benefits of this are twofold: the lights clearly define the home's entrances, and they also shine off the nearby glass to disperse the light over a wider area. The perfect placement of your lights may differ, but when they accent areas like these, you can create a beautifully crafted patio.

Masterfully Designed

When designing your paver patio or deck, consider the entire space's lighting scheme. This will help you determine how many lights you need in total and where you can place them. Along with that, you may choose to use one collection throughout the entire porch to create a cohesive, masterfully designed space like this.

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Simply Sublime

A simple, well placed chandelier is a great accent for paver patios. The singular light can accent symmetrical homes to create a very classic, balanced outdoor space. Since outdoor chandeliers come in so many different styles and sizes, you don't have to settle for anything less than perfect.

Black and White

Black and white are often paired together in modern monochromatic spaces. The stark contrast of the two colors creates bold definition and a clean aesthetic. White homes can be complemented by black outdoor wall lights or vice-versa in the case of black homes. There's great potential in personalizing monochromatic color schemes, and your lighting fixtures are a key part of that personalization.

Safety and Style

Step lights and general downlights are instrumental in establishing paths. In addition to providing safety and direction, these lights can highlight your pavers and any nearby architectural/landscaping details.

Fan-tastic Style

Outdoor ceiling fans greatly improve patios and decks on warm summer days. Not only do they create a more comfortable space, but they also exude style with the shape of the blades, number of blades, light, and general detailing. Ceiling fans are shockingly diverse in their different styles, so whether you are creating a transitional outdoor space or something highly contemporary, you can find a fan that suits your practical needs and style.

Paver patios are incredibly diverse in their styles, uses, and lighting needs. With the paver patio lighting ideas and inspiration pictures above, you can now go about designing your personal patio to suit your unique aesthetic and uses.


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