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15 of the best Outdoor Stair Lighting Ideas

If your home's landscaping includes outdoor stairs, then you know the importance of being able to safely navigate the property at night. You want to keep your guests safe, but also enhance the design of your home. Proper outdoor stair lighting can help you accomplish both.

Enhancing Your Assets

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money properly landscaping your home, you want to be sure it always looks its best, day or night. A crystalline pier-mount light caps a rustic wall and leads the way up a stone stair. Lighting should enhance your landscaping design, not distract from it.

House as Lantern

Subtle down lights illuminate outdoor stair treads while coordinating with brass metal railing. As the stairs approach the house, wall sconces takeover. Interior lighting makes the house into a lantern that illuminates the landscape.

Up and Down Lights

Square outdoor wall sconces that cast light both up and down are a good option for lighting outdoor stairs. Spaced evenly, these simple fixtures can illuminate both the treads and risers as well as wash light along the flanking wall surface. The combination of ambient and focused light assists safe egress.

Lit From Within

Sometimes the best solution to lighting outdoor steps is shining light from the interior. Large expanses of glass and double doors allow you to open the indoors to the outdoors. Step lights set into the rise further guide you safely on your way.

Discreet Lighting

This fairytale exterior incorporates under-stair lighting in soft amber tones. The lights subtly guide visitors to the front door, which is marked by a wall sconce. When you are trying to integrate your home with nature, make your outside fixtures disappear from view.

La Dolce Vita

A vintage green Vespa and a basket full of flowers could make anyone feel as if that they were living inside an Italian film. You can make that feeling a reality for your home by incorporating sleek wall sconces that illuminate your stairs and your home’s exterior. The addition of potted plants always makes a home feel more inviting.

Step by Step

Horizontal step lights are a subtle way to light outdoor stairs. These sleek rectangular fixtures cast light only where it is needed for safe egress. They can be mounted within a variety of exterior material finishes, from wood to stucco.

Consider Bollards

A flower-inspired bollard provides even illumination for an exterior brick stair. If you are not able to inset stair lights or attach wall sconces, bollards can be a great solution. Choose a metal finish that complements the architecture of your home.

Ensconsed in Light

Well-placed wall sconces can provide enough lighting to facilitate safe egress along outdoor stairs. Mount the fixtures along the facade of your home, on posts, or along the stairs to illuminate the path. Choose fixtures that coordinate with the architecture of your home.

Downward Focused

Sometimes you need outdoor lighting to make a strong statement, as with this moody scene. These outdoor wall sconces have an architectural feel. They angle more widely at the bottom to better illuminate the stairs, while uprights are more focused and add ambience.

Where Light Is Needed

The best way to light a stair when it’s simply needed for safe egress is to install wall-mounted step lights. These fixtures cast light just where it is needed and don’t contribute to lighting pollution. They are small in size and wash light along the risers and treads.

Light the Way

Simple path lights that cast light downward are an excellent choice for outdoor steps. These fixtures look sleek and modern without contributing to light pollution. Wall sconces flanking the front door guide visitors in the right direction.

Front Door Focus

An inviting entry sequence can sometimes be dramatic. A combination of up and down wall sconces with spot lights draws attention to the front door. However, the real showstoppers are the reed-like floor mounted fixtures that frame the entrance.

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Small Steps

Small step lights can help to lead your guests up your front stairs and safely to your front door. A modern wall sconce adjacent to the door makes sure the ambience is inviting. Take care to integrate these fixtures with the architecture of your home.

Enhancing the Vertical

An elegant water feature makes these stairs appear to float. Column-mounted wall sconces are minimal in design and enhance the vertical movement. A rustic stone wall anchors the installation.

Outdoor stair lighting can take a variety of forms. The main goal is to safely light the way for your family and your guests as they navigate your property. Creative design solutions that work with your home's architecture are always preferred.


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