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What are the Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and How Should You Use Them?

Outdoor lights are an essential part of any outdoor space. The right lights can illuminate pathways, highlight architecture, or show off beautiful landscaping. Another function of outdoor lighting fixtures is to provide essential general lighting and ambiance to patios, porches, and other social spaces. When it comes to adding outdoor lighting to your home, the best way to begin is to learn what the different types of outdoor lighting are and how they are commonly used.

Since outdoor pendant lights are diverse in their designs and purposes, they provide general lighting and ambiance. These lights can create uplight, downlight, accent light, or they can disperse light in a wider area. When they are placed above a central area like a dining table, bar, or outdoor seating, they should be hung at the appropriate height to ensure that nobody will bump into them or be blinded by lights hung too low. Spending on the size and layout of your space, you may use numerous pendant lights in a row to accent nearby surfaces.

Outdoor Pendant Lights

Outdoor pendant lights are fixtures that are mounted to the ceiling and hang above the entire room or above a specific space like an outdoor table, bar, or general seating area. These lights are versatile enough that they are frequently used in social areas like patios, porches, and gazebos, but they can also accent a small entryway.

Chandeliers can cast light in any direction, but they are typically focused on a wide dispersal of light over a larger area. One possible downside to chandeliers is that they hang lower than some other fixtures, so they sometimes require a higher ceiling to accommodate them. In situations where the ceiling is too low to mount a chandelier, flush mount and semi-flush ceiling lights are stylish alternatives.

Outdoor Chandeliers

Outdoor chandeliers are used in similar ways to pendant lights, although one key difference is that you typically use one chandelier to define a space as opposed to using several pendant lights together. Because of that, chandeliers are typically placed over outdoor seating areas in patios, porches, and decks to provide essential lighting and set the tone for the space.

These lights provide general ambient lighting to areas such as patios, porches, and decks, and they can be centered over social spaces or small outdoor kitchens. Because they are mounted closer to the ceiling, these lights are perfect for spaces with low ceilings. However, their style is transcendent and not limited to those spaces; these lights can be used in rooms with taller ceilings as well.

Outdoor Flush & Semi-Flush Mounts

Outdoor flush and semi-flush ceiling lights are ideally suited to brighten any outdoor space that has a ceiling. Some of these lights are more minimal in their use of design and ornamentation, but there are many ceiling lights that include artistic details and structure to convey iconic styles.

If you have landscaping near your home, these lights can also highlight that landscaping and the home’s architecture through its light. The lights can even be included in an outdoor seating area when they are placed on nearby walls. Out of all the lighting types, outdoor wall lights are one of the most versatile and diverse categories.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights and wall sconces are mounted onto walls to cast light over their immediate vicinity or beyond. These lights come in many different forms such as wall lanterns, linear wall sconces, pointed downlights, and many others. Because these fixtures cast light in many different directions and in different intensities, they can be used to style a front door or they can be used to cast light over a longer outdoor path.

Some of these lights are designed to accent sitting areas, but others can be used to illuminate a path, highlight nearby landscaping, or be a bold statement by themselves. When choosing an outdoor floor lamp, it is important to consider how it receives electricity or how it is charged, since some lights may be used near outlets but others will be placed further out into the lawn.

Outdoor Floor Lamps

Outdoor floor lamps fit into the standard archetype associated with indoor floor lamps, but they also exceed expectations through unique designs fitting for outdoor spaces. Arched floor lamps, small portable floor lamps, and small lights designed to cast light on pathways are all different facets of outdoor floor lamps.

In any case, outdoor table lamps are key in providing essential task lighting and ambiance to social areas or whatever their immediate area is. Since they come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, they are fitting for nearly any outdoor space.

Table Lamps

Outdoor table lamps are versatile in the fact that they may be portable lamps or lamps powered by an outlet. These lights are typically placed on some sort of table, whether that be a side table, coffee table, or dining table.

These outdoor ceiling fans are mounted at varying heights, so depending on the height of your ceiling, you can choose a fan that is flush-mount, semi-flush, or hung on a downrod to best suit your space. If airflow is a serious problem for your space, look at the strength of the fan’s motor to see how well it works at moving air.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Although outdoor spaces often benefit from natural airflow, outdoor ceiling fans can help immensely on hot summer days or help mitigate high humidity. Many outdoor ceiling fans incorporate lights as well, so these fans are well suited for outdoor seating areas and dining spaces.

This category of lights includes step lights, landscape flood lights, and bollard lights as well. These lights tend to be more permanent fixtures because of the effort that goes into powering them. When considering these lights, create a plan on how they will be powered and how they will accent your landscaping with the lighting intensity and direction.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting highlights plant life, architecture, or nearby pathways. Post lights and pier lights are two of the most common forms of outdoor lighting since they are stationed so closely to the landscaping or building.


Portable lamps are often grouped in with outdoor table and floor lamps, since they are frequently used in similar areas and in similar ways. The benefit of using portable lights is that they can easily be moved to provide lighting to various areas and can go with you as you walk across the lawn or down a path. Some of these lights are tailored towards creating a small radius of light like a lantern, but others can be used similarly to traditional table lamps. One point to be aware of with these lights is that they do require charging, and the lifespan of each lamp may vary depending on the technology it uses.

Carefully choosing outdoor lighting can help you make the most of your home’s exterior. Whether you are looking for landscape lighting or lights for social settings, you may now choose the best outdoor lighting type for your space to optimize its lighting plan and show off your personal aesthetic.


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