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25 of the best Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Front of Your House

Outdoor lighting for your front door can set the whole tone for your house. You want your guests to feel welcome while finding their way safely to your front door. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to showcase the architecture and aesthetic of your home.

Seamless and Modern

Lighting a modern home entrance? A single wall sconce plus recessed lighting is usually enough. This sconce ties into the architectural details and feels seamless.

Cohesive Feel

For this stately stone home designed by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes, two elegant wall sconces flank the entry. The same sconces frame both of the garage doors, creating a cohesive look.

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Pull Off a Black Front Door

A black front door makes quite the bold statement. Anchor the look with a hanging lantern pendant and a sleek wall sconce. A brass door knocker and corresponding hardware look like jewelry against the satin black surface.

Farmhouse Aesthetic

If you are going for a black-and-white farmhouse aesthetic for the exterior of your home, try flanking the front door with two outdoor black wall sconces. Don’t be afraid to go big; that’s part of the look. Larger fixtures create a sense of proportion that balances the otherwise stark look.

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Entry as Progression

A deeply recessed front door provides a great setup for lighting. Here an oversize pendant and coordinating sconces invite guests to proceed up the warm tile steps to the black double front doors. The entry sequence should be set up as a procession that builds expectation.

One and Done

Many people assume if you use an exterior wall sconce by your front door, you need one on each side. That isn’t always true! This midcentury home is far from symmetrical, so one globe-style fixture makes a statement while looking balanced.

Most Inviting Place

Want to make your front door extra inviting? Hang a coordinating pendant and wall sconces, and train vines to grow up to frame it. Add a couple of planted topiaries and you’ll have the most inviting entrance in the neighborhood.

Guiding Light

A play of light and shadows makes for an inviting front entry. This angular wall sconces becomes a part of the shadows and feels a part of the home’s architecture. Let the light itself make the statement rather than the fixture.

Layers of Light

This design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes combines layers of light in the form of pole-mounted post light fixtures and wall sconces. The sconces flank the driveway and the pole light serves as a beacon for visitors.

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Blend In

Architectural light fixtures can integrate into the form of your home and feel like a part of it. This vertical wall sconce on a column does just that. Sometimes light fixtures should be noticed, but when lighting the way to a front door, sometimes it’s best the fixtures blend in.

Consider Context

While more light can seem better, resist the urge to over-light your front door. These dim sconces provide just enough light for a welcoming entry. They won’t cast a glare for neighbors or confuse wildlife.

Focal Point

Want to accomplish all of your front-door lighting needs with just one fixture? Select a pendant that complements the design of your front porch. This pendant is very minimal to keep the focus on the carved glass inlays surrounding the transom and sidelights.

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Consider Navy

Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes created an extra-inviting entry using an oversize glass lantern beneath a pitched-roof entryway. Navy is an excellent exterior color because it is at once sophisticated and welcoming. White trim gives it a crisp look.

English Manor Vibes

This idyllic estate features two coordinated wall sconces flanking a warm wood front door. The stone exterior, combined with perfectly pruned gardens, lend a the feel of an English estate. A coordinating lantern is mounted atop a stone wall.

Fall Scene

Steal a page from this perfect fall tie scene and use oversize lantern sconces to flank your front doors. These fixtures coordinate in form and material with the glass entryway and corbeled awning. Your front door fixtures should pick up on the materials and architecture of your home.

Covered Porch Idea

A single pendant is all that is needed to light the entrance beneath a covered front porch. This black-and-brass-fixture coordinates with the front door finish. The result is polished and welcoming all at once.

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Play the Classics

A classic brick facade calls for traditional black wall sconces. In cases like these, symmetry just makes sense. Modern homes need modern fixtures, but if your home is traditional, choose fixtures that complement that.

Classic Look

Aiming to cultivate a classic look for your front door? Try a hanging lantern. The crisp contrast of black and white is timeless. This fixture relates to the mullions and railings of the house, making it feel right at home.

Casting Directions

If you are looking for exterior wall sconces, you may not realize the variety of options available. Some sconces cast light up, while others cast light down, and some even cast light in both directions. These cylindrical sconces do the latter, providing an even wash of light on the exterior wall.

Preview the Interior

Sublime Homes specified classic wall-mounted lanterns flanking this grand home entrance. Through the glass you can see an elaborate chandelier in the entryway, providing a preview of what’s to come. A combo of brown brick and cut stone is textural and inviting.

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Stay Warm

A warm glow is always welcoming. Choose a warm temperature LED bulb (2700-3000K) for your exterior light fixture to maximize this effect. Here a single wall sconce emits plenty of warm light, which is further emphasized by a warm exterior paint color.

Add Greenery

Greenery is a great way to mark your front door. It is lush and inviting, and when paired with a glowing wall sconce, easily guides your guests to the right place. Whether you go with fast-growing ivy or planted pots, vegetation plus lighting is a solid strategy.

Arch Above

If you have an arched porch or front door, consider a curving fixture that plays off the architecture. This metal outdoor pendant could work for many front door situations, and especially those that incorporate curved elements. And metal stands up to the elements outdoors.

All About the Architecture

You might have to look twice to spot the light in this image. First you notice the expanses of glass, or the Japanese male. The sconce is so integrated with the architecture of the home that it takes a second look to see it! Sometimes lights make a statement, but other times it’s all about the house.

Your front door makes the first impression of your home, so be sure it is well lit and that the lighting enhances the architecture of your home. We hope these ideas have helped you to navigate the many fixture types and styles. Now, go choose the best fixture for your front door!


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