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11 of the best Driveway Landscape Lighting Ideas

Need inspiration for lighting your landscape, more specifically your driveway? There are a variety of types of outdoor fixtures, including path lights, bollards and outdoor wall lights. Lighting your driveway is important from a safety perspective and makes your home more inviting to guests.

Farmhouse Sconces

If your driveway culminates in a garage, outdoor wall sconces flanking the doors might be your best option. These farmhouse style fixtures provides plenty of light to park your car. It’s important to relate your exterior lighting style to the architecture of your home.

Illuminate your exterior with these Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting Ideas!

Try Wood Outside

If your home features exterior wood details, consider a teak wall sconce to play into the warm finish. Teak is a tropical wood that can stand up to the harsh outside elements. A linear format diffuses light and looks modern all at once.

Movable Lighting

Outdoor floor lamps are a great addition to a back deck or exterior entertaining space. However, you can also use them to line your driveway. These fixtures are flexible in that you can move them around depending on your needs.


Need flexibility in your outdoor lighting design? Opt for adjustable fixtures, such as these wall sconces that feature adjustable flaps that let you change the beam angle. There is no one-size-fits-all lighting solution, so sometimes you need to create your own!

Go Bold with Bollards

Bollard lights are striking in their form, and they project light efficiently to the surface of the driveway. They help define the edges of your drive while contributing to the architectural effect by day. Available in a variety of finishes and styles, bollards are worth considering for your driveway lighting project.

Extra Outdoor Path Lighting Ideas!

Solar Eclipse

This round wall sconce projects light back onto the surface upon which it is mounted. The effect is like solar eclipse. The design is energy saving and avoids outdoor light pollution. It highlights the texture of the surface and provides punctuated light.

Opt for Bollards

Angular bollards have an architectural feel and cast light exactly where you need it. These fixtures can be mounted to a stone wall or other border for your driveway. They are dark sky compliant fixtures, which are better for the environment.

Learn more about Dark Sky Compliant Lighting.

A Flexible Approach

Outdoor floor lamps are flexible and durable and can be used to mark a driveway, entry, patio or deck. This geometrical design provides ambient lighting that is energy efficient. Position a series of them to illuminate a path to your home.

Layered Approach

This country home combines modern path lights with outdoor wall sconces that flank a grand entry. Outdoor lighting should involve a layered approach. First, light the pathway, and then light the destination.

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Focused Bollards

These elegant bollard lights resemble flowers. They cast light only where it is needed—to indicate the edge of the driveway. They are dark sky compliant as they don’t create glare.

The best outdoor driveway lighting ideas help guide your way home. These include outdoor path lighting, low voltage landscape lighting and dark sky compliant lighting. Outdoor driveway lights come in a variety of formats, such as bollards, path lights, flood lights and outdoor wall lighting.


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