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15 of the best Front Porch Hanging Light Ideas

Front porches are full of potential when it comes to design and functionality. Some spaces are large enough to host full seating areas and dining tables while others are a simple entryway to the home. In any case, the lighting fixtures you include on your front porch are key in defining your style and providing essential lighting. Porch hanging lights are one of the most popular options for illuminating front porches, but there are so many possibilities with these lights that you may be unsure of how to choose the best one. That is why we've created a list of front porch hanging light ideas, tips, and tricks to inspire you and guide you.

Black and White

Contemporary homes often feature black and white as a primary color palette. One way to create that monochromatic front porch is to use black lantern pendant lights with a white alcove. The end result will be a stunning modern space that exudes contemporary flair.

Guiding Light

Your porch lights will serve to direct you, your friends, and family towards the main entrance. In older homes or homes with unique layouts, you may have multiple doors on your front porch. By placing lights intentionally as wall sconces or a single pendant light, you can define what the primary entrance is and gently guide your guests into your home.

Simple Connections

If your home's architecture features recurring shapes or designs, your light can subtly incorporate similar elements to tie the space together. For example, this home features many linear lines in the windows and porch railings. It is only fitting that the light features a similar design that reinforces the overall aesthetic and subtly ties to the other elements.

Perfect Symmetry

Symmetry is a powerful tool with design. By using a central lantern light along with two wall sconces, this entryway comes across as very tidy and balanced. You may even choose to decorate your front porch with other accents like plants to further develop a symmetrical scheme and complement the other details of the porch.

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Cohesive Colors

One way to tie the light into the porch's overall aesthetic is to use similar colors. In the case of this simple porch, the light uses a black finish to complement the nearby door. However, your light can also introduce a new pop of color that coordinates with your other accents to break away from normal expectations.

Designated Spaces

Large front porches often host various areas for socializing, dining, or relaxing. If that's the case for your porch, look at this deck for inspiration. Each space is set apart from one another, and the dining space in particular is unique with its central pendant. Your lights can help define different areas and provide practical illumination for each space.

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Elevated Industrial

Even though industrial style is known for being a bit rough around the edges, this style can be elevated to produce clean modern lights. This industrial pendant light from Hammerton Studio honors the history of industrial lights with the simple shape and metallic finish, but it is elevated to convey a simple modern style.

Black on Black

Black and white is a stunning combination, but so is using black on black. This sleek outdoor porch has a black light fixed onto the wall. Even when the light is unlit, it adds natural dimension to the wall's design. This is improved on when the light is turned on and the warm glow contrasts against the cold black tones.

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Back to Classics

Lantern lights are classic fixtures that can complement any aesthetic. These lanterns present a transitional style with its lack of detailing and soft rounded shape to gently modernize the front porch. Whether you are looking to create a transitional vibe or something more modern, lantern lights are a great option for any home.

Breaking Tradition

Homes with predominantly traditional or classic architecture can still pair well with contemporary lights. This classy home uses simple rounded lights for the wall sconces and ceiling light to provide necessary lighting. Even though the lights themselves are more modern than classic, they still work well with the home thanks to their traditional placement and warm lighting temperatures.

Multiple Lights

Depending on the porch's size and uses, you may use multiple lights to illuminate the space. When you do, choose lights that work together through similar styles, shapes, motifs, and overall aesthetics. In the case of this porch, both the pendant light and outdoor wall sconce use lantern shapes and small warm lights to bounce well off one another.

Grand Design

The lighting fixture you choose for your front porch shows off style in many different ways. One important aspect to consider is the light's size. This front porch uses an oversized lantern light to complement the grand architecture and fill out the space. Consider what size light will balance your porch's size and furniture to create a statement.

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Like lantern lights, candelabra chandeliers and pendant lights are also incredibly versatile in their uses and diverse in their styles. Crystorama's Solaris Outdoor Sphere Chandelier is designed to create a sculptural, sphere-shaped cage that surrounds simple candles. Thanks to its simplicity, this light in particular is ideal for many different aesthetics and settings.

Highlighting Architecture

Whether your home is highly elegant or simply contemporary, your porch light can highlight the nearby architecture with its placement and design. This home in particular boasts a beautiful arched roofline and door. In order to not take away from those accents, the light is intentionally placed between the two. Intentional placement like this maximizes the porch's design by highlighting each unique element.

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Creating Balance

Your porch light should collaborate with your home's architecture and nearby detailing to create a cohesive and balanced style. Since this front door is so extravent with its framing and detailing, the porch pendant light presents a simpler aesthetic. This balance allows the viewer to appreciate every aspect of this elegant front porch.

Front porch hanging lights come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and styles to suit your needs. With the tips, tricks, and ideas listed above, you may now confidently choose the best front porch hanging lights for your home and create a welcoming space.


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