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25 of the best Front Porch Lighting Ideas

Your front porch offers the first impression of your home. It’s important to light your front door to guide guests safely, as well as to improve the curb appeal of your home. There are so many styles to choose from, including outdoor pendants, wall sconces and other fixtures in a variety of styles.

Lighting as Wayfinding

If your front porch or back porch is recessed and it’s hard to spot your front door from the street, consider installing a series of wall sconces. Here, one sconce is placed on the corner as a marker, and then once you round the corner there are two more flanking the front door. Lighting is a great tool in aiding in way finding.

Diffuse the Light

Architectural outdoor light fixtures seemingly become part of your home’s structure. These dark sky compliant wall sconces filter light to the sides to avoid unnecessary glare. The moody look is perfect for this dark gray home with a deep entrance.

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Try Farmhouse Style

Nothing says farmhouse style like a white metal exterior with black front doors and trim. Accessorize the look with farmhouse wall sconces in black to flank the front doors. Farmhouse style is clean, functional and classic—a great option for someone who doesn’t want stark modern or over traditional.

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Add Flair to Spanish Style

Play up your Spanish style home with architecturally appropriate outdoor light fixtures. These ornate wall sconces and pendant work perfectly with the style of the home, and coordinate with one another. Plants flanking the entrance add a pop of color.

Add Intrigue to Your Entrance

This tropical escape features cream-painted rustic stone walls and wood slats. If you have an all white or off-white entrance, try a single statement wall sconce in a black metal finish. This globe design stands out and adds intrigue.

Enhancing Mid Century Modern

If you are lucky enough to own a midcentury modern home, such as this one featuring a screened entrance and bright orange door, choose a wall sconce that enhances but doesn’t distract from the architecture. These simple sconces blend in to the proportions of the screen. At night they’ll cast shadows through the screen and onto the main facade.

Idea for a Chic Entry

Want a super chic front door? Paint it a glossy black and install new brass hardware—bonus points for a lion head knocker. Then select a coordinating pendant and wall sconce in black. Finally, later exterior door mats for an extra welcoming touch.

White Porch, Black Light

A white front porch stands out against a darker house, making the entry clear to guests. A simple hanging pendant in black ties in with the front door. Black and white looks crisp and clean for a front entry design.

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Traditional Lantern

Never underestimate the power of a single traditional black lantern. It will always be the symbol of home. Here the fixture integrates with a black glossy front door and etched glass.


Lights tying into the aesthetic of the wood beams is vital, but if the room incorporates numerous lighting types, it is important to have some stylistic overlap between all the lighting fixtures. In this case, the common element is rounded lamp shades and cream tones. Though each light has their own unique use of the color, lamp shade, and structure, they work together to create a cohesive and complementary design.

Add an Arch

A dramatically arched front porch automatically draws people to it. This elegant form is a natural entry marker. A coordinating arched wood front door and an elegant pendant fixture complete the look for a classic home.

Scale it Up

This cozy back porch features wood siding and rustic stone framing a seating area. Two lantern-style pendants provide plenty of ambiance for the seating area while marking the back entrance. Don’t be afraid to go larger scale fixtures to make a statement.

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Refresh a Dated Design

Looking to refresh your front porch? You can paint your outdated brick and invest in a modern pendant design. Cool tones like gray with black and white trim will feel fresh. An updated house number plaque will give your porch a new lease on life.

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Keep It Simple

Black is a classic choice for a front door, particularly when paired with a white frame. A single, simply designed sconce continues the clean lines. Front porch lighting doesn’t have to be complicated—sometimes once sconce is all you need.

Don't Over Illuminate

Dark sky compliant lighting involves lower wattage fixtures that cast light only where it’s needed. Here, two wall sconces and a single recessed light provide plenty of light to mark an entrance. At the same time, they aren’t overpowering to interfere with neighbors and wildlife.

Follow Proportions

If you have an ornate front door and detailed railing, a simple pendant is all you need to light the way. This elongated fixture complements the architecture, which features tall tapered columns. Let the proportions of your porch inform the scale of your light fixture.

Go Geometric

If you opt for a very modern looking front entrance, such as one with geometric doors and stark white finishes, choose modern wall sconces that complement the design. These rectangular sconces work well with the design of the front doors. They emit a soft glow that is inviting.

Inviting Entrance

Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes highlighted this home’s stunning entry with curved wood paneling that is illuminated by single pendant. A pendant is a great choice for a narrow yet deep front porch. The arched opening is homey and inviting.

Line It Up

This inviting entrance features a large expanse of glass and a brightly colored Japanese maple tree. An artful wall sconce provides plenty of light without detracting from the scene. The sconce is mounted between the heights of the door and the window—pay attention to architectural features when aligning your sconces.

Deck Lighting Idea

If you have an outdoor back deck with sliding doors, you’ll benefit from installing wall lighting. Here we see two traditional wall sconces in black that coordinate with the mullions and door trim. The fixtures double to highlight the entrance as well as provide lighting for enjoying the deck.

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Small Porch Idea

A traditional brick home with a small covered porch benefits from two traditional wall sconces flanking a front door. If your porch is on the smaller side, a pendant might not make much sense. Wall concessive on space but provide plenty of light.

Frame Within a Frame

This stately front porch is effortlessly welcoming. How can you recreate the look? Paint your front door black and update the hardware to brass. Frame the front door with two potted topiaries. Finally, select a coordinating pendant and wall sconces to frame the porch.

A New Angle

Accent your front door with angled wall sconces that direct light where it’s needed while avoiding glare. This modern design works well with modern homes, but can adapt a variety of styles. Soften any entrance with potted plants and textured pavers.

Light Up and Down

Wall sconces that project light both up and down will wash your exterior walls with light. Here, a series of wall sconces flank multiple entrances but keep a consistent style. This style of fixture reduces glare and highlights the architecture of your home.

We hope this collection of the best ideas for entryway lighting for your covered porch, back porch or outdoor deck has been helpful. The best modern fixtures are dark sky compliant and contribute to the character of your home. Take the time to research the best fixture for your entryway.


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