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25 of the best Porch Lighting Ideas

Your front porch is one of the first impressions made upon visitors to your home. A vibrant front door and planters can help highlight your home's entrance, but porch lighting is an important and often overlooked consideration. Read on for porch outdoor lighting ideas for your home.

Go With the Flow

For this elegant brick home with a deck overlooking the water, Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes opted for classic hanging wall sconces. The spacing of the openings made it challenging to frame the back entrance, so she placed an additional sconce on another wall. A lighting scheme doesn’t always have to be symmetrical to be successful.

Focus on View

Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design incorporated subtle walls sconces flanking an outdoor rustic fireplace. The focus here is on the view, the lights are only there to support the guest experience. Outdoor wall sconces can also be mounted on exterior columns to better distribute the light.

Flush with Light

Flush mount lights aren’t just for the indoors. If you have a low covered porch, these streamlined fixtures can be a great choice for lighting your outdoor seating area. The compact forms hug the ceiling plane, distributing light across the ceiling and below.

In the Spotlight

If you want an ultramodern effect, consider incorporating spotlights into overhanging eaves or the ceiling of a covered porch. The effect is clean and minimal, and provides plenty of light where you need it. Downlights can be incorporated into a variety of materials, including wood eaves and stucco.

Built-in Comfort

Industrial inspired pendants look right at home in a rustic outdoor covered porch. Built in banquette seating with throw pillows creates an inviting spot to enjoy coffee or a get together with friends. Pendant lights make for a more intimate setting and add scale to the space.

Maintaining Scale

For a double-height exterior porch, a chandelier-style pendant makes a strong statement. It can unify the space and help break up the scale. When paired with an outdoor fireplace, this modern pendant contributes to a cozy outdoor living area.

Your Home Is Your Castle

A classic chateaux-inspired design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes incorporates black metal lantern sconces that flank both the front door and the garage. Keeping your exterior porch lighting consistent can make your home feel more intentional and expensive. Good lighting contributes to curb appeal.

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Bring Outdoors In

This indoor porch features black slatted walls, making it feel cozy and enclosed. Hanging wall sconces frame the space and provide lighting for an intimate seating area. Touches of green and plants bring nature inside. Blending the indoors and outdoors can bring a sense of calm to your home.

Southern Living

A traditional front porch calls for period-appropriate lighting. These elegant pendants and sconces illuminate an outdoor seating area. A porch can serve as an extension to the interior of your home or even a commercial space, providing outdoor spaces for living and dining.

Tying It All Together

Farmhouse-style outdoor wall sconces blend in perfectly with the architecture of this home. If you have large windows, try matching the frames to your outdoor light fixtures. This can provide a welcome contrast while also creating consistency.

Modern Pendants

Modern pendants are a natural solution for lighting beneath an overhang. These versatile fixtures illuminate an outdoor living area and a lap pool equally well. A simple design can blend with the architecture of any home.

Stay Cool

If you live in a tropical environment such as the Bahamas, an outdoor ceiling fan is a great solution for your covered porch. A modern three-blade design in stainless steel works with many architectural styles. A ceiling fan with a light allows you to entertain day or night and keep your guests comfortable.

Farmhouse Charm

This farmhouse-style home features a drum pendant beneath the front porch. The design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes plays white surfaces against warm wood tones. Second-floor pendants suspended from exterior trim contribute to the charm.

Wood Meets Iron

These whimsical pendants and coordinating sconces feature interlocking circles that resemble bent wood. The fixtures coordinate with modern wicker chairs. Your porch lighting offers a great opportunity to coordinate with outdoor furnishings and the landscape beyond.

Geometry and View

This covered porch balances lines, curves and geometries with its fresh and inviting look. Two globe pendants illuminate the dining table, while twin fans with lights provide a back up. Yet all fixtures are subtle and neutral to keep the focus on the view, which is ideal for coastal environments.

Perfect Symmetry

This elegant home by Jill Shevlin Design comes alive at night with porch lighting. A lower arcade features a single stunning pendant, while the upper level covered porch is punctuated by three pendants of a similar style. Outdoor pendants lend traditional charm to this statement home.

Rustic Style

Simple industrial-style wall sconces blend in well with a rustic exterior brick wall. They provide warm light for an outdoor seating area while simultaneously marking an entrance. A set of stylish wall sconces is an excellent patio lighting idea that creates a welcoming ambience that allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces, day and night.

Coordinated Collection

Porch lights don’t need to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Mix coordinating pendants and wall sconces for a consistent look. Pendants provide light where you need it, such as above seating areas, while sconces wash the wall with light, creating the perfect mix for a covered porch.

Large Scale

Create a welcoming entrance to your home’s front porch with large-scale farmhouse-style wall sconces. These classic lanterns work well with traditional architecture and many other styles. Don’t be afraid to choose larger fixtures for your home, as they need to show up well from the street.

Architectural Details

Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes opted for traditional wall sconces for the porch of this Cape Cod-style home. A wood-stained ceiling for the porch adds additional warmth. The detailing of the open trim further emphasizes this prominent exterior area.

Add Visual interest

Lantern-like outdoor pendants perfectly complement this charming porch with painted wood ceilings, a rustic stone wall and cozy seating area. A larger scale fixture can add warmth and balance to your outdoor porch. The black metal fixtures provide a contrast to the other materials, adding visual interest.

Light the Way

When lighting a front porch access via a set of stairs, it’s important to illuminate the full sequence. A combination of post lights, wall sconces and spot lights can accomplish that. The main goal is to guide your guests safely up the stairs while also playing up the architecture of your home.

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Dual Purpose

If you live in a warm climate, an outdoor fan can be a great addition to your covered porch. Fans with lights serve dual purpose: creating a cool breeze while providing light where you need, such as above an outdoor dining table. Be sure you choose a fan that is rated for outdoor use.

Focus on the Form

Flush-mount spot lights are an elegant choice for a modern outdoor pool area. These lights illuminate the pool deck and outdoor porch area with minimal intrusion. The simple forms blend seamlessly with the architecture, keeping the focus on the form.

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Suprisingly Sophisticated

A cozy outdoor fireplace provides warmth and light, but outdoor porch lighting is still needed. Coordinating pendants and wall sconces in black metal contrast the white and neutral porch palette. Don’t be afraid to introduce contrast with your lighting selection; it can look surprisingly sophisticated.

Porch lighting is important for a variety of reasons: welcoming guests, guiding them safely to your front door and providing curb appeal for your home. There are a variety of styles from which to choose, including pendants, wall sconces and spot lights. Choose fixtures that accentuate the architecture of your home for a successful outdoor lighting scheme.


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