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20 of the best Modern Front Porch Lighting Ideas

There are a variety of options for lighting front porches, but if you want to achieve a modern look, you'll need to take the right approach. Your front porch is one the most noticeable parts of your home and makes the first impression. Read on for ideas to light your front porch and truly make your home shine.

Cozy Meets Modern

This cozy covered porch is lined with wood slats for a warm feel. At night, wall sconces will help illuminate the space for entertaining. The sconces feature a simple design that ties into the modern design of the home.

Curb Appeal 101

How can you make your modern front porch look its best from the street? Consider adding house numbers as well as a potted plant next to your door. Good porch lighting, of course, is essential: Here, a sleek wall sconce that matches the front door provides all the light needed.

Black and White Porch

A crisp white painted front porch automatically feels refreshing and inviting. Black detailing is the perfect complement to really make the white pop. Here we see a glossy black front door and black shutters to match, so black wall sconces were an easy choice for flanking the front door.

Classically Modern

A white facade and black front door are a classic combination that also feels very fresh and modern. Accentuate your front porch with a large pendant and wall sconces with black finishes to match. The look is timeless and balanced, and will look great for years to come.

Modern Take on Farmhouse

A simple outdoor pendant makes a modern interpretation of farmhouse style. The bronze finish perfectly complements a wood front door. Sometimes simplicity can be the best approach to modern porch design.

Incorporate Greenery

Greenery can add so much to your front porch. Two topiaries and flowering fines create a fairytale effect for this home. A large pendant and matching wall sconces fit perfectly with the whimsical look, and are anchored by a glossy black front door.

Follow the Curve

If you have arches or other curved architectural features as part of your front porch, consider adding a pendant with curving forms. This design features concentric circles of metal, allowing them to stand up to the elements. The fixture blends well with the curve of the front porch roof and the arched door.

Fall Vibes

Oversized lanterns will ensure that your guests can easily locate your front door. A trellis-style porch also helps to mark the entrance while keeping it light and bright. The cozy fall vibe cultivated here is rounded out with some orange mums in planters flanking the door.

Offsetting Neutrals

A wood front door automatically adds warmth to a home. Enhance that inviting look with a pair of modern wall sconces. These sconces are simple in form but feature a black metal frame that helps to define them and add a little something extra to this otherwise neutral front patio.

Nautical Details

A nautical pendant is the perfect complement to this elegant Cape Cod–style home featuring a shingled exterior and even a porthole-inspired window. The pendant’s curving cage picks up on the lines of the arched entryway portal and arched front door. The fixture is subtle and doesn’t try to steal the show.

Embrace Asymmetry

This charming front porch features steps lined with planted pots and a screened in seating area. Two modern wall sconces light the way. When you can’t mount the fixtures symmetrically, let the architecture of your home be your guide.

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Greenery and Light

Lush plantings can make your front porch that much more inviting. Planters flanking your front door are a good start, but also consider flower beds and taller trees near your porch. Coordinating wall sconces and pendants contributing to the welcoming feel.

Respect the Focal Point

If you have an intricate front door, like this one surrounded by classic columns and featuring decorative glass sidelights, then you’ll want to keep your front porch lighting simple. This elegant pendant doesn’t take away from the focus, while providing plenty of light to welcome guests.

Coastal Modern

A generous covered modern porch gives off coastal vibes. Adding to this laid back, contemporary feeling are angled wall sconces flanking the door. These sconces project light where it’s needed while looking sleek and unexpected.

Trellis by Day

A trellis-covered porch provides a sense of enclosure while permitting sunlight during the day. At night, outdoor light fixtures are needed. These cylindrical wall sconces cast light both up and down the facades, guiding the way to the entrance.

Emphasize Verticality

Up/down wall sconces complement this modern front porch design. A single recessed spotlight illuminates the door. The sconces pick up on the verticality of the doors’ sidelights, all while casting light up and down along the white facade.

Highlighting Layers

This modern front patio layers a variety of textures, from concrete walls to wood and metal siding. Wall sconces are used to highlight these textures while they mark the entrance. The same simple modern fixtures are mounted on the concrete wall as well as flanking the front door.

Contrasting Styles

Traditional wood doors off of a porch are beautifully contrasted by this stunningly modern wall sconce. The unexposed pairing truly makes a first impression to remember. Just because your home isn’t modern doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with a modern outdoor light fixture.

Horizontal vs. Vertical

This modern front porch features an engaging play between vertical and horizontal. The wood slat path, windows in the front door and siding and roofline above emphasize the horizontal, while the columns with wall sconces and high windows play up the vertical. The sconces cast light both up and down for a more dramatic effect.

A front porch is a place for warm hellos, emotional goodbyes and even first kisses—it can serve as the stage for our lives. Good lighting is just as key for your front porch as for a theatrical production. We hope these ideas help you choose the best fixtures for your home.


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