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9 of the best Outdoor Bar Lighting Ideas

Outdoor bars are wonderful spaces to enjoy friendship, fellowship, and food. Whether you have a bahamas inspired bar or are looking to create something sleek and modern, the lights that you incorporate in your backyard bar are instrumental in setting the tone and defining your style. There are many lighting possibilities out there, which is why we've analyzed some of our favorite bar lighting setups and shared some guidance to help you create your perfect bar.

Artistic Liberties

Contemporary outdoor pendant lights tend to highlight artistic features through their unconventional structures and materials. The Drusa pendant lights shown at this bar create a stunning artistic statement, especially against the abstract backsplash. If you enjoy bold, contemporary style and using functional art, don't be afraid to make daring design choices with your lights and nearby accents.

Table Lamps

The lights that you place on the table or bar itself are instrumental in providing practical lighting and ambiance. Portable table lamps are ideally suited for these spaces, since they can be moved to create more surface area or shifted slightly to accommodate your dinner guests.

Expansive Style

Running lights all the way across your bar is a great way to provide essential lighting, create ambiance, and set the tone for the entire space. You can choose several pendants and space them out to dress up a bar, or you can use linear rectangular pendant lights in succession to create a bold statement.


If your tiki bar, mini bar, or general serving island is next to essential counters and sinks, then it is wise to include both ambient and task lighting in that space. As shown in this bar, direct ceiling lights can be paired with recessed ceiling lights to create a bar that is practical, well lit, and supremely stylish.

Comfortable Living

Outdoor bars, whether they're located in the backyard or on a patio, can get warm and stuffy with the summer's high temperatures and humidity. That is why adding an outdoor ceiling fan to your bar can help create a more comfortable, functional space. Plus, outdoor ceiling fans come in many different styles, sizes, and capabilities, so you can find one perfectly suited to your bar's aesthetic and layout.


This coastal bar fits into the seaside perfectly with its glass fencing and crystal pendant lights. If you are looking to create a coastal style, consider using glass, crystal, or other materials intentionally in your lights to reinforce the overarching style. Even if your style is not coastal, intentionally choosing your lights' materials will help you establish your desired tone and style.

Superior Styling

Using your lights' finishes, colors, and shapes throughout the bar at large is a magnificent way to create a stylish space. The pendant lights above this bar use rounded shapes to complement the barstools, but the metallic copper in the lights also ties to the chairs and the wood panelling. Not only do these elements tie together, but the black of the lights connects to the countertop and dark beams. When you are creating your style, look at your lights as an opportunity to capture the room's design aesthetic and color palette.

Creating Cohesion

Matching metals throughout a space can tie it together visually and stylistically. The Solaris Outdoor Sphere Chandelier displayed in this space may not pair with any other lights in this space, but it does use similar metals to the sink's faucet, chairs, and door hardware. Though these details are small, connecting your light's design to these accents is instrumental in creating a cohesive space.

Serene Style

Lights can be a subtle part of the bar's design or create a bold style. The two wall sconces displayed next to this bar naturally fit into the wall's colors and create subtle light, which works well in allowing those in the seats to enjoy the a more serene, laid-back bar.

Outdoor bar lighting is a huge part in creating a practical yet beautiful outdoor space. Bars themselves are incredibly vast in their style possibilities, which means you can create a commercial or personal bar that is modern, industrial, traditional, tropical, or another style. Whether your bar is small and intimate or the location of big parties, you can create your ideal outdoor bar with the perfect balance of lights and style.


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