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25 of the best Covered Patio Lighting Ideas

The best covered patio lighting ideas can make your home feel safer and more inviting. Covered lighting solutions can improve your home’s curb appeal and make your guests feel more welcome. Read on to learn about the best fixture types to illuminate your home’s porch.

Build in Flexibility

Sublime Homes used a combination of linear pendants, spot lights and outdoor fans to make this outdoor kitchen/dining/living area combo both functional and comfortable year round. Providing layers of light from multiple fixture types lends flexibility to outdoor spaces. Lighting a covered porch isn’t all that different than lighting the interior of your home.

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Sense of Privacy

This partially enclosed outdoor kitchen and living area benefits from a fan with integrated lighting. Additional recessed downlights deliver light where needed. Translucent screens provide a sense of privacy and allow the space to be opened or closed to the outdoors.

Go for Green

Set your covered outdoor patio apart by planting lots of greenery. Make the most of the setting by including climbing vines and tropical plants that make the space feel like a great escape. A small outdoor table and a black outdoor pendant fixture provide a cozy area to enjoy a drink.

Black and White

MC Design opted for a black covered porch with white trim for a crisp look. A series of spotlights and pendants keeps the focus on the dining table and outdoor kitchen area. Guests can enjoy a meal al fresco with plenty of light directed where it’s needed.

Rustic Meets Modern

An outdoor porch with a cathedral ceiling and skylights creates a dramatic effect. Here the focus is on the outdoor fireplace. A modern wall sconce emphasizes the symmetry for the space and creates a focus point that enhances the architecture.

Festive Ambiance

Rebecca Olson White set the scene for a night of entertaining with the design of this covered porch and patio. Spot lights extend from the interior living spaces to the outdoor area of the porch, providing a modern and consistent look. String lights connect between umbrellas that shield an outdoor fire pit, lending a festive ambiance.

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Warm Wood Touches

Exposed stained wood beams add warmth to an outdoor covered porch. Contrasting the dark ceilings are white-washed brick walls. Enhancing the classic architecture are two hanging metal pendants with slightly flared forms. These fixture types offer lots of flexibility when it comes to laying out your outdoor space for entertaining.

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Efficient Combination

A projecting balcony can define a small outdoor covered porch. An efficient lighting solution is an outdoor fan with integrated lighting. It provides light as needed as well as air movement to create a comfortable outdoor dining space.

Backyard Getaway

Designs by Human created a quiet getaway in this private backyard utilizing a wood-slat covered porch. The design extends to the side walls of the space. Wall sconces adorn the wood-slat walls, and an outdoor floor lamp sets an intimate seating area.

Modern Wall Sconces

Modern wall sconces can be placed on columns or other locations as part of a covered porch. This ultramodern fixture emits clean natural light that doesn’t detract from the architecture. A series of spot lights beneath the porch provides focused lighting as needed.

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Outdoor Living

Shades of Gray Design opted for pops of blue and green in this cozy outdoor living area protected by a covered porch. An outdoor rug, artwork, and plush pillows are indoor-like touches that make the space feel homey. An outdoor fan provides a cool breeze to keep guests comfortable.

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Al Fresco Dining

This elegant outdoor dining area under a covered porch features a black drum pendant with gold lining. It coordinates with the single wall sconce that has a similar style that is sleek and refined. The black fixtures stand out in the otherwise neutral space, which features white wood siding and natural stone tile flooring.

A Work of Art

A modern outdoor covered patio features exposed wood beams atop a steel framework. By contrast, sculptural seating and light fixtures takes cues from the natural setting. Coordinating pendants and wall sconces pick up design details in the modern chairs beneath.

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Elegant Ambiance

Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den Interiors combined a series of staggered pendants above a dining table in this covered porch space. Though the porch receives ample light during the day, the pendants add a warm ambient glow in the evening that allows the homeowner to host element outdoor dinners.

Wall Sconces and Columns

An open trellis defines this outdoor covered pergola, which enjoys views into the trees. Pill-shaped wall sconces cast light both up and down, and string lights are suspended from the canopy. Wall sconces are an excellent choice to light columns as an architectural feature of an outdoor living area.

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Make a Statement

An abstract pendant can make a statement within an outdoor covered porch. This abstract design features exposed bulbs and an open framework that doesn’t distract from the view. The modern style complements the architecture of the home and defines a cozy outdoor living area.

Large-scale Pendant

This large-scale pendant is an excellent choice for an outdoor covered patio space. Its heavy metal frame stands up to the elements, while the bulbs are concealed by candle-like glass elements. The fixture creates a cozy central focus for an outdoor living area.

Sleek Fixtures

This modern home features an overhang that forms a covered porch over the pool deck. Simple downlights work well with the home’s architecture and make the upper volume appear to float at night. Sleek, modern fixtures such as these are an excellent choice for a modern geometrical home.

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Cozy Escape

Warm materials like brick and wood can make your outdoor patio feel cozy. A rustic-style ceiling fan coordinates nicely with the set up without distracting from the view. This porch frames an outdoor water feature and fireplace, making for a cozy escape.

Double-height Patios

A double-height outdoor patio calls for a dramatic pendant fixture. Choose a fixture with a down rod that allows the fixture to hang at the right height within the space. This helps mitigate the scale and define a cozy outdoor seating area.

Breezy Dining

Pamela Hope Designs accented this white covered porch with an outdoor fan with integrated lighting as well as spotlights. The space accommodates a dining table and outdoor kitchen, so having a fan is a big plus. Spotlights help you control where and when light is evenly distributed.

Poolside Dining

This poolside covered patio features a modern outdoor dining table and sculptural chairs. Round outdoor pendants and a striped rug anchor the set up. Outdoor ceiling fans with integrated lighting help keep the space cool and comfortable.

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Rough and Rustic

Contrast a rustic covered porch with sleek drum-shaped pendant fixtures. These pendants feature a heavy black metal frame that can easily endure the elements as well as pebbled glass that picks up on the texture of the rough stone wall. A wood-clad ceiling adds warmth to this outdoor space for entertaining.

Lighting a Dining Table

Lantern-style pendants are an excellent choice for lighting an outdoor dining table. For a rectangular table, two pendants are often better than one so you can be sure to evenly illuminate the table top. Choose a style that complements the architecture of your home and covered porch, just as these traditional fixtures work with the New England ambience of this home.

Symmetrical Approach

Jill Shevlin Design used a series of elegant pendants to light the covered porches of this palatial estate. The composition of the facade is symmetrical, so using identical, symmetrical lights was a must. Enhance the architecture of your home by choosing fixtures that best complement it.

There are a range of fixture types that work well for covered patios. These include wall sconces, pendants and flush mount fixtures. One or more of these fixture types work well in combination. We hope these covered patio lighting ideas will help you light your home.


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