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15 of the best Outdoor Gazebo Lighting Ideas

Gazebos are beautiful outdoor getaways that exude comfort. While the furniture and accents you use in the space have a big impact on the overall style and tone, your lighting fixtures also impact those areas and improve the functionality of the space. To help you choose how and where to use lights in your gazebo, we've created a list of outdoor gazebo lighting ideas, tips, and tricks.

Elevated Design

Gazebos with vaulted or tall ceilings can easily be accented with outdoor pendant lights, chandeliers, or ceiling fans. In general, these fixtures typically take up the top third of the room's overall height. With that setup, your light will naturally draw the eye upward, highlight the architecture, and serve as a bridge between the ceiling and the room's furniture.

Masterful Details

Modern gazebos often feature clean, linear lines throughout their furniture, walls, and details. Your lights can fit into that scheme through similar structures or break the mold. This space chose to do both by using linear lights, but the lights are rotated to present vertical lines as opposed to horizontal. You can recreate this design in your space or find another masterful ways to use shapes and structures in unique ways.


Rustic gazebos and porticos can be complemented by many different style lights. In this scenario, the rustic gazebo is furnished with modern outdoor black pendant lights with warm metallic detailing. The black in the lights ties back to the dark wood knots of the wood while the warm gold reinforces the warm tone of the wood. Highlighting the gazebo's secondary tone/color as the main color of the lighting fixtures is a great way to style any space, rustic or contemporary.

Simple Solutions

If you are struggling to choose fixtures for your gazebo, consider using lights from the same collection or designer. The pendant light and wall sconce shown here are both from Capital Lighting's Marshall Collection, so they are intentionally designed to work together. However, you can also choose lights from different collections or different designers to convey your unique aesthetic.

Diverse Design

If your gazebo features a lot of rigid, clean cut lines, consider using a softer outdoor chandelier or pendant light in the middle of the space. In this example, the pendant light features a round frame and soft candles, which adds a new shape to this highly linear gazebo. However, the inverse is true as well: instead of softening the scheme, you can choose to double-down on that style by using a rigid, modern chandelier.

Statement Pieces

Outdoor wall sconces and other outdoor lighting fixtures can easily serve as works of art with their different structures, detailing, and finishes. The modern sconces shown here feature bold geometric shapes to convey a contemporary tone and style. No matter what style you fall into, you can find outdoor wall sconces that serve as bold works of art or subtle details in your gazebo.

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Comfort and Style

When designing your gazebo, it is essential to consider both comfort and style. An outdoor ceiling fan can help you optimize your backyard by providing essential airflow and lighting while still conveying your personal style. Outdoor ceiling fans come in many different shapes, sizes, and finishes, so you can easily choose a fan that suits your unique style.

Multiple Lights

There is no set rule stating that you must use one central chandelier or pendant light in the middle of your gazebo. This simple transitional gazebo shows just how effective two lights are in brightening a wider area and highlighting the structural details of the ceiling. While this space very intentionally balances the two lights at the same height and a fair distance from one another, more contemporary gazebos may layer multiple pendant lights at different heights to create a modern work of art.

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Additional Lighting

Many gazebos, patios, and other indoor/outdoor spaces have multiple lighting fixtures to illuminate the room. Whether you are using a chandelier, ceiling fan, or pendant light as the main fixture, you can incorporated recessed lights into the ceiling as well. These lights are applicable to any interior design style, so they are well suited to accent your personal gazebo.

Island Pendants

In gazebos with kitchens, you can accent the countertops in many ways. This rustic transitional gazebo uses three pendant lights equally spaced over the island's countertops to illuminate that space for food prep and add style for the seating area. When using pendant lights, consider their spacing in relation to one another, the chairs, and your prep space to ensure they balance the room and serve their practical purposes.

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Classic Style

Candelabra chandeliers are popular lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor settings. Many may be traditional with their use of candles and rounded arms, but hundreds upon hundreds of modern candelabras exist as well. Modern, contemporary, coastal, and other styles all have their own versions of candelabra chandeliers, so you can find a fixture that suits your gazebo's style and lighting needs.

Wall Sconces Without The Walls

Even if your gazebo has posts instead of solid walls, you can use wall sconces in that space. To tie the space together, consider using wall sconces that fit the overall style of the gazebo and have some similar colors to either the posts or the nearby accents. These connections are essential for creating a cohesive gazebo.

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In a similar vein, different lighting fixtures can each define separate areas of the same room. This beautiful gazebo uses a chandelier above the dining table and a fan over the small seating space. When using lights over different spaces, they should have some stylistic similarities to create a cohesive style for the entire gazebo. It is also wise to not have the fixtures too close to one another so that each area feels distinct and the lights do not compete with one another.

Intentional Design

Gazebos with highly scenic, gorgeous views often use minimalist lighting fixtures throughout their space. The primary reason for this is that highly detailed, ornate fixtures may draw attention away from nature's beauty. You may still choose lighting fixtures that are stylish and fitting for your overall design, but be sure that your fixtures never draw attention away from your primary focal points.

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Finding Balance

Large gazebos will likely need multiple lights to illuminate the space and make it practical. You can use different types of lights and fixtures throughout the large space to define distinct areas or fit the space as a whole. This modern gazebo uses two pendant lights to set the dining room apart while the ceiling fans balance with the overall size of the gazebo. Having one area distinctly set apart with lighting fixtures and the rest of the room balanced with other fixtures can help create a unified gazebo while still having a well defined dining space or seating area.

When you intentionally choose lighting fixtures for your gazebo, you positively impact the space's practicality, style, and tone. With the 15 outdoor gazebo lighting ideas listed above, you now have the inspiration and knowledge to choose the best lighting fixtures for your personal gazebo.


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