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25 of the best Small Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Small dining rooms can be a challenge to design, since you don't want the space to feel any smaller than it actually is. One of the biggest facets in helping your room feel larger is how well lit it is. Dining room chandeliers, pendant lights, and other fixtures can all brighten the room and create the illusion of more space. Along with that, these lights are ideal for any interior design style. Continue on for small dining room lighting ideas, tips, and tricks.

Airy Design

Whether your small dining room is its own room or shares a common space with a living room, your lighting fixture can help establish a light and airy tone. This tone comes through in light colors, warm metals, and facets like crystal or glass. Light fixtures like these are perfectly suited to create an airy aesthetic and make the space feel larger.

Cascading Beauty

Cascading chandeliers have a natural beauty to them. With its flowing design and materials, the light is highly textured and presents a larger focal point. Many of these lights are crafted using crystals, resin, or glass to convey an elegant tone, but other materials are available as well to help you customize your small dining room.

Youthful Flair

The Alyssa Chandelier from Mitzi is a favorite when it comes to creating classy and vibrant spaces. This light perfectly scales to a small dining room and presents a unique design with its floral bowls. Whether your room is highly youthful or you want a subtle touch of whimsy, this light is a great example of how lights can impact the room's tone.

Balancing Complexity

As wallpaper and intricate patterns become more popular again, you may be wondering what sort lighting fixture to use in busy spaces. While you can certainly choose an extravagant contemporary light, you can also go back to classics with a simple, minimally detailed light. This will allow the other elements of the room to shine as the main points of interest.

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Your small dining room chandelier can complement other patterns, shapes, and designs in the room. This small modern light has close similarities to the pattern in particular, but the linear structure also mimics some elements of the window valances. This goes a long way in subtly connecting the room's overarching design.


Even if your small dining room does connect to a nearby space, you do not have to use matching finishes or metals across both spaces. As long as each area conveys a similar tone (like warm or cold), you can join the spaces together and set the dining room apart with unique metallic finishes and lights.

Grand Elegance

Ornately detailed candelabra chandeliers are ideal for adding sophistication to any dining room. While this home features grand elegance in every aspect of the room, you can similarly use this light in more transitional or modern spaces to elevate the room's style.

Perfect Placement

The lighting fixture you choose obviously has a big impact on the dining room's aesthetic, but so does the placement of the light. This room takes a unique approach on placing the light lower and closer to the table. This provides more personal, bright lighting for those at the table and makes a bold design statement.

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Elevating Height

Your dining room may take up a small space, but if you are blessed with a tall ceiling, draw attention to that height. By placing a sputnik chandelier at a taller height, you naturally draw the eye upwards and towards the room's full height. This dimension will help you ignore the smaller footprint of your dining room.

Classic Contemporary

It's a common misconception that traditional and contemporary styles don't mix well. Well, this light proves just how wrong that statement is. With straight lines, curves, and classic shades, this light perfectly blends a traditional design with modern simplicity. Let this light serve as inspiration and an example of how even the most opposite styles can be combined.

Cozy Coastal

Blue is a common color used in coastal style homes. Whether your dining room is coastal or another style, you can choose a blue chandelier to complement other shades throughout the room. The common tone and similar uses of blue will establish your room as masterfully designed and completely coastal.

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If your dining room table shares the same space as a kitchen or living room, you dining room light can exude the same style as nearby lighting fixtures. This may mean that you use the same light in a different size or placement, or you may choose a light that simply highlights similar features. In any case, complementary lighting fixtures do a great job rounding out your unique style.

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Wonderful Symmetry

Symmetry is a powerful tool with any room. Many rooms feature symmetry through architectural features, windows, walls, and the placement of furniture. If you want to create a very classic layout in your dining room, center your light directly above the table and in line with other features like this room does.


A grand, oversized chandelier can be the perfect accent for a basic dining room table. Since the fixture isn't to scale with other nearby elements of the room, it will stand out as an intentional focal point and design moment.


Many designers try to make small dining rooms feel larger than they actually are. Light colors and textures are two ways to create that effect, but your lighting fixture(s) also have a great impact. Consider how your chandelier uses different bulb sizes, numbers of lights, and lighting temperatures to brighten your room and make the space feel larger.

Daring Design

Light and airy spaces rarely include dark accents, since you don't want anything to negate the room's bright tone. Even so, it's worth considering a dark accent to stand out in the room's grand scheme. This chandelier from Regina Avery masterfully uses navy blue tassels to add dimension and color to any room. Lights come in all sorts of colors and tones, so dare to go dark with your room's central light.

Classic Candles

Candles and lights that use them automatically have an air of class and dignity. Candle and candelabra lights are designed so that they fit into a variety of interior design styles. The light shown here leans into more modern aesthetics with its unconventional cage and limited detailing. This one light shows the potential that is found in lights with candles.

Balancing Simplicity

Many of today's modern and contemporary homes have limited accents and detailing to create minimalist spaces. Like this dining room, you may have very basic furniture and architecture. You can easily choose a light that fits into that stark minimalism or choose a light that makes more of an artistic impression. As this room shows, artistic contemporary chandeliers can make a beautiful focal point for simple dining rooms.

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Tiers of Design

Tiered chandeliers make quite the statement. With their larger structures and sprawling designs, these lights are well suited to accent rectangular tables like the one shown here. Since the light hangs over the table, there's no need to worry about anyone bumping their head into the lower lighting fixture. This is why tiered lights like these are frequently used over dining room tables in small and large dining spaces.

Traditional Aesthetic

Bowl chandeliers are a great fit for more traditional or vintage homes. However, these lights are anything but weary and worn. Instead, transitional bowl lights use modern materials, finishes, and levels of detailing to suit today's homes.

Soft Statements

In general, shapes with rounded edges create a softer tone than rigid rectangular shapes. Dining room lights fall into that principle as well. Lights that are perfectly round like this can convey that tone, but so can other traditional lights with swirls and curling lines.

Lighting Scheme

When choosing a light to go above your dining room table, it's important to consider the rest of the room's lighting scheme. Some rooms, like this one, will feature recessed ceiling lights or gallery lights to accent nearby artwork or furniture. In these cases, look at all the lights in the room to determine lighting size, temperature, placement, and style.

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A Perfect Match

Having similar lighting fixtures in common spaces is a great way to create a cohesive style, but so is using recurring colors and finishes. This modern space heavily uses gold and black throughout the dining room and living room alike. Since these finishes are used in so many different areas and in unique ways, this room is interesting at every angle.

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Linear Lights

Chandeliers that use light rods are a great fit for small dining rooms. The lights may take up a larger footprint, but since there is so much empty space between each of the rods, the light doesn't feel clunky or overbearing.

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Today's dining room lights are designed by highly qualified artists and designers. This means that lights often take on a new life and show off artistic features with finishes, colors, and structures. Like this light, you may see various glass bulbs and unique structures. Contemporary ceiling lights are incredibly versatile with different designs, so you can choose an artistic light that accents your unique aesthetic.

Small dining rooms can be a place for cozy conversation and great fellowship. The lights you use in these spaces can provide necessary general lighting along with ambience and great style. With the 25 small dining room ideas, examples, and tips detailed above, you can now create your ideal dining space.


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