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Small Space, Big Glow: 25 Lighting Ideas to Enliven Your Living Room

Have a small living room space? Think of it as a design challenge. The way you decorate the space can make a huge difference, especially the lighting fixtures that you choose. Read on to learn the best lighting solutions for small living rooms.

Bold Color

Pamela Hope Designs infused this small living area with bold color. Teal blue book shelves coordinate with a teal sofa and colorful art. A traditional floor lamp with a white cylindrical shade adds light were needed without competing with this stunning design.

Bold Statement

This retro living space benefits from period details including a starburst clock and sputnik-inspired pendant light fixture. Bold gold and orange tones in painted patterns dominate the space, making it feel larger than life. Don’t be afraid of making a big statement within a smaller living area.

Neutral Tones

White walls and neutral tones and textures are a failsafe formula for smaller living areas. This living space feels stately and elegant with a modern semi flush pendant fixture, traditional patterned rug and soothing artwork. Ample daylight makes the space feel larger.

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Mantel Sconces

A brightly tiled fireplace becomes the focal point if this cozy small living room. A brightly textured rug and ottoman both coordinate and contrast the look. An abstract painting above the mantel is flanked by two traditional-style wall sconces.

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Pink Power

A whimsical pink pendant becomes the focal point of this modern small living space. Neutral colors and minimal accents allow the eye-catching fixture to take center stage. Try hanging a pendant above your coffee table near the center of your living area.

Bring Nature Indoors

Natural colors and textures not only make a living area feel like a relaxing retreat but also can help the space feel larger. A waterfall print and sofa upholstered in green fabric are combined with a wood clad wall. A timeless pendant hangs above the coffee table and anchors the space.

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Winning Formula

A successful formula for a beautiful small living room design? Go with a neutral backdrop of white or cream walls and sofa, and then add some color and texture in the form of textiles and lighting. This teal beaded round pendant adds both charm and light to the space.

Visual Lightness

High ceilings and tall windows can help a small living area feel much larger than it actually is. The same goes for over-scale artworks and light fixtures. This dramatic combination of pendants, each made of sculptural blown glass, creates a focal point for the space and draws the eye upwards while maintaining visual lightness.

Design for Entertaining

MC Design created a cozy living area that combines sculptures, artworks and plenty of seating for entertaining. The color palette is neutral and the lighting scheme is geared towards ambience. A living room table lamp featuring a rectangular shade adds a tailored touch, while a grouping of pillar candles on the coffee table brings warmth.

Draw the Eye Up

Vantage Design Studio combined a modern floor lamp with a fiddle leaf fig plant to add height to a small living room area. Drawing the eye upward is a great strategy to make a smaller space feel more expansive. An otherwise neutral backdrop infused with some subtle color and texture further enhances the feeling.

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Burgundy and Gold

Grey Joyner Interiors combined burgundy and gold in this opulent living room interior. Glossy burgundy walls add drama, and gold accents bring sophistication and tie the space together. A glass flush mount ceiling light offers a play on the sputnik style and casts an interesting pattern on the ceiling.

In the Details

Wood wall trim adds an elegant detail to this small living room. Circular pendant fixtures draw the eye up and make the space feel higher. Black fixtures add a refined contrast to the space and coordinate with other details such as the stair railing.

Soothing Respite

Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den Interiors created a coastal vibe in this bright and airy living room. Blue and green accents are soothing and make for a calming respite. An overhead pendant is subtle and refined and ties the space together.

Blue and Brown

Mindy Laven combined blue and brown tones in this eclectic small living area. Two coordinating works of art become a focal point, and a large rug and ottomans lend texture. A floor lamp with a wood base fits naturally within the decor scheme.

Disappearing Act

Kelly Taylor Interior Design went for bright and modern in this waterfront residence. A natural stone fireplace becomes a cozy focal point of the small but open living area. Square-trimmed recessed lights nearly disappear into the ceiling plane.

Look Up

Patricia Davis Brown Designs kept the focus on the ceiling plane in this neutral and natural living area. Exposed wood beams draw the eye upward and toward the expansive windows and view outdoors. Perimeter recessed fixtures combine with table lamps for a soft lighting scheme.

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Tide Is High

If you live in a warm climate, a ceiling fan can be a great addition to your small living area. This industrial-style fan allows you to aim air flow where needed. Cream and teal accents provide a soothing vibe, and floor-to-ceiling curtains add height to the space.

Low Ceiling Ideas

This small living room looks much larger than it is thanks to ample natural light, white surfaces, neutral tones and plenty of plants. A flush-mount ceiling fixture is a perfect choice for the low-ceilinged space. Featuring a clean design with brass details, the fixture adds a touch of elegance.

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Timeless and Elegant

This traditional living room by Elizabeth Ryan Interiors features a natural stone fireplace surround, a subtly colored and patterned rug and otherwise neutral tones. Sculptural table lamps add a polished feel, and a ceiling pendant features miniature lamp shades that coordinate. A timeless and elegant look is always a great choice for a smaller living room interior.

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Midcentury Style

Nadia Watts Interior Design created a midcentury inspired living room with a sloped ceiling. Abstract art, plants and jewel-toned accents make the space feel inviting. A mid century modern pendant light casts light where needed and works with the slope of the ceiling.

Black and Cream

Sublime Homes combined black and cream in this sharp small living area. A black-painted wall and fireplace mantel create a bold backdrop. A coordinating black-and-brass pendant and table lamp provide soft lighting within the space.

Slope the Ceiling

Davis Interiors took advantage of a sloped ceiling plane to make this small living room appear larger. A black midcentury pendant fixture made to hang from a sloped ceiling becomes a focal point. Light and neutral finishes make the space feel more expansive.

Focal Point

This sculptural pendant occupies a small living room by kelldesigns. Supported by recessed lights, the pendant becomes the focal point of the space. The rest of the room is very neutral in shades of gray, cream and blue. This design approach draws the eye up and out towards the view.

Try a Floor Lamp

Shades of Gray Design Studio used an silver arced floor lamp to draw together a cozy seating area in this neutral living room. This midcentury modern inspired fixture combines with a ceiling fan and table lamp within the small living area. A textured rug and greenery ground the space.

Flower Power

Kristina Phillips Interior Design used mostly neutral tones in this small living room. Light gray walls, cream accents and dark gray guest chairs make the space feel open yet refined. Pink accents make the space feel inviting, and a floral lamp shade adds a touch of whimsy.

While lighting a small living room is challenging, there are many options for both fixtures and styles. The way you choose to light the space can make it feel much brighter and larger. A small space doesn’t mean you have a skimp on style!


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