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15 of the best Floor Lamp Ideas For Living Room

Floor lamps are a must to brighten up the dark corners of your living room. They can provide task lighting, ambient lighting or just general overall lighting. There are many styles of modern floor lamps available to suit your home’s interior.

Complement the Architecture

A wood-slat ceiling only needs some recessed overhead lights. For task lighting, an arc floor lamp is the best option. This version cantilevers out to deliver light where it’s needed. Its modern design works with the space.

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Abstract Approach

Mindy Laven used an abstract diptych to take center stage in this organic living space. Recessed lights between wood beams are all that’s needed from the ceiling plane. A simple floor lamp and coordinating table lamp fill in the lighting scheme.

Supplementary lighting

Kristina Phillips Interior Design opted for a sculptural metal overhead fixture that coordinates with brass window treatments. Soft textures and colors round out the living room design. A simple drum floor lamp with a shade adds extra light where needed.


This dainty floor lamp design works well with traditional and transitional living areas. Try choosing a traditional lamp in muted tones that coordinate with your interior colors. A classic drum shade is soft and always a good option for evenly distributing light.

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Abstract Design

This airy loft calls for a particularly sculptural floor lamp. It enjoys plenty of daylight through age windows so supplementary light is mainly decorative or task lighting at night This abstract fixture catches the eye.

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Supporting Player

When you have a show-stopping pendant, such as this metal-frame gem, the rest of the lighting should stay backstage. This simple black floor lamp provides task lighting needed for the sofa. At the same time it coordinates with the pendant, making for a cohesive lighting scheme.

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Luminous Lamp

This unique lamp blends right into the architecture with diffused, patterned shades. The effect is soft and luminous and creates a play of light and shadows. A light can be much more than a light—it can define space and set the mood.

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Scale Your Lighting

Tripod floor lamps are elegant in their simplistic forms. This version with a white drum shade is timeless and works with a variety of decors. Scale your lamp to the size and heigh of your living space.

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Echo the Architecture

This striking wood floor lamp features an angled arm. It plays perfectly off of the architecture of this living area, which features wood beams. The scale of the fixture works in the double-height space, while the drum pendant softly diffuses the light.

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Let the Ceiling Shine

This living room has such statement wood ceiling that overhead lighting would ruin the effect. Add in a simple floor lamp with a drum shade and tripod supports and the space feels complete. If your living area has a strong architectural feature on the ceiling, opt for a floor lamp.

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Adaptable Style

This classic floor lamp works with a variety of decors. The beaded wood bases warm, and the white drum shade always feels fresh. Try this style with traditional, transitional, bohemian and mid century modern decors.

Lamp as Art

Floor lamps can disappear or they can make a major statement. This shapely design commands attention, even though its tones are neutral. Make your floor lamp into a piece of art!

Functional Design

This cozy living room features soft textiles and ceiling-high drapes that make the space feel larger. Lighting takes a backseat in terms of visual effect but is still very important. The simple, minimal LED floor lamp doesn’t detract from the design but provides much-needed lighting.

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Arc It

This arced floor lamp with marble base artfully mimics the form of the arch-shaped windows in this double-height living room. This style of floor lamp is timeless and works with a rarity of decor styles. You can position the lamp to deliver light where it’s needed.

Blend In

Your floor lamp doesn’t have to take center stage in your living room; it can blend in as a backdrop. Here this frosted-glass white floor lamp blends into the white wall paneling. The rest of the space features neutral tones for a laid back vibe.

We hope these living room floor lamp ideas have helped you select the right fixture for your space. Floor lamps are a versatile and affordable option for lighting your most-used room. They are super easy to install as it’s only a matter of plugging in, and you can move them around to suit your evolving needs.


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