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25 of the best Living Room Chandelier Ideas

Living room chandeliers are a great addition to the room as they serve the practical purpose of illuminating the space and further the room's style at the same time. However, choosing one for your personal living room may be overwhelming because of how many styles exist, different chandelier sizes, lighting configurations, and other aspects that are available. That is why we have compiled some of our favorite living room chandeliers and created a guide on styling living room chandeliers in a variety of homes.

Masterful Monochrome

Monochromatic rooms are anything but dull when they intentionally use black and white in various shades, textures, and mediums. The incorporation of this chandelier not only furthers that color scheme, but also adds a new texture/appearance to those colors. Whatever scheme your living room showcases, use your light to further that design through its shape, material, or other design aspects.

Unconventional Design

It is common to see a singular chandelier centered over a space, but if you have the flexibility to use more than one light, it can create a stunning focal point. By varying the chandeliers' heights and placements, you can create a dynamic focal point for your living room.

Bold Styles

Wallpaper on ceilings isn't common practice in most homes, but when it is used, it creates some unique styles. If you are pairing a chandelier with a wallpapered or textured ceiling, look for lights that tie into that design. In this room's case, the rounded bulbs tie into the round scallops in the ceiling wallpaper and tie into colors elsewhere in the living room to create a masterfully designed room.

Mixed Metals

Many living rooms have more than one light or lighting type throughout the room. In this case, the room has a chandelier, a wall light, table lamp, and two tall candles. While each light displays different metallic finishes, they all work together because those finishes are close to one another in color and convey a same tone. As long as a consistent tone is carried over from light to light, you can use various fixtures to create a cohesive and dynamic space.


There are some materials and colors that exude elegance. Gold, glass, and crystal are three of those elements, and the former two are on display in this grand living room's light. Though the light itself conveys a contemporary elegant style, it is successfully tied into the rest of the room through the gold accents elsewhere. Intentional use of elegant materials can further the entire room's design, especially when they are presented in a luxurious chandelier.

Complementary Design

Beautifully ornate ceilings such as this one are ideal for creating elegant, luxurious living rooms. Since this ceiling mimics a soft, rounded circle, it is fitting that the chandelier uses similar round edges throughout its structure. Whether your ceiling is similar to this or not, your chandelier can complement your ceiling or any defining architecture nearby through similar shapes, texture, and tone.

Dimensional Design

Although this is the same chandelier from the last living room, its styling is different as this room features minimal texture and depth with furniture and accents. In minimalist contemporary living rooms, you can choose a chandelier that fits into that streamlined design or choose a bold chandelier that adds dimension to the design.


Candles are popular in chandeliers as well as general home decor. While you can choose to match the candles in your chandelier to the candles elsewhere in the room, choosing to use opposite colors can also create a stunning statement. This chandelier uses clean whites/creams for the candles and a black frame, but the candles in the back of the room use black. This subversion of expectation allows each candle display to shine as its own unique accent while still fitting into the same theme.

Furthering The Focal Point

In this beautiful living room, the back wall with the windows and fireplace is an obvious focal point, but the chandelier becomes a part of that focal point as it rests perfectly in the top third of the fireplace. While a work of art would look stunning on the fireplace, choosing to omit that allows the light to star as its own piece of art. When placing a chandelier in your living room, consider the space behind it and how the chandelier can stand out against it as its own work of art.


A previous photo displayed the chandelier perfectly in line with the fireplace behind it, but not all living rooms accommodate that positioning. This modern living room shows how a charming space can be created even if the chandelier does not perfectly line up with the fireplace or key architecture. Even if your living room does not follow the exact layout or design of other model living rooms, do not lose hope; there are many acceptable ways to position chandeliers to make the most of your specific room.

Clever Color Schemes

The metal or general finish of your living room chandelier can help complement the room's tone even if that specific color does not appear in many other places. The aged brass finish of this light does not appear in any of the primary furniture, rug, or wall art, but similar warm tones are used in each of those areas. Carrying over warm tones through the entire room's color scheme and lighting plan is vital in creating a cohesive mood in your living room.

Reflective Design

Whether your room includes chandeliers or pendant lights, pairing these fixtures with a mirror is an ideal way to show off your light in a different medium and reflect that light throughout the living room. Not only will the mirror cast light over a wider area, but it will brighten the entire room and improve the impact of your chandelier.

Lighting Scheme

Some chandeliers disperse light over a wide area, but others emit a softer, more contained glow to create their aesthetic. If that is the case with your chandelier, carefully consider what other lights you will pair with the fixture to help create the room's ambiance and ideal lighting balance.

Transitional Style

Transitional style is a blending of traditional and modern aesthetics. In living rooms where your furniture fits into a more modern style, consider infusing traditional elements into the room through lights, artwork, curtains, and other accents.

Softening The Scheme

Modern living rooms often feature straight, clean lines in the furniture, rugs, accents, and artwork. However, there are ways to soften those rooms to make them feel more approachable and homey. One such method is through the chandelier you choose: by using a chandelier with curves, rounded edges, or circles, you can soften the tone of the room and dramatically change the room's mood.

Smart Styling

Chandeliers typically hang lower than other ceiling lights, but not all rooms can accommodate that. If that is the case, flush mount or semi flush ceiling lights are a great alternative. However, if you are determined to use a chandelier in your living room, look for lights with linear designs that still take up the proper amount of room, but do so without hanging too low in the space.

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Thematic Ties

Another facet to consider when using various lights is any stylistic or thematic overlap. The chandelier displayed in this living room highlights candles, as do the wall sconces on the back wall. Those facets and the general farmhouse aesthetic of the lights helps blend these lights together, and the same principles can help you pair different lights in your living room.

Designated Designers

In order to pair other lights with your living room chandelier, you can choose to look for a similar light in general or stay exclusively with one designer. Many chandeliers are a part of a diverse lighting collection, so you may be able to find table lamps, wall sconces, and other lights that perfectly connect to your chandelier through the designer's specific collection.


Bold patterns can be used in grand ways, whether that be in curtains, sofas, pillows, rugs, or other fabric accents. If you have multiple patterns and bold colors throughout your living room, it may be wise to incorporate a more simple chandelier so that it does not detract from the room's grand design.

Blossoming Design

The chandelier displayed in this room is the Hammerton Studio Blossom Ring, which is fitting for elegant contemporary living rooms. However, since the light does take inspiration from flowers, it is also right that this room is filled with various leaves, plants, plant types, and colors. With abstract or uniquely formed chandeliers, you can develop your own thematic ties to create a stunning space.

Setting The Scale

Typically, living room chandeliers take up the top third of the living room. The room displayed here hangs the chandelier lower, and it can do so because of the low furniture and tall ceilings. When hanging a chandelier in your room, carefully consider the height to ensure that it balances with the size of the furniture and the room itself. Also consider where it is placed in terms of pathways to ensure no one bumps their heads on the fixture.

Masterful Mid Century

Mid century modern styles tend to feature geometric shapes in their style, including chandeliers. While the chandelier itself can fit into a mid century style with its use of lightly colored globes and unorthodox shape, the light's style is further defined by the floor lamp behind it. When you are creating a mid century modern style in your living room, look at how the chandelier and nearby lights can work together to create that iconic style.

Grand Ceilings

In living rooms or lofts that have two-story ceilings, it can be beneficial to have a lower hanging chandelier centered over your main seating area. By choosing a chandelier like the Constellation Ursa Major by Sonneman, you can add in a fixture that appears to be floating to create a very unique aesthetic in your grand living room.

Contemporary Rustic

Rustic spaces often use lights that are made of wood or matte black metals, but contemporary rustic living rooms can benefit from chandeliers with warm metallic finishes. The aged brass of this room's light draws on the warm wood tones of the accent wall and nearby outdoors to fit into the room's mood and convey a consistent tone. The same principles can be applied to your living room whether you live near the woods or simply use a rustic style in your home.

Unexpected Theming

Stone is a subtle theme throughout this living room through the fireplace, stone crystals on the chandelier, and rug that mimics marble. If you want to create subtle theming or motifs in your living room, look at elements like the architecture, rug, and chandelier to use materials, shapes, or colors that fit into your desired theme.

With so many options available for living room chandeliers, you may find it daunting to choose one that is perfectly suited to your room. But with the samples shown above and our analyses of how each room effectively incorporates a light, you may now shop and design your room with confidence to create your personal style.


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