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20 of the best Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas

When we think of lighting, we usually think of overall ambiance or overhead lighting. Yet there are so many other nuances to interior lighting schemes. Let’s take a look at the ways lighting your walls can help benefit you.

Focus on Art

Patrica Davis Brown cultivated a warm interior with bold artworks and cozy brown furnishings. Jewelry-like sconces enhance these works of art, negating the need for display lights. A muted palette keeps a focus on the art.

Soft and Sophisticated

Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design cultivated a soft, neutral living room area with a curving sofa and diffused window treatments. Lighting varies from an overhead pendant with glass-blown bulbs to a minimal table lamp and coordinating wall sconce. The overall effect is soft and sophisticated.

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Mirrors are an excellent way to reflect multiple light sources. This above-the-fireplace mirror reflects light from the overhead fixture as well as the wall sconce flanking it. The combination of lighting and reflectance produces a warm and cozy vibe.

Preppy and Coastal

Designer Becc Burgmann created a play of grids and lines in this refined living room interior. Gridded wallpaper aligns with louvered window shades. A wall sconce coordinates with a circular pendant above the coffee table. The overall vibe is preppy and coastal.

Reflected Light

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design chose mirrored wall sconces that resemble candlesticks to flank the fireplace in this sophisticated traditional living room The mirrors serve to amplify the light output and create a soft glow. The candlestick design complements the traditional decor of the room.

Daylight Respite

This neutral, double-height living space benefits from ample daylight and nature views. A pair of simple white wall sconces only serves to accentuate the vertical nature of the windows. Along with a pair of table lamps, these fixtures are all that is needed to light this beautiful space.

Warm Tones

A warm wood ceiling sets the tone for this cozy living room by Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design. Traditional shaded wall sconces are placed above a seating area between framed art. The lighting scheme is rounded out by pendant above a pool table.

Traditional Living Room Idea

Want to make your fireplace pop? Try hanging a mirror above and flanking it with wall sconces. This traditional living area with exposed wood beams calls for classic sconces. These shaded versions look lovely flanking a round black mirror above a white fireplace.

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Turn on the TV

You’ve probably seen wall sconces flanking a fireplace as the focal point of a living area. Why not frame your TV? Let’s face it, that’s what we spend most of our time watching in the living room. These sleek sconces manage to make the TV work even better with the decor.

Offsetting Cool Tones

Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Interior Design went with soft gray in this transitional living space. Shaded wall sconces flank a window behind a seating area, as the fireplace roars softly. If you opt for cool tones, be sure to add warmth in the form of lighting and accents.

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Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den Interiors carved out a cozy reading nook with natural light and a traditional wall sconce. A leather upholstered sofa with plaid and shearling pillows further sets the tone. Grab a book and settle in for a rainy evening of reading by candlelight.

Slender Profile

Have a tight space in your living area that could use a little more light? Try a slender wall-mounted sconce such as this brass beauty. The slender format works with the vertical wall paneling, maintaining a sleek and simple profile.

Backlit Bookshelves

Backlighting built-in bookshelves is an often overlooked living room wall lighting strategy. Showcase items you collect or simply beautifully objects via concealed lighting sources. Recessed lights and a ceiling fan with a light is all that’s needed to round out this space designed by Patricia Davis Brown Designs.

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Light as Art

Are these light fixture or art? That’s exactly the point—they can be both! These colorful, abstract sconces make a bold statement on a living room wall in an otherwise clean and simple space. Try grouping several complementary sconces together to make your own art piece.

Preppy Vibes

Green plaid drapes dominate this preppy design by Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Designs. A structured wall sconce flanks the dark wood mantel. The rest of the design is neutral and inviting. Hanging the drapes all the way to the ceiling makes the space feel higher than it actually is.

Light a Candle

Enjoy the glow of candlelight? Consider investing in a pair of wall sconces designed to resemble tapered candles. They lend a warm, romantic vibe to your living area but are a much safer—and less messy—alternative to real candles.

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Two for One

While you often think of wall sconces as a two-for-one deal, you can use a single sconce on its own. In this old school interior one is all that is needed to light a red plaster wall. The warm glow complements the sunset.

Restful Respite

Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Interior Design created a serene bedroom environment with a great view. Two jewelry-like wall sconces provide all the bedside light needed. A soothing neutral palette makes for a restful respite.

Well Rounded

These colorfully styled bookcases nearly conceal their own lighting sources. A pair oof sleek brass and black fixtures mounted to the millwork seemingly blend right in. A lamp with an orange shade is much more noticeable, but together these sources complete a well-rounded lighting scheme by Kristina Phillips Interior Design.

Above the Fire

If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, consider making a focal point out of a linear wall sconce. It plays off the warm of the fireplace and draws attention to the material of your fireplace. A coordinating floor lamp rounds out the lighting scheme.

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Think Outside the Box

This unique wall sconce casts a colorful glow and makes a big statement. While it won’t light your whole space, it easily becomes a focal point. Think outside the box when it comes to wall lighting for your living space.

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There are many ways to light your walls, from wall sconces to other fixtures that indirectly cast light. Walls define your living space and so they shouldn’t be neglected in your lighting scheme. We hope these ideas have helped you out!


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