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25 of the best LED Lighting Ideas For the Living Room

LEDs are the best choice for interior lighting, given that they deliver any color of light and last forever. Which LED fixtures are the best for your living room lighting scheme? Read on to learn more about which options are available and what might work best for you.

Mid Century Style

This mid century modern interior by Pamela O'Brien of Pamela Hope Designs incorporates the popular three-arm mid century modern pendant. This fixture allows you to aim light where it’s needed. It also becomes the focus of the room due to its sculptural shape.

Space Frame

These abstract LED floor lamps feel more like a piece of art than a lighting source. They become a focal point within this minimal, modern space. Lighting doesn’t have to be utilitarian; it can both inhabit and frame space all at once.

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A gold pendant with metal cut outs is strikingly modern against this traditional backdrop. Hanging from a ceiling medallion, the LED fixture instantly becomes the centerpiece of the room. Otherwise muted tones round out the palette.

Pendant Above Coffee Table

This living area cultivates a natural feel with a waterfall print, green sofa and wood tones. An elegant LED pendant hangs above the coffee table, complementing its scale and form. Pendants aren’t just for above the dining table!

Sculptural Lamp

Who says floor lamps need to be utilitarian? This particular LED lamp looks more like a sculpture. It pops against a black wall. Recessed fixtures provide all the overhead light needed for the living space.

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Go for Multiples

What’s better than one beautiful pendant fixture? Try three! Multiples can make a stronger visual impact. Typically it’s best to work in odd numbers: three, five, seven, etc. These ribbon-like pendants work well above a curving sofa.

Jewelry for the Room

FCI Interiors went for class and intrigue in this living room. Sultry art is paired with neutral tones and bold pendants. Recessed ceiling lights and ample natural lighting contribute to a layered lighting approach. The pendants read like jewelry for the room.

Coastal Vibes

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Interior Design gives coastal vibes in this living room interior. Blue sofas paired with matching lamps feels inviting and cozy. Framed shells and starfish drive home the theme. Warm LED table lamps go a long way in making a living area feel like home.

Echo the Form

You might never have thought about pairing your lighting with your furniture, but consider this approach: Select a pendant with a geometrical shape and echo that form in your coffee table. Think of your coffee table like a dining room table and aim to make it a focal point.

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The TV is often the focal point of living areas. So why not just admit it and accentuate that ubiquitous feature. Hang some elegant wall sconces either side of your television and play it up like theater lighting.

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Save on Cooling Costs

A ceiling fan with LED light is a great addition to your living area. Fans help you save on cooling costs while doubling as an overhead light. This wood-blade fan coordinates with the coffee table beneath.

Symmetrical and Cozy

Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den went for a cozy vibe in this neutral living area. A rounded sectional and coordinating armchairs create a comfortable conversation area. Two LED lamps keep up the balanced look for the space.

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Be Practical

For many, bold design moves may look cool but they might not make much sense in everyday life. Take this functional living space: Recessed fixtures combine with table lamps and a fan with LED lighting. This layered approach serves every potential functional need in a living space and still looks nice.

Double-Height Living Room Idea

If you have a double-height living area, that opens up your opportunities for light fixtures. Look at dramatic pendants meant for entryways, such as this one with multiple “drops” of light. It’s eye catching and subtle all at once, and coordinates well with the simple pendants in the open dining area.

Statement Pendants

Statement pendants aren’t just for a grand entryway. If you have the space, consider a multi-light pendant fixture that will become a focal point. These ring LED fixtures are simple and bold all at once.

On the Floor

Floor lamps can be one of your best lighting options for a living area. They can make a statement and be a part of your design, or seeming disappear into the backdrop like the one pictured here. LED floor lamps cast plenty of light in a variety of styles.

Lush Neutrals

Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den makes neutrals look sexy in this living room interior. Her trick? Pair textured wallpaper, a plush rug and brass light fixtures for a luxe look. Texture can make as much of an impact as color, so don’t underestimate it!

Functional Everyday

Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Interior Design created a functional everyday living area with recessed lights that complement the molded ceiling and symmetrical table lamps that flank a cozy sofa. Windows let in ample daylighting that benefits a large plant.

Make Your Living Room Feel Larger

Have low ceilings in your living area and want to make them feel much taller? Hang your window treatments as high as you possibly can—consider recessing them as shown here—and stretch them across the entire wall. Then hang a pendant low above your coffee table. This will trick the eye into thinking the space is much taller and wider.

Consider Sconces

When you think of living room lighting, you probably think of ceiling lights, pendants or floor lamps. These are all great sources, but have you considered wall lighting? These fixtures can be especially elegant and wash the wall in soft light.

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Layering Lights

Try combining multiple table lamps rather than relying on overhead lighting in your living room. This wood-lined space is warm and inviting, and the lighting choices only accentuate it. The contrasting shapes of the lamps work well to play off the traditional vibe while injecting a bit of modern.

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Lighten Up

White cascading pendants contrast a moody, double-height living space. Lighting can be a great way to alleviate otherwise “heavy” design moves. Opt for a multi-pendant fixture such as this one that feels as light as a strand of pearls.

Pastel Dreams

Pastels abound in this living area by Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design. A simple, elegant shaded chandelier complements the form of the tray ceiling. Yellow walls add warmth while blue upholstery contributes a soft counterpart.

Low Ceiling Living Room Idea

Have a low living room ceiling? Opt for a flush or semi-flush fixture. This drum light hangs tight to the ceiling to preserve as much height as possible. Its transparent shade emits a warm glow without any glare.

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Sultry Vibe

Looking to lend a sultry vibe to your living space? Consider a metal-chain draped fixture. Pair it with sumptuous upholstery and a dark coffee table, and you have a lush look for entertaining.

Now that you’ve read about a range of LED lighting ideas for your living room, it’s time to select the right fixtures for your home. With so many options—wall sconces, recessed lights, chandeliers and pendants, and flush and semi-flush-mount fixtures—it can feel overwhelming. Try adding layers of light for the most successful approach.


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