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25 of the best Wall Lighting Ideas

Wall lights are full of potential. Not only do they feature designs fitting for any interior design style, but these lights can also be used in many different rooms and settings. To show you the potential of wall lights, we've created a list full of wall lighting ideas along with tips and tricks for using them in various rooms of the home.

Dining Spaces

Yes, wall sconces can provide lighting to dining spaces and breakfast nooks! The light shown here has a long arm that is maneuvered to rest directly over a round table. While a chandelier or pendant light could have fulfilled the same purpose, the use of a dining room wall sconce is truly unique and sets this space apart from the rest.

Grand Home Offices

If you spend a lot of time in a home office or workspace, it's vital to design the room to inspire creativity and motivation. Office wall sconces can fulfill both of these functions as they cast light over your desk and show off artistic designs.

Safety and Style

When wall lights feature downlighting, they can emphasize a path or where to step. This is especially true in situations like this where the light casts downwards towards a small set of stairs. In these types of spaces, your light will serve multiple purposes as a general light, as a step light, and as a stylish accent.

Fabulous Fireplaces

Living room fireplaces are a natural focal point that can be highlighted with nearby lighting fixtures. Visually, the wall sconces can balance the space and draw the eye above the fireplace to other accents like a mirror, small sculptures, and books.

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Perfect Pairings

There are so many possibilities when it comes to lighting a bedroom. If wall sconces are used with the bed, they're often placed on both sides of the bed. However, not all rooms allow for this layout. That is perfectly alright! This room shows how one bedside wall sconce and a matching bedroom table lamp can create visual balance and clean style.

Unique Layouts

Each home is unique in how and where it places furniture. With that, you have great freedom in using wall sconces in different ways. This home features a singular wall sconce to create task lighting for the desk. However, that light also provides a softer glow for the nearby seating area to encourage cozy conversation.

Simple Solutions

Wall sconces are common in bathrooms, since they provide necessary task lighting and ambiance. Since wall sconces come in so many different sizes and styles, you can place your light above the mirror, on one side of the mirror, or on both sides of the mirror to make the most of your bathroom's unique layout.

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A Warm Welcome

Wall lights can provide a welcoming tone to any entryway. Whether the room is especially narrow or has a wider footprint, wall sconces are great fixtures that don't take up any floor space or disrupt a path. With their versatile styles and capabilities, these lights can complement any style foyer.

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Complementary Finishes

Your wall lights can complement other furniture, lighting fixtures, and design elements in your room. This oriental inspired space has a plethora of gold throughout the room's wall art, lighting fixtures, mirror, and other accents. When you use consistent metals throughout the room's key design facets, you can create a beautifully designed space.

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Cozy Corners

Living room corners can be hard to work with, since you don't want to clutter the space but you also don't want it cloaked in darkness. A singular wall sconce in a dark corner can create a space that is cozy and welcoming. If your room is similar to this one with a bench or singular chair, a corner wall light goes a long way in maximizing that odd space.

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Black and White

Monochromatic rooms are highly sleek with their stark colors and limited color scheme. Within these rooms, your wall sconces can further build on that color palette. This black room uses white wall sconces to contrast the dark backdrop, but you can also use black lights on white walls to further your own monochromatic design.

Complementary Structures

Aside from using similar finishes, your lighting fixtures can also highlight similar structures and levels of detailing to nearby accents. This entryway uses clean cut lines throughout much of the room's design in the table, cabinet hardware, and the linear lines of the artwork. Having the lights reinforce that scheme through similar shapes helps tie the entire space together in a subtle yet effective way.

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Freeing Nightstands

Instead of adding a bulky light to your nightstand, consider mounting wall sconces on either side of the bed. Aside from freeing up the nightstand for other items, you can also choose fixtures that direct light in different ways and directions.

Lighting The Darkness

When designing a dark room, you may be wondering how to incorporate lights without disrupting the moody tone of the room. Wall lights like these are ideal for dark spaces with how they diffuse light and use shadows in their own designs. Along with that, these highly artistic contemporary wall lights can add a point of interest to minimalist rooms.

Traditional Tiles

Even if your bathroom has a detailed tile wall with various colors, you can still incorporate wall sconces into the bathroom's grand design. Consider how the lights' structures, finishes, and detailing can balance the nearby tilework and the rest of the room's general aesthetic.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor wall sconces are often mounted by key architectural points like doorways, windows, or corners. When the lights are placed in these situations, they highlight walkways and create a safer outdoor setting.

Elevated Architecture

Rooms with tall ceilings present unique design opportunities when it comes to light fixtures. Chandeliers and pendant lights are popular choices for complementing tall rooms, but wall sconces can serve a similar function when they're intentionally placed on nearby walls. This room shows how wall sconces can be placed and how they naturally draw the eye upward towards the elevated ceiling.

Framing Bookcases

Whether you're lighting a home library or living room bookcases, wall sconces can accent your room's shelves. This room shows how two lights can frame the central bookcase, highlight elements on the shelves, and cast light directly onto artwork below them. Wall sconces are truly versatile with how they can be used in unique settings.

Tasteful Tassels

Tassels are often associated with more whimsical interior design aesthetics. The Aramis Wall Sconce from Arteriors defies that expectation by using an elegantly draped, masterfully crafted tassel that perfectly complements the elegant glass shield. Allow this light to inspire you: the lighting world is full of different types of lights that defy expectation and present wonderfully elegant aesthetics.

Outdoor Seating

Perhaps there is a barren wall on your home's exterior that you're not sure what to do with. Using a singular wall sconce to accent that area will help you give purpose to the miscellaneous space. This home uses a simple light along with two poufs and a plant to create a simple conversation space, but you can create whatever space you want to suit your home's unique needs.

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Traditional and modern homes alike often use wall sconces to frame an entryway and front door. By placing lights on either side of the door, you create a very classic symmetrical design that reads as warm and inviting.

Beautiful Benches

Built in seats and benches are often used for reading and relaxing. Wall lights can easily suit these spaces to create the proper ambiance, reading light, or general light. This bench features lights on both ends to create a balanced scheme for the whole space, but you could also use lights along the back wall or on one side to suit your alcove's specific style.

Outdoor Bars

Outdoor wall lights are also incredibly versatile in how and where they're used. In the case of this transitional home, the lights highlight an outdoor bar and social space. Since they softly diffuse light, they will not blind or overwhelm those sitting nearby; instead, they provide the perfect ambiance for a relaxing summer night.

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The Power To Design

As you design your home, you may wonder how to power your wall sconce. One of the simplest solutions is to choose a plug-in wall sconce like this. This light shows how even a plug-in light can exude class and grace fitting for any room of the home.

Glorious Galleries

Today's lighting fixtures are designed for both practical and style purposes. At first glance, you may not have even noticed that four of fixtures in this wall gallery are actually wall sconces. Even if the lights are turned off, they serve as gorgeous accents perfectly suited for a contemporary gallery.

Wall lights are versatile enough to work in any room of the home. Whether you're decorating an indoor space or your home's exterior, wall lights can serve both practical and stylistic purposes. Now that you've seen our wall lighting ideas, you can now go and brighten your home with these stylish lights.


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