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25 of the best Staircase Wall Lighting Ideas

Recessed lighting provides excellent overall illumination for a living room. These compact fixtures are great for lower ceilings as they don’t add additional depth. Recessed lights can be used as part of an overall lighting scheme that combines task and ambient lighting.

3D Effect

These bent wood sconces add a three-dimensional effect to this moody stairwell. Staggered to lead the way, the sconces become the focal point of the space. Folding ceiling planes further guide the guest along.

Sleek and Modern

This sleek, modern wall sconce is the perfect addition to a contemporary stairway. It casts light upward, drawing the eye to the glass ceiling. Natural light streams in so the need for artificial lighting is minimal.

Artfully Folded

Kristina Phillips Interior Design utilized a series of artfully folded brass wall sconces to lead the way up this open stair that overlooks a dining area. Teal upholstered chairs pop against the otherwise neutral backdrop. Recessed light fixtures provide additional light as needed.

Sculpture as Light

Recessed fixtures are a great choice for lighting stairs thanks to their minimal profile. But add in an artful wall sconce and you’ve got a look that is memorable. This sculptural piece makes a subtle statement in this elegant space.

Aiding in Way Finding

These wall sconces mimic folded planes of wood. They work well with this modern wood stair. Try places one sconce within the stairwell and another outside of the entrance to help with way finding.

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Staggering Fixtures

Try staggering wall sconces of different sizes and similar styles within same stairwell. Stairs are fluid and changing, and so your light fixtures should be able to react to movement. By keeping the same style you maintain consistency.

Around the Globe

A globe-style wall sconce emits even illumination for a stairwell. White with black accents is a striking look, keeping the focus on the architecture. Cultivate a modern look by choosing a simply designed wall sconce to illuminate your stair.

Establishing Rhythm

A series of wall sconces feature glass globes set against mirrored surfaces. These fixtures lead the way down a set of stairs. Establishing rhythm and consistency is key when lighting a stairway.

Up Light the Way

These uplight wall sconces stand out against a gray feature wall lining a wood stair. Try paining a feature wall in your stair area that you can use as a gallery wall or backdrop for your wall sconces, or a combination thereof. This elegant design blends in with the architecture of the space.

Light Efficiently

This cool blue stairwell relies on light from a single wall sconce. The architectural fixture casts light both up and down. You can get away with using fewer fixtures if you take advantage of this style, which washes the wall with light in both directions.

Wood Grain

Evoking the texture of natural wood grain, this artistic wall sconce adds a warm touch to any stairway. It coordinates nicely with this modern wood staircase, which is also lit along the treads. A green wall further brings the feeling of the outdoors inside.

Welcoming Stairs

Looking for a creative idea to make your outdoor stairway eye catching? Place potted plants on the steps for a welcoming vibe that guides your guests to the door. Enhance the feel by adding architectural outdoor wall sconces.

Step Lights

Outdoor stairs require special lighting treatment. These modern step lights help guide you safely down the path. They are designed to direct light exactly where it’s needed, but also contribute to the aesthetic effect of landscaping design.

Linear Wash

Linear fixtures are great for washing a wall with light, particularly a stair landing. These efficient fixtures emit a clean line of light and have slim profiles that look architectural. While they are often used in commercial design, linear fixtures can work well within your home, too.

Wall Washers

When lighting an outdoor staircase, you must account for both safety and aesthetics. These outdoor wall sconces cast light both up and down. In doing this they illuminate the stairs for safe egress, but they also wash the wall with light for an artistic effect.

Coordinate Metallics

These modern wall sconces mark each level of this metal staircase. Try coordinating metallic wall sconces to the finish of your stairs and banister. This will create a cohesive and well-thought-out look that will take your staircase to the next level, pun intended.

Emphasize Curves

Have a circular or rounded stair? Choose complementary round fixtures, such as these abstract sconces, and position them to pick up on the curve. This emphasizes the effect of the architecture and creates a stunning visual show.

Blending In

This dark exterior stair looks moody and dramatic lit by three black wall sconces that cast light up and down. You can cultivate a moody look without sacrificing safety or practicality. Sometimes wall sconces should stand out but other times let them blend in.

Jewelry for Stairs

Wall sconces can be jewelry for your stairwell. These beautiful sconces sparkle like gemstones set within exquisite settings. Provide your guests with a visual feast as they ascend or descend your steps.

Elegant Effect

Paneled wood walls add much more visual interest compared to plain walls. The white-on-white effect of these stairs is amplified by strategically placed wall sconces that are staggered with the rise of the steps. The elegant effect is the perfect blend between traditional and modern.

Up and Down Lights

Up and downlight wall sconces are a great addition to stairways. They wash both the wall surface and the surface of the stairs with light. These modern white sconces work well in all styles of decor.

Architectural Lighting

These architectural wall sconces fully light the facade of this home as well as the entry stair. They guide guests safely to the entrance. The main facade is further illuminated by a strategically placed spotlight.

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Light or Art?

Is it light or is it art? This disc-shaped wall sconce tows the line between the two. Recessed lighting at the stair risers adds an element of surprise and drama. A green wall beyond adds a softer touch.

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Welcoming Beacon

Guide the way to your front door with outdoor step lights. These fixtures light the steps and help guests safely ascend. Add an architectural wall sconce to flank your front door as a welcoming beacon.

Dark Sky Lighting

Inset stair lights illuminate this exterior stair for a pleasant aesthetic effect while also providing safe egress. Tread lights are an effective way to light an exterior stair without creating light pollution. They aim light down where it’s needed without disrupting the night sky.

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Now that you’ve learned some new creative applications for recessed lighting in the living room, you are ready to tackle your own project. Pairing recessed lights with floor or table lamps as well as pendants and wall sconces creates a well-rounded lighting scheme. Happy decorating in your space!


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