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25 of the best Wall Sconce Decorating Ideas

Wall sconces can add a lot of atmosphere to your home. There are many creative ways you can use these fixtures to add ambience and much-needed task lighting. Read on to learn about the many styles of wall sconces and how best to incorporate them.

Layers of Color and Light

This sophisticated seating area by MC Design combines multiple shades of green. An elegant brass pendant hangs above, and two matching wall sconces provide additional lighting above the bar. The look feels layered in terms of color, texture and lighting.

Rely on Daylight

This living room benefits from ample natural light streaming in through multiple windows. The decor is simple and modern, keeping the dark gray stone fireplace as a focal point. A single modern wall sconce illuminates the corner, filling in a gap.

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Retro Retreat

This retro bath rocks blue tiles and a graphic print above the tub. A simple brass wall sconce coordinates with the bath hardware. Natural light is abundant and rounds out this this retro retreat.

Double or Nothing

While wall sconces are typically singular, these double shade options add character to this cozy space. Two double-shade sconces flank a fireplace to provide ambient lighting while adding character to the space.

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Neutral Escape

Kelly Taylor Interior Design used elegant wall sconces above the nightstands in this soothing bedroom interior. Neutral tones with the addition of subtle patterns keep the space feeling relaxing and conducive to sleep. Wall sconces save value space on the nightstand that can be used for decorative items.

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Cool Hues

Shades of Gray Design Studio stays true to their name with this cool-toned bedroom. Silver wall sconces add a touch of glamour, while a blue stool at the foot of the bed adds an unexpected pop of color. Gold pillows pick up on the metallic accents.

Cool and Sophisticated

Kelly Taylor Interior Design incorporated bold wallpaper into this bathroom design. Blue and white shelving coordinates with the pattern colors. Slender vertical sconces flank the bathroom mirror. The effect is cool and sophisticated.

Create a Gallery Wall

Is it lighting or art? Try incorporating wall sconces as part of the composition of a gallery wall. Select features that have interesting colors and textures that relate to the pieces of art you are hanging. Pay close attention to the overall composition and you’ll have a great focal point for your space.

Follow the Curves

Abstract sconces can be a beautiful addition to the right space. Here, the curved form is echoed throughout the room, in the form of a curvy chair, circular mirror and round stool. The resulting flow is inviting and cozy.

Frame a Feature

This serene white living room benefits from ample natural light. Two white wall sconces blend right in with the architecture. Try framing a window with a pair of sconces, or otherwise you could do the same with a fireplace, painting or another focal point.

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Spa Time

Soaking in a freestanding tub is super relaxing, but it calls for the right ambience. Two bathroom wall sconces deliver here, casting light both up and down. They correspond with an exterior sconce visible through a window for a cohesive look.

Set the Rhythm

Three is sometimes better than one. Hang like sconces in a series to cast even light in a space like a hallway. This creates a rhythm as you progress through the space, drawing you forward.

Take the Easy Way

Don’t want to hire an electrician? No problem. There are plenty of wall-mounted sconces that can be plugged in. It’s easy to install a beautiful fixture like this one next to your bed.

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Vanity Alternative

Trying to decide what type of light fixture to use in your bathroom? You could do the standard vanity lights, but instead go for a more refined look by using sleek wall sconces. Placed on either side of the mirror, sconces provide uniform light for getting ready.

Mirror, Mirror

MC Design opted for green tones with accents or coral. In this cheery bathroom design. The dual vanity features two mirrors, each flanked with vertical wall sconces in sleek and simple designs. Having separate mirrors feels higher end than a single, larger mirror.

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Get Ready

Pamela Hope Designs created a traditional vanity space with plenty of storage and mirrors. Two shaded traditional wall sconces provide all the light needed to get ready, with a single recessed fixture above. The space is both inviting and functional.

Unexpected Is Refreshing

Wall sconces are a great opportunity to have fun with a lighting fixture. This whimsical design features a black tassel. This detail is unexpected but adds a little something to the white room’s neutral look.

Cultivate Ambience

This beautiful brass sconce hardly looks like a light fixture—it’s more like an artful accessory. It’s designed to cast light back on the surface of the wall, which creates ambience minus the glare. This type of fixture works best against white or light colored walls for maximum effect.

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Practical Choice

A swing arm wall sconce makes a lot of sense by the bedside. It frees up space on your nightstand that a lamp would take up. And swivel-arm sconces are adjustable, so you can direct the light just where you need it.

Frame the Vanity

This black and white bath makes good use of a series of wall sconces flanking the double vanity. Space one sconce on each side of the mirrors and one between for balanced lighting. Choose sconces that coordinate with the other finishes in the space.

Architectural Details

Architectural details go a long way in adding interest to this space. A coffered wood ceiling and trim on the walls adds texture and detail. Elegant shaded wall sconces flank the white fireplace, lending a sophisticated feel to this measured approach.

Better than a Chandelier

This cozy seating area is punctuated by a sparkling wall scone. This sconce packs in all the glamour typically reserved for chandeliers. Sconces don’t have to be boring; they can bring a lot of style to any space.

Green Dream

Pamela Hope Designs went all in on green in this bold bathroom interior. Green wallpaper, tiles and millwork are accented by brass fixtures and fittings. A jewelry-like wall sconce next to the mirror features three small globes.

Framed Art

There are more ways to frame a work of art than using a literal frame. These wall sconces do the trick. Place your work of art above a fireplace or console table and choose fixtures that coordinate without distracting from the piece.

Add Texture

Have you ever considered that light fixtures can add texture to your space? These wicker wall sconces do just that! Set against a backdrop of wavy wallpaper and accented by a complementary table lamp, these fixtures flank a simple circular mirror.

Now that you’ve read about different ways to use wall sconces to light your interiors, we hope this has helped direct you to the best fixture options. Sconces can cast light up or down and are a great choice for lower ceilings. They add an extra layer of light you didn’t know you were missing.


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