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25 of the best Bedroom Wall Sconce Ideas

Bedroom wall sconces are quickly becoming commonplace in bedrooms, since they provide essential lighting for beds, dressers, and small seating areas. With that, these lights exude style and class through their various finishes, designs, and placement options. They have such great potential that it can be difficult to decide how and where to use sconces in your bedroom. That is why we've created a list of 25 bedroom wall sconce ideas alongside tips and tricks to guide you through designing your bedroom.

Freeing Up Nightstands

Even if the room does have nightstands, you can still use wall sconces instead of bedside table lamps. In fact, this is a great way to provide essential lighting to the bed without cluttering the nightstand with table lamps. When choosing wall sconces to sit near nightstands, it is important to consider the scale of the space and choose lights that are not too large or too small in comparison to the tables, the bed, and the space as a whole.

Warm and Cool

Bedrooms that have a lot of cool colors like black and grey often need warmer elements to balance the room. Your wall sconces are a great area to infuse that warmth through the warm glow of the light, white lampshades, and warm metallic finishes. The components of your wall sconces can also help you choose other warm accents for the room like gold coffee table or decorative tray.

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Big Style

Wall sconces come in many different shapes and sizes. This goes for their mounting components as well! The Becca Wall Sconce from Mitzi has a uniquely long arm that can swivel to the left or right to give the light even greater functionality. Whether you use these options or simply use the light as a unique mounting, wall sconces like these are ideally suited to accent modern bedrooms.

Limited Space

Even though wall sconces are typically placed on the same wall as the headboard, there are ways to place them in atypical layouts like this one. If your bed is pushed into a corner or you have limited space, your rattan wall sconce can rest on the next wall over and direct light over the pillows. Wall sconces can also be set directly above the headboard for similar results, as long as it doesn't clutter that space or compete with a tall headboard.

Perfect Pairings

Whenever you choose any light for your bedroom, it's vital to consider the entire room's lighting scheme and how the lights complement one another with similar styles. This bedroom uses sleek white modern wall sconces and a white central chandelier to define the contemporary aesthetic, but there is one more component that makes these lights work together even more: similar lighting temperatures. The lighting temperature of your lights heavily impacts the room's tone and can serve as a connective tie between your lighting fixtures to solidify the room's mood.

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Practical Design

This homeowner clearly has a love of reading with two books on the nightstand. They've set up their bedroom for success by including wall sconces that are ideally suited for reading. The focused downward lighting can help illuminate the book pages as they read. Many of these wall sconces also have the option to change the lighting direction to point that focused lighting at a specific spot to further customize your space and ensure that it is as practical as possible.

Simplicity and Complexity

This moody elegant bedroom has many different textiles, materials, and patterns scattered throughout this space. Whenever you have a lot of elements like these, it is wise to use a traditional wall sconce to complement these details and ensure that the space doesn't feel cluttered. Even in these cases, the wall sconce can still tie into the area through similar shapes and colors, like how this silver metallic sconce uses clean lines like the wallpaper, tufted headboard, and wall panel.

Wonderful Balance

Like any other bedroom lights, wall sconces can further define the room with their placement. In this darling elegant room, the lights further define the symmetrical layout with their placement over the nightstands and balance with the bed. In addition to that, the lights themselves have a neat symmetry to them with their branching arms and soft lampshades.

Collaborative Collections

Perhaps your bedroom doesn't allow for two wall sconces to hang on either side of the bed. Like this room, you may have a window on one side preventing that layout. Fortunately, there are ways to style these layouts with matching lights, even if those lights aren't the same type. Many designers feature the same lighting design in different forms, like a wall sconce and table lamp. With these options available, you can use matching lights to balance your room.

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Make Up Stations

Master bedrooms with a vanity are both practical and luxurious with their designs. The lights you include in these areas are essential for creating the most functional space possible with intentional lighting directions, temperatures, and intensities. At the same time, these lights can exude style and elegance with their own design and tie into nearby decor.

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Softening The Design

Rigid rectangular shapes and clean-cut lines can make the room feel sleek and modern, but they can also create a harsh tone. That is why it's wise to incorporate soft shapes, unique textures, and different fabrics into rooms that use linearity in its key furniture/design. As you can see with this room, the presence of round wall sconces, plants, and plush fabrics balances out the room's tone to create a modern space that is still approachable and welcoming.

Dynamic Duo

If your bedroom has two beds like this one, consider using one swinging arm lamp per bed to provide ample lighting and visual balance. You can create a mirrored design like this one with each wall sconce to frame the space and ensure that the lights are spread over different areas and dark corners. Even if your room isn't exactly like this, you can see how to effectively balance two beds and provide essential lighting.

Classic Design

Swing arm wall sconces with lampshades are versatile in their use and style. However, all of these lights tend to convey a more classic, traditional aesthetic with their timeless design and functionality. If you want to elevate your bedroom and add an element of class, swing arm wall sconces are a great go-to.

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One and Done

While wall sconces are typically used in pairs, you don't have to follow this norm when placing your lights. Instead, you can intentionally use one larger wall sconce on one side of the bed and leave the other side empty. This lack of symmetry can help create a more youthful, eclectic vibe in your bedroom.

Light Up The Dark

Dark, moody bedrooms can feel cold and unwelcoming if there isn't enough light. When infusing light into your dark bedroom, consider how the light is cast over the space and what tone it sets. This light from LZF casts light very softly over a wider space to provide gentle light across the nightstand and edge of the bed. Various lighting temperatures, brightnesses, and directions all have their own impact in any room, but they are especially important with defining the tone of a dark bedroom.

Cozy Alcoves

Window seats and benches often need some sort of light, since those spaces can be dark once the sun sets. Wall sconces are perfectly suited to accent these areas, since they can be mounted inside the the alcove and on the sides of the benches. With that, the lights can create cozy ambient lighting for these seats or provide task lighting for reading a book.

Daring Dressers

Wall sconces can also adorn dressers and wardrobes, especially if they are framing a mirror above the dresser. In these scenarios, the wall sconces elevate the style of the dresser and provide essential lighting for touching up makeup of doing a final check in the mirror. When lights are placed here, they can also reinforce the room's style and connect to nearby accents with similar metallic finishes and detailing.

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Only Natural

Rope, jute, and other natural materials are ideal for different styles like boho, eclectic, tribal, coastal, and many others. The natural material presents a unique textural component that sets it apart from flat wallpaper, paint colors, and other sleek components. That, along with the neutral brown color palette, makes these lights extremely versatile and stylish.

No Nightstand? No Problem

Some bedrooms are too cramped to have nightstands, while other rooms simply omit them to create a more open floor plan. Since LED wall sconces don't need to rest on a table, they are perfect alternatives to table lamps that would otherwise sit on a nearby nightstand.

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Marvelous Materials

The finishes of your light have a big impact on its tone and style, but the materials used in the light are also monumental in defining the light's style. Materials like crystal and hand-blown glass are known for their luxury and elegant design, while materials like wood can feel more rustic or mid century modern. Consider what materials will best convey your unique aesthetic and balance with other furniture in your bedroom.

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Wall sconces that intentionally direct light downward or upward can be used to shine a light on nearby artwork. These lights can serve the same purpose as picture lights and gallery lights, but since wall sconces are so diverse in their stylings and sizes, you have greater freedom in using lights perfectly tailored for your design.

The Proper Placement

The exact placement of your lights will vary depending on the size of the lights, how they relate to nearby furniture, and the height of the room. With this bedroom, the lights rest above the nightstands and above the height of the headboard. Not only does that balance these larger pieces of furniture, but it also fills the empty space between the bed and ceiling to better balance the focal wall.

Onward and Upward

Vertical wall sconces work wonderfully with other vertical design elements and linear lines. In the case of this elegant bedroom, the vertical sconce works together with the striped wallpaper to gently direct the eye upward to the nearby artwork and then to the room's ceiling. The consistency of lines makes this bedroom feel very streamlined and intentionally designed.

Reflective Ideas

Among metallic light fixtures, there are various types of finishes. For example, a chrome wall sconce could be polished, antiqued, brushed, or aged to suit different aesthetics. The wall sconces shown here are quite obviously polished, which allows them to convey a modern style to balance the room's transitional design.

Cool Design

Different metals have unique tones that they create. In general, metals like silver, nickel, and chrome all give off cooler metallic tones than gold, brass, or bronze. With that knowledge in mind, you can choose lights with metallic finishes that further define the room's tone and tie into other metallic elements/colors of the room.

There are many reasons why people include wall sconces in their bedrooms. Not only do they exude style, but they also fulfill a very practical purpose wherever they're placed. With the 25 bedroom wall sconce ideas, tips, and tricks listed above, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to design your own space and choose your ideal wall sconces.


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