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24 of the best Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

When choosing the right chandelier for your bedroom, there are a lot of factors to consider: the height of your ceiling, the aesthetic you’re looking to create and special features such as dimming capabilities. A ceiling light can easily become the focal point of a bedroom, so make sure you choose the best option for your space. Read on for 24 bedroom chandelier ideas!

Open Framework

If you have a canopy bed, you need to pay special consideration in your chandelier selection. Opt for a style that is open and works with the height of your bed. If you have a sloped ceiling, that is an extra consideration when selecting the right fixture.

Trophy Chandelier

Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design brought a rustic feel to this vaulted bedroom with an antler chandelier. It complements the rough-hewn wood ceiling and rustic pocket doors. This look is fit for a hunting retreat but can be right for the bedroom of someone who appreciates the outdoors.

Just a Peek

A cylindrical drum shade is always a good choice for a chandelier, but a translucent shade adds a soft and romantic touch for the bedroom. Like good lingerie, it provides a peek but remains somewhat demure. Paired with a canopy bed, sunburst mirror and soft gray walls, the effect is sophisticated yet restful.

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Sloped Ceiling Idea

Have a sloped ceiling in your bedroom? Make sure you purchase a chandelier that can be hung in a sloped ceiling application. This elegant metal chandelier complements the simplistic decor, and is enhanced by wall sconces flanking the bedside.

Draw the Eye Up

A beachside bedroom calls for neutral tones and an elegant chandelier. This linear-oriented fixture moves the eye up towards the incredible views and natural light. It adds elegance but also works with the laid back vibe of the space.

Rustic Retreat

This rustic bedroom retreat with wood details, including exposed ceiling beams, called or a round metal chandelier. A simple wood bed frame accents the look, keeping the focus on the stunning views. A round, rustic chandelier offers a softness that is often desired in bedroom spaces.

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Why did anyone ever prefer minimalist looks when you can have a sumptuous bedroom design such as this? Bold wallpaper, pink trim, layered rugs and velvet curtains—need we say more? Set against a ceiling medallion, this clustered globe semi-flush mount adds a little something without taking anything away from this fabulous space.

Sleek Brass

A sleek brass canopy bed calls for a corresponding chandelier in this high-end bedroom. Soft olive green walls with complementary rust and blue tones round out the palette. The result is elegant, refined and restful.

Beachy Vibes

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design played up a tropical vibe in this bedroom. Bold palm fronds, tropical flower prints and bright fringed pillows recall a beach vacation. The crowning moment is a rattan drum pendant that ties the look together.

Playful Take

Pamela Hope of Pamela Hope Designs opted for a playful take on the sputnik style for this whimsical bedroom. Patterned curtains and lamp shades, teal nightstands, bright art and colorful throw pillows add to the look. The starburst shape of the fixture becomes the perfect center piece for this unique bedroom.

Attic bedroom Idea

A bedroom nestled within a pitched roof can feel extra cozy but also presents challenges when selecting the right fixture. An elegant and clean chandelier that echos the negative space is always a solid choice. Brass finishing adds just the touch needed in this simple white bedroom space.

Subtly Is Underrated

Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design opted for soft blue wall and complementary lamps and a dramatic tray ceiling for this bedroom interior. A swirly pendant design is like a piece of art, but subtle enough not to detract from this restful space. Dramatic artwork actually steals the show.

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Muted Tones

Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den Interiors went for a classic look in this understated bedroom design. A tiered chandelier and channel tufted bed frame make for a timeless combination. Muted green and blue tones evoke a restful slumber.

Rustic Meets Elegant

This sculptural metal chandelier incorporates crystals for a look that is at once rustic and elegant. The rest of the bedroom decor echos that contrast with unique wallpaper, floor length curtains and an elegant bed frame. A fixture like this instantly becomes the focal point, so a neutral palette makes sense.

Go for Versatility

Looking for bedroom chandelier ideas for a young child? A spherical crystal bead lined fixture plays off whimsical vibes picked up by funky pillows and carpet. This fixture would be equally at home in a sophisticated adults’ bedroom—it’s a very flexible and functional look.

Less Is a Bore

There is minimalistic design and then there is maximalist design. This falls into the latter category. An opulent chandelier paired with textured textiles, lots of flowers and lush bedding is all about more over less. The light fixture ties it all together with elegant swirls.

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Cut Crystals

Love crystal chandeliers but want a more modern look in your bedroom? Consider this fixture with large cut crystals that gives a more geometric effect. It will surely take center stage in your bedroom design, so opt for a neutral, textured wall covering and complementary bedding.

A Bit of Glamour

If your bedroom has a traditional look, you can’t go wrong with a classic crystal chandelier. Dripping with opulence, the fixture is only fitting for this grand bedroom with arched headboard and plenty of plush accent pillows. Crystal chandeliers always lend a bit of glamour.

Pattern and Texture

Love playing with pattern and texture? Opt for a chandelier with cutouts that will dapple your bedroom in soft light. Here playful textures engage the eye during the day. The spherical form of the fixture is echoed by the playful mirror above the headboard.

Punctuate With Color

MC Design understands that color can be underrated in the bedroom. This bold red fixture corresponds with an equally bold red platform bed, peaking beneath neutral linens. Besides an abstract rug, the rest of the interior is neutral, so that punctuation of color is much deserved.

Learn Geometry

Wallpaper is a great way to make a focal wall in your bedroom, which is typically behind the headboard. Here we see a geometric design and complementary tufted headboard in neutral tones. A chandelier with geometric metal frame completes the look, along with similarly detailed bedside mirrors.

Romantic Scene

An elegant chandelier with mock candlesticks strikes a romantic note in this bedroom with soft muted tones. Curtains hanging from nearly the ceiling to the floor make the space feel taller, and an upholstered headboard lends softness in contrast to the chandelier and beams overhead.

Soothing Dreamscape

Create a dreamscape for yourself with a spherical fixture combining a metal cage with beaded detailing. The round form is echoed in the floral arrangements and the motif on the nightstand. An invited tufted headboard and a soothing, neutral palette lure you to sleep in comfort and style.

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Bohemian Vibes

Love the bohemian look of macrame wall hangings but don’t want to get caught in a trend? Consider a bedroom chandelier that incorporates elements like natural jute and cork beads to give of a similar vibe. This open drum pendant adds just enough interest without dominating a space.

What is the last thing you do before bed? You turn out the lights. So you’ll want to be sure that the fixture you’re turning off is one that you enjoy looking at and that improves the decor of your bedroom. We hope these ideas for bedroom chandeliers have helped you in your selection.


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