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25 of the best Bedroom Floor Lamp Ideas

Floor lamps are a great solution to lighting your bedroom. These easily adjustable fixtures provide dimmability and focused lighting. From modern and abstract to mid-century modern and farmhouse, there are many designs available for bedroom floor lamps.

Multiple Sources

Deborah Bettcher of Deborah Bettcher Decorating Den Interiors introduced pattern and color in the form of drapes for this traditional bedroom design. An overhead semi-flush mount fixture is supported by a bedside table lamp and a coordinating floor lamp. The three light sources work together to provide soft and balanced lighting.

By the Coast

Cultivate a shabby chic coastal vibe in your bedroom with white shiplap walls, washed white furnishings and beachy art. A coastal floor lamp with a white shade adds a finishing touch tot he space. The overall feel is laid back and relaxed.

Bedside Lighting

A perfect orb balances above a linear support. This globe floor lamp could easily be mistaken for a sculpture. Combine the floor lamp with a round table that serves as a nightstand for a thoughtfully curated bedroom set up.

Space Saving Solution

A softly glowing floor lamp can be the perfect addition to the corner of your bedroom. It provides ambient light, which supports daylighting during the day or creates atmosphere at night. This sleek design works well in a smaller bedroom.

For the Late Nights

Suellen Meyers of Affordable Interior Design created a sweet corner for mom and baby in this bright and airy nursery design. A recliner and pouf will be comfortable for late nights. A floor lamp is a must for those late night scrolling sessions.

Light as Art

Carefully balanced rods strike an artistic pose. Who would have thought a floor lamp could look like a cool modern sculpture? Try adding a unique piece like this to serve double duty in your space.

Indulge Yourself

A chaise lounge is a luxurious addition to a bedroom. Pair it with a shag rug and a traditional floor lamp and you have the perfect spot to curl up with a book or take a nap. White on white finishes make this set up feel extra luxe.

Curves Ahead

This design by Joe Human of Designs By Human features a whimsical bedroom floor lamp that looks like a sculpture. Its sleek form plays off the curved shapes of a vase and set of stools. It emits even lighting flanking a TV console.

The Most Minimal Light

Minimalism at its finest with this vertical floor lamp. There is no more straightforward design than a vertical linear rod that casts light. It’s the light fixture you barely even see. If you are aiming for a modern bedroom design, consider a fixture along these lines.

By the Bay

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design created a light and bright bedroom that keeps the focus on its stunning waterfront view. A bay window creates the perfect spot for a seating area, which is accented by a shaded white floor lamp. Bedside lamps round out the lighting scheme.

Through the Vine

Rethink what a floor lamp can be: This design filters light through a plant pattern, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. Rather than reading like an object, this unique floor lamp provides pattern and texture to the space. Soft lighting is appropriate for a bedroom.

Reading Nook

Built-in shelves can be a great addition to your bedroom. Just add a comfortable chair and a reading floor lamp, such as this one featuring a pleated shade that will softly diffuse the light. Now you have a perfect spot to pore over your favorite book.

Introduce Fun

A floor lamp for a kids room should introduce bit of fun. This egg-shaped glass shade is just quirky enough while providing much needed light. Some festive bunting, art and stars on the wall round out the look.

Unexpected Designs

Who says bedrooms have to be restful? This ultra quirky bedroom combines bold color, funky decor and various types of lighting. A graphic floor lamp doesn’t really look like a floor lamp at all, but rather an art piece.

Bedside Lighting

A modern floor lamp can serve as bedside lighting if you opt out of having a nightstand on one side. This clean shape complements the wall frescos in this palatial bedroom. The rounded shade and base pick up on the rounded form of the fresco.

In the Corner

Placing a floor lamp in the corner of your bedroom allows it to reflect light from multiple wall surfaces, creating a cozy area to curl up with a book. While floor lamps can be eye catching, a simple design that fades into the background might be preferred in certain instances. Add some plants for a pop of greenery.

Simplicity Reigns

A single vertical rod attached to a marble base: It’s the most simplistic expression of what a floor lamp can be. This design is ideal for an ultramodern bedroom that sticks to the basics. The look is clean and uncluttered to promote a restful night of sleep.

Sparking Joy

A simple and decluttered bedroom design promotes a restful sleep. Wood paneling and shutters add warmth and filter outside light. A sleek floor lamp coordinates with the minimal furnishings to provide light for reading.

Showcase the Architecture

If your space has ornate trim or other architectural features of interest, opt for a simple floor lamp to avoid stealing the spot light. This fixture casts light upwards to highlight these details. However it has a simple form that doesn’t distract.

Create a Cozy Corner

If you have the space in your bedroom, adding a comfortable chair and lamp to a corner will give you a lot of flexibility. It can be a cozy reading nook or, let’s be realistic, a place to stack your clothes. This simple black fixture is adaptable to many decor types.

Brass Statement

An elegant brass floor lamp anchors this neutral bedroom design. Upholstered wall panels, a cozy leather chair and a shag rug lend texture to the space. The brass lamp adds finishing a touch while grounding the space.

Sing a Lullaby

This sweet nursery design by Suellen Meyers of Affordable Interior Design features a neutral white backdrop with soft pink touches. A floor lamp placed by the crib features a white shade. The lamp will be helpful for bedtime rituals.

Carve Out a Reading Nook

An adjustable arm lamp and a chair is all you need to create a cozy reading nook in your bedroom. This simple brass style works with all types of decor. The adjustable arm always you to position the lamp so you get light just where you need it.

Farmhouse Vibes

This minimal bedroom only needs the basics. White lacquered surfaces have a farmhouse feel, and this floor lamp with a lantern fits right in. Try tucking your floor lamp in the corner to get the most of the light in terms of reflection.

Casting Shade

A classic shaded floor lamp is always a great choice for a bedroom. Shades diffuse the light and contribute to the ambiance of the space. Choose a warm colored shade if you want a flattering glow.

Elevated Design

This sleek, simple design distills the floor lamp back to its basics: a shade and a support. While lamps are mainly thought of as functional, they also provide an opportunity to elevate your bedroom space. Choose a thoughtfully designed piece such as this for a high-end look for your bedroom.

The place where you sleep still needs good lighting. The right bedroom lamps can support reading, provide ambience and contribute to a relaxing environment. We hope these tips will help you select the right bedroom floor lamp for your home.


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