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25 of the best Bedroom LED Lighting Ideas

Bedroom lighting fixtures are essential in defining the room's tone and style, but they also impact the room's practicality. LED bedroom lights in particular are incredibly stylish, versatile pieces that work well in a variety of situations. To help you choose lights for your bedroom, we've created a list of our best bedroom LED light ideas and photo examples of beautiful bedrooms.


Although lights are highly practical in illuminating bedrooms, they are also instrumental in setting the room's tone and mood. The Aalto Round Multi-Pendant Light by Hammerton Studio casts light through its glass pendants and casts light over a relatively small area. However, with the light's dimming capabilities and numerous lights, this fixture is well suited for both ambient and general lighting. As you shop, be sure to consider consider what mood the light creates and how it can fit your room's daily needs as well.

Artistic Designs

LED bedroom lights can add practical lighting along with elevated style. The artistic contemporary chandelier shown here accents the room's contemporary style through its sleek presentation and sporadic globe lights. If you want to make the most of a contemporary bedroom, use LED ceiling lights to complement accents, furniture, and other decorations throughout the room.

Dimensional Design

There are no set rules on how and where to place lights in the bedroom. In this modern rustic space, two identical pendant lights are placed at different heights and depths to add dimension to the room's design. Simple yet innovative approaches like these go a long way in creating dynamic, stylish bedrooms.

Dramatic Statements

Oversized lighting fixtures can serve as their own work of art when intentionally placed in the bedroom. This sleek modern boho room doesn't have many accents or pops of color aside from the bed, but the accents that are present are noteworthy and vibrant. The light is very unique in its shape, size, and layout, which is important for creating interest and dynamic design in a relatively simple bedroom.

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Elegant Oasis

When creating an elegant space, less is sometimes more. This masterful bedroom uses minimal decor and lights inside the room to compliment the stunning scenery on the other side of the glass walls. However, one successful element of this room that can be replicated in your home is the use of texture. Look for opportunities to include texture in fabrics, furniture, rugs, and lighting fixtures to create a dynamic, minimalist oasis.

Cohesive Design

Your bedroom will likely use more than one lighting fixture to brighten the room. With that in mind, it is wise to use similar styles, finishes, and structures across all the room's lights to create a cohesive design. Although the three lighting fixtures in this room have key differences, they all have round drum shades around the bulb. The traditional flair of this style connects each light to one another and helps define the style of the entire room.

Creating Balance

If you have more detailed accents throughout the room, consider accenting your bed side with very transitional table lamps. This room showcases that balance perfectly by having plenty of details in the flowers, wall art, bedframe, pillows, and rug while keeping things simple with the lamp. Balance is essential in designing a bedroom, so consider how the lamp can act as an ornate accent or complement the extravagant details elsewhere in the room.

Simple Elegance

The materials and finishes used in your lights impact their tone as much as the fixture itself. This classic pendant light features stunning hints of marble in the glass's finish and effectively creates an elevated aesthetic. If you are looking to create a luxurious bedroom, you do not need ornately detailed lights; instead, focus on the quality materials and finishes of simple lights to convey your style.

Wonderful Wall Sconces

Even if you have a nightstand alongside your bed, you may want to include LED wall sconces by your bedside instead of table lamps. By using wall sconces, you keep the table clear for your favorite book, a glass or water, or eyeglasses. Sconces are also beautiful, unique accents that stand out as works of art while table lamps can sometimes fade into the background.

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Elevated Style

With tall ceilings, you have greater freedom in the LED chandeliers and pendant lights you can use in your bedroom. In general, the light can take up the top third of the room without making the space feel cluttered. This guideline can help you choose the proper height for your chandelier and narrow your search for the right size chandelier.

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Preferred Placement

How and where you place your bedroom's LED lighting fixtures is as important as the light itself. This bedroom uses a hanging mini pendant in an unconventional way by draping it across the room's ceiling and hanging it very close to the ground. With that low height, the light is emitted over a smaller area and dramatically changes the tone of the room. Whether you are looking to create a moody bedroom or something light and airy, the placement of your light is an important facet to consider.

Mastering Balance

Traditional style homes often use symmetry to create very classic, tidy spaces. The LED lighting fixtures that you use in these settings can help further that style or break the mold. In this example, the room leans heavily into the symmetry with all the furniture, accents, and lighting fixtures. As you can see here, the intentional parallels all work towards creating a very balanced, aesthetically pleasing bedroom.

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Eclectic Boho

In more traditional and modern bedrooms, the lighting fixtures typically have some similarities to create a cohesive style throughout the bedroom. However, eclectic or youthful bedrooms can purposefully use different types of lights and styles to further the free-spirited tone of the room. The LED chandelier here fits into the bohemian style of the room, but the nightstand's light has no stylistic similarities to that fixture. This simple break from expectation helps subtly convey the room as eclectic and spontaneous.

Pops of Color

Lighting fixtures are an ideal place to do something unique in the room's grand design. This eclectic bedroom uses neutral tones throughout the furniture and rug, but the lights, cushions, and artwork all expand the room's color palette and impact the tone of the room. Using pink pendant lights is a great way to add a pop of color in a unique, vibrant way. You can infuse your own colors through lighting pendants and create stylish statements with your bedroom's lights as well.

Traditional Tastes

Placing an LED table lamp on each nightstand is a classic layout that works well in traditional spaces. The shape of the light, its materials, and finishes can all compliment the table it rests on and create a classic aesthetic fitting for any elegant bedroom.

Architectural Favorites

If your bedroom has a tall or vaulted ceiling, you can use your bedroom's LED lights to complement that architecture and detailing. In this example, the cozy bedroom has white wood paneling covering the vaulted ceiling. The chandelier then uses linear lines in the design, but it does so with a contemporary twist. Aside from the intentional use of lines, the black granite colors of the chandelier are very intentionally placed against a white ceiling. That distinction draws the eye upward to the beautiful architecture and throughout the room at large.

Unique Stylings

Ceilings with varying heights and insets can be uniquely styled with LED ceiling lights. While this bedroom maintains a minimalist design with a central ceiling fan, you could alternatively decorate ceiling insets with a fixed chandelier, recessed lights, and other lighting fixtures. There are many ways to add lights to a room, so don't be afraid to experiment with your room's unique features.

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Great Practicality

LED Ceiling fans not only promote proper airflow, but they can also illuminate your room as led ceiling fans. When choosing a fan for your bedroom or another room of the home, you can choose a fan that matches other lighting fixtures or fits within the room's main color palette. Along with that, the fan's height, placement, and motor strength can greatly improve your room's temperature throughout the warmest months of the year.

Secondary Accents

The colors and finishes used in your light can further the room's overarching color scheme and style. In this case, the ceiling light uses matte black as its primary finish. This then translates to the accent wall behind the bed, which uses black as a secondary accent as opposed to a primary color. Having the light complement the accent color helps round out the entire room's color scheme and sets the light apart from the more prominent colors in the room.

Small Touches

Lights sometimes lean into more feminine or masculine styles depending on their finishes and detailing. The Alexa Chandelier from Mitzi uses very simple designs for the main structure of the light, but each bulb is complimented by clear flower petal bobeches at the socket holders. Small details like these have a great impact on a light and can add youthful flair or modern sophistication.

Day or Night

Whenever you add lights to a bedroom, it is vital to consider how bright the room will be during day and night. This bedroom is well lit by a series of windows during the day, but at night, the room will need more lights to illuminate the space. Aside from brightening the room when it is dark, the room's lighting fixtures can work with the natural light to create your ideal tone and mood.

Consistent Colors

Using LED lights with similar shapes and details can help tie the room together stylistically, but so can similar colors. This warm countryside bedroom uses cream and beige throughout the room in various different textures, materials, and items. The ceiling light and the wall lights may not feature the exact same shades of cream, but they are in the same family and convey the same tone. Following those guidelines is enough to tie those lights together and help you create a cohesive design in your bedroom.

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Consistent Finishes

In a similar vein to the previous bedroom, using common metallic finishes across all the lighting fixtures can also serve as a stylistic tie. The warm gold tones are present in this room's chandelier as well as the nightstand lamp. Although their styles are quite different, the use of a common finish is enough to tie them together and masterfully complete the bedroom.


Black Candelabra chandeliers are classic lighting fixtures perfect for many different types of bedrooms. These fixtures come in many different tiers, finishes, and structures, which gives you the freedom to choose a sprawling transitional chandelier like this one or allows you to choose a more contemporary rendition of a candelabra. Regardless of your personal style, you can find a candelabra chandelier that elevates your bedroom's aesthetic.

To New Heights

Whether your bedroom ceiling is taller than average or a standard height, you can use a chandelier to accent the space. LED chandeliers come in many different heights and widths, which will allow you to balance the room's height along with the overall footprint of the room with your lighting fixture.

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In order to maximize your bedroom's practicality and style, it is essential to consider how and where you'll use lighting fixtures in the room. With the 25 LED bedroom lighting ideas and tips listed above, you can now design your ideal bedroom and choose lights fitting for your unique space.


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