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19 of the best Bedroom Recessed Lighting Ideas

Recessed lighting provides excellent overall illumination for a living room. These compact fixtures are great for lower ceilings as they don’t add additional depth. Recessed lights can be used as part of an overall lighting scheme that combines task and ambient lighting.

Create a Mismatch

Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den Interiors created a light, bright bedroom that combines a semi-flush brass fixture with recessed lights. A canopy bed helps to structure the space, and textured pillows, throw and rug add softness. Mismatched bedside lamps lend to the charm.

Modern Retreat

Kelly Taylor Interior Design crafted a modern retreat that focuses on the view of the water. Streamlined bedding and built-in storage make the space feel clean and organized. Soft grays and whites make the space feel fresh. Recessed overhead lighting is only needed in the evening as the space receives plenty of daylight.

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Let the Design Take Center Stage

Lighting is hardly the focus in this traditional bedroom by Jill Shevlin Design. Recessed fixtures let the other design moves take center stage. Coordinating drapes and bed linens both establish consistency and relate to the view.

Winning Combination

You can combine recessed lights with other fixtures, such as this black semi-flush mount design. Sometimes you need more light in a space and a single ceiling fixture isn’t enough, or you might want to have multiple fixtures you can dim and customize the space depending on how you are using. Pairing recessed fixtures with ceiling fixtures is a winning combination.

Boho Bedroom

MC Design created a boho bedroom with lots of visual interest. A focal wall with textured metallic wallpaper grounds the scene. A peacock-themed bohemian pendant provides bedside lighting, and colorful textured pillows and linens round out the look. Recessed fixtures provide overhead illumination.

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Canopy Bed Solution

Elizabeth Ryan Interiors made great use of pattern in this bedroom. Wallpaper gives a fairytale vibe to the space, which features a gold canopy bed and coordinating mirror. With such a high bed frame, recessed lights were the only option and work well with the design.

Save Space

Jill Shevlin Design opted for bright white in this efficient bunk bedroom. Perfect for a vacation retreat, this space accommodates four beds while still managing to feel bright and open. Recessed fixtures contribute to this clean and streamlined effect.

Highlight the Architecture

Nadia Watts Interior Design let the architecture shape this peaceful bedroom. An arch is inscribed into the wall and incorporates recessed lighting, while a dramatic tray ceiling echoes the form. Soft neutral tones keep the rest of the design simple.

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Neutral Browns

Patricia Davis Brown Designs went with soft browns and neutral tones for this coastal retreat. Keeping a focus on nature and the view, the space offers plenty of storage and subdued lighting. Bedside lamps, wall sconces and recessed fixtures round out the layered lighting scheme.

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Warm and Inviting

This warm, inviting bedroom by MC Design relies primarily on concealed light sources and matching bedside lamps. Recessed fixtures are there as a back up when overall illumination is needed. Patterned bedding and a series of prints above the bed add to the appeal.

Create a Display

This dramatic black bedroom showcases a display of guitars on the wall. Strategically placed small recessed fixtures work like spotlights to showcase each of the three instruments. The effect is moody and eye catching all at once.

Fresh Take on Black and White

Mindy Laven designed a black-and-white bedroom that relies heavily on pattern and some pops of color. She used a simple white ceiling fan, which is a must for many in the bedroom. While many fans incorporate lights, that’s not always enough to adequately light the space, and recessed fixtures fill that void.

Moody Grays

Elizabeth Ryan Interiors went for a bold bedroom interior with dark gray walls. The tray ceiling features patterned wallpaper and a coordinating semi-flush pendant. Round recessed lighting rounds out the moody look.

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Display Lighting

Patricia Davis Brown Design created a cozy bedroom seating area with built-in shelving for displaying decor. Textured wallpaper coordinates with a unique patterned ottoman. Under cabinet lighting is integrated into the shelving rather than the ceiling to highlight the objects on display.

Clever Use of Space

Mindy Laven made clever use of space in this bedroom design. The nightstands extend upward as shelving, which spans over the bed. An ornate black pendant becomes focal point, while square recessed fixtures provide a back up.

Offset Dark with Light

Dark wood tones dominate this bedroom by MC Design. Picking up on the wood-framed windows, the heavy carved wood bed and wall-mounted medallions dominate the space. Simple recessed lighting is all that’s needed to complement the ample natural light.

Design a Vanity

Pamela Hope Designs made efficient use of this space in a bedroom and created a built-in vanity with tons of storage and display space. Shaded sconces provide lighting for the vanity, while recessed fixtures provide overall light for the space. An ornate framed mirror serves as the focal point.

Infinity Mirrors

Mindy Laven created a grid of mirrors behind the bed in this space to make it feel more expansive. Mirrors reflect light and extend the space. Traditional furnishings and recessed lighting round out the design.

Layer Your Light

This grand retreat by MC Design provides several layers of lighting. Two LED pendants serve as bedside lighting, freeing up space on the nightstands. Rather than using a ceiling fixture, the designer opted for a ceiling fan in this warm climate. Recessed lights provide general overhead illumination.

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Now that you’ve learned some new creative applications for recessed lighting in the living room, you are ready to tackle your own project. Pairing recessed lights with floor or table lamps as well as pendants and wall sconces creates a well-rounded lighting scheme. Happy decorating in your space!


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