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25 of the Best Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedrooms are a private oasis that should make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated every day. A crucial part of designing your ideal bedroom is to choose the appropriate lighting fixtures. Blending style, practicality, and visual balance with your room's modern lights and other accents may be overwhelming since there are so many possibilities for designing bedrooms. To help you start designing your optimal bedroom, take inspiration from these 25 modern bedroom lighting fixture ideas, tips, and tricks.


One element that is commonly used in modern and contemporary spaces is geometric shapes. Sharp, angular shapes like the ones used in this room's lighting fixtures immediately highlight a contemporary style through their shapes as well as their polished finishes and simple design.

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Tight Spaces

Whether your bedroom is small or large, you may have your bed placed in a smaller alcove. To make that alcove seem larger than it really is, use wall sconces instead of table lamps. This will leave your tables free for other uses and reduce clutter beside the bed.

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Complete Collections

One easy to to choose matching bedroom lights is to purchase lights from the same collection. This elegant modern bedroom features a ceiling light and a table lamp from Slamp's Clizia collection. As you can see, lights from the same collection can feature exact matches or general similarities, which helps each light stand out and yet blend together to form a cohesive design.

Unexpected Inspiration

Lights can introduce a brand new design element to the room or reinforce a style that is already there. In the case of this bedroom, the Coral Table Lamp brings in a completely new motif, and yet it still ties into the room's use of curved lines and swirls. This lamp is ideal for bringing in a unique element and creating an unexpected, unorthodox style in your bedroom.

Primary Accents

Bedroom wall sconces and lights can take the place of traditional artwork. As this room shows, two designer wall sconces are placed above the nightstands and serve as the primary accents by the bed. This creates a wholly unique design in this space, and it can similarly help you create a one of a kind bedroom.

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The Carousel Table Lamp from Pablo Designs is highly unique in its structure and illumination. The low profile LED light module is subtly suspected below the tray and is able to softly diffuse light throughout the light's base. Whether you select this specific light or not, it is important to consider the light's purpose as task lighting or ambient lighting.

A Central Statement

In modern minimalist spaces, your bedroom lights can be as basic or as complex as you choose. This principle also applies to the light's size. Slamp's Charlotte Globe Pendant is one example of how an extra large globe pendant can act as a key focal point and create a minimalist room that doesn't feel barren.

Form and Function

Lights should always be chosen for their functionality as well as their style. Swing arm wall sconces like the ones shown here are a perfect example of practical and stylish lighting fixtures. With their simple design, flexibility, and versatility, wall sconces are an ideal lighting solution for bedside lighting.

Woodsy Accents

Modern bedroom table lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. One idea to consider is a light with a wooden base. The natural wood tone of these lights helps reinforce the subtle natural decor of the room and add warmth to this space. Imagine what wood tones your lights can feature and how they can complement your room's overarching tone.

Simple Symmetry

Symmetry is a powerful tool in interior design. Rooms that are highly symmetrical tend to feel more classic and even more elegant. A pair of modern bedroom pendant lights can help reinforce the room's symmetrical balance and elevate your room's aesthetic.

Classic Elegance

Candelabras are versatile, timeless lighting fixtures that can complement any bedroom. Whether your room is contemporary elegant, elegant farmhouse, upscale mid century modern, or another style, a chandelier can elevate any aesthetic and present a timeless design simultaneously.

High End Design

Contemporary lighting fixtures can convey an air of elegance with their unique structures and finishes. Material and finish are two key components of elegant contemporary lighting fixtures. Glass, resin, crystal, and other clear materials are typically used in high end lighting fixtures like the ones shown here to elevate the room's aesthetic.

Beautiful Blacks

Black is a key color in modern spaces. When you use that color in multiple mediums, fabrics, and patterns, you can create a dynamic space even with an abundance of the same color. Whether you use a black table lamp like this or another black lighting fixture, these lights have the potential to highlight this sleek modern color.

Reflective Design

When choosing a light for your bedroom, consider how that fixture interacts with other light and its own illumination. The Cindy Table Lamp from Kartell clearly reflects and bounces light throughout the room thanks to its polished finish and colors. Other lights will have other defining features, such as light bouncing throughout a sculptural light or casting unique shadows.

Linear Design

Modern bedrooms often use straight, linear lines and clean shapes to create a very streamlined design. While your lighting fixtures can seamlessly fit this mold with their own square/rectangular shapes, you can also break the mold by using uniquely geometric pendant lights to contrast more traditional shapes elsewhere in the room.

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A bedroom chandelier can instantly elevate the tone of your bedroom. With its sleek modern design, the Clover Chandelier from Crystorama serves as a great example of a modern elegant light. No matter what style you exemplify in your room, a chandelier can instantly highlight your aesthetic and create a luxurious space.

Small Details

Lamps can be a key focal point of the room, but they don't have to be. Simply choosing a small, practical table lamp for your nightstand can optimize your bedroom, provide ambient or task lighting, and show off your style in a subtle way.

A Golden Idea

Gold is a popular color in modern homes. That color is especially impactful in dark bedrooms like this, where the gold tones of the lights and accents stand out against the dark blue walls. Not only does this create beautiful contrast, but it also adds natural warmth to the room.

Mind Your Surroundings

When you choose contemporary lighting fixtures for your bedroom, consider all the room's existing light sources. This master bedroom has plenty of windows and a pair of glass doors, which brings in plenty of light on their own. With this in mind, you can choose lighting fixtures that create ample brightness and your desired tone to complement your unique room.

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Plentiful Patterns

Even if your bedroom features plenty of patterns and detailed elements, you can still bring in more patterns through the room's lighting fixtures. The table lamps displayed here feature detailed vintage shades while the central sputnik pendant light has its own ornate design. Allow this room to inspire you; there are plenty of ways to use patterns to create a dynamic, personalized bedroom.

Soft Blues

Blue is a calming color that's often used in contemporary bedrooms. This coastal table lamp may be the only blue presented in the room, but it still leaves a lasting impact through its color and organic ceramic base. No matter what lighting fixture you ultimately choose, be sure that it is a color that conveys your desired tone.

Maximizing Minimalism

Modern minimalist spaces have very few accents and decor. In fact, any accents tend to have a very practical purpose and a reason for existing in the space. That is why lamps and lighting fixtures are often key decorations in minimalist spaces; they have a functional purpose and they take the place of traditional wall art and decor. This design philosophy gives you many options with including stylish designer lights in your room.

Contemporary Comfort

Modern bedroom ceiling fans are practical and stylish accents fitting for today's homes. While this room features a highly simplistic ceiling fan, there are many fans that highlight unique structures, materials, and detailing to suit different aesthetics. With so many options available, it is easy to find a ceiling fan perfect for your unique bedroom.

Creating Cohesion

One lighting fixture likely won't be enough to illuminate your entire bedroom. Therefore, it's important to choose multiple lighting fixtures to suit your room's practical needs and aesthetic. When you choose multiple lights, look for similar elements such as similar shapes, structures, colors, finishes, and general tone. Those elements are shown in this bedroom and can serve as inspiration of how to create a cohesive bedroom.

Small But Mighty

Wall lighting fixtures do not have to take up a large footprint to create a big impact. Hudson Valley's Laylon Wall Sconces are subdued in both size and detailing, but they certainly do not fade into the background. Even the smallest lights can leave a big impact on the room's aesthetic and practicality.

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Modern bedroom lights are full of potential. Whether you are designing a highly modern space, a vintage mid century modern bedroom, ro a more homey space, the right lighting fixtures can unify your room's design and highlight your aesthetic. With the 25 modern bedroom lighting ideas detailed above, you can now illuminate your bedroom and create a restful, personal space.


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