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25 of the best Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Bedroom ceiling lights are a key element in creating a well lit, beautifully designed bedroom. Whether you are designing a luxurious master suite, a cozy guest room, or a youthful kid's bedroom, there are endless possibilities for ceiling lights. With that in mind, here are 25 bedroom ceiling lighting ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration photos.


Texture is a key part of creating a dynamic design. While texture is often associated with fabrics and soft surfaces, your bedroom lights can also incorporate texture through their materials, structures, and detailing. The Slamp Accordion Vertical Pendant Lights shown here are a tasteful example of how lights can show off textured design and dimension.

Cohesive Colors

If your bedroom features more than one light, consider using similar colors in all the fixtures. In this simple chic bedroom, the table lamp features a black base while the pendant light above the bed uses black as its primary color. The consistency of color helps unify the room's overarching design and set the proper tone.

Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted, arched, or tall ceilings give you many options for how and where you place ceiling lights. While it's common to use longer chandeliers to highlight the room's height, you can also choose a simple ceiling light with a low profile. This will create a more subtle impact on the room's grand design, but it will still draw the eye upwards to appreciate the room's height and dimension.

Practical Comfort

Ceiling fans are often included in bedrooms to create more comfortable spaces. There is an unfortunate stigma surrounding ceiling fans that leads many to believe that all ceiling fans are ugly and visually unappealing. Fortunately, today's ceiling fans prioritize both functionality and beauty, so you can create practical comfort without sacrificing style.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

While recessed ceiling lights can serve as the room's only ceiling lights, they can also be paired with other types of ceiling lights to round out the room's lighting scheme. This transitional bedroom uses a lighted ceiling fan along with recessed ceiling lights to provide ample lighting throughout the entire room. Recessed lights pair well with other ceiling fixtures, which gives you more freedom in creating a well lit and well designed bedroom.

Central Design

Some elegant master bedrooms have a separate seating area for conversation and relaxation. In these situations, you may choose to center your room's main ceiling light over a specific area to set it apart, or you can follow this room's example and center the light directly between the two spaces. Not only will this provide necessary lighting for both areas, but it will also bridge the gap between the two and create a unified space.

Cascading Design

Modern chandeliers are truly diverse in their styles and configuration. Instead of choosing a light that extends horizontally, consider a cascading chandelier like this one. Vertical chandeliers and pendant lights can add elegant flair to your room and guide the eye visually from the ceiling down to the floor.

The Bold and The Beautiful

Your bedroom ceiling light can be as bold or as subtle as you choose. If you decide to go bold, consider a highly detailed crystal or glass fixture. In the process, you can also break away from normal conventions and choose a unique color. This bold design choice will lead you to stunning and beautiful results.

Recessed Lights

Recessed ceiling lights may not make much of a visual impression, but that is precisely why they're so popular. Including recessed lights can add essential lighting to your bedroom without detracting from other elements throughout the space. The ability to space them out to suit your specific space and the option to choose dimming lights helps you fully customize your unique bedroom.

Ambient Art

Lights do serve practical purposes in illuminating your bedroom, but that is hardly their only purpose. Modern pendant lights can serve as artistic accents above your nightstands and create an ambient, relaxing bedroom.

Black and White

Monochromatic black and white color palettes are popular in various interior design styles. Whether you are creating a modern farmhouse bedroom or a more contemporary space, your bedroom's ceiling lights can further define that scheme with the metallic finish and the color of the lights.

Completely Contemporary

The Artemide Alphabet of Light Circular Suspension chandelier is a shining example of contemporary style. With its minimalist design, streamlined shape, and artistic design, this light can perfectly accent modern contemporary bedrooms.

Marvelous Minimalism

Even though this bedroom highlights a basic, minimalist style with the color palette and accents, the lighting fixture breaks the mold by incorporating more intricate detailing. When creating a minimalist bedroom, you can similarly add a more detailed lighting fixture to serve as a focal point or select a light that is more basic to complement the room's other accents.

Unexpected Pairings

Bedrooms rarely fall into just one interior design style. Because of that, there are many opportunities to show off different styles in the same space. One area to consider is the room's lighting fixtures. This room features a highly elegant chandelier with modern wall sconces, but the scheme works thanks to consistent metallic finishes. Let this room serve as inspiration of how different style lights can work together to convey your unique aesthetic.

Unique Layouts

Not every bedroom will allow you to place a chandelier directly in the middle of the room or above the bed. Even in these cases, you can still include a ceiling light in your room. Follow this room's example and center the chandelier above another portion of the room. This setup will complement another portion of the room and balance with an extravagant bed like this.

Perfect Pendant Lights

Instead of cluttering your nightstand with a large table lamp, consider how a pendant light can brighten that space. Aside from freeing space on your nightstand, pendant lights can also be hung very deliberately to properly accent your nightstand and create ample lighting.


Your bedroom ceiling light likely won't be the only lighting fixture in your bedroom. If your room does highlight different types of lighting, intentionally choose lights that have some similarities. This could include similar colors, structures, levels of detailing, or general design. This bedroom shows how drum lamp shades can be used in the primary ceiling light along with wall sconces to create a cohesive traditional bedroom.

Blending With Boho

Boho style is popular because of how youthful, whimsical, and airy it is. While you could easily include a traditional bohemian light in your boho bedroom, your room's lights can also introduce a new and complementary style. In this case, the chandelier is very sleek with defined colors and shapes, but the soft edges and circles connect back to the airy boho style of the rest of the room.


Placement is as important as the lighting fixture itself. This bedroom takes a truly minimalist approach to its design with the simple bed and low-hanging pendant light. However, even this is intentional as the light solidifies the room's moody ambiance and creates enough functional light for the room. No matter what mood you are creating in your bedroom, consider the height and placement of your ceiling light(s).


The Alyssa Chandelier from Mitzi is a popular fixture for whimsical or youthful bedrooms. The branching lights creates a beautiful aesthetic, but the floral motifs within the light further cement it as vibrant and youthful. Consider how your light's subtle or not so subtle motifs can contribute to the room's overarching tone and aesthetic.


If you're looking to create a more moody bedroom, limit your use of lights. Instead of accenting your bedside with table lamps or pendant lights, place a light directly in the middle of the room. Chandeliers come in many shapes and forms, so you can find one that casts as much light as you need and in the directions you want.

Transitional Tastes

Transitional style is a blend of modern and traditional interior design aesthetics. Your bedroom ceiling light can highlight a perfect blending of the two styles or lean more heavily into one specific style. In the case of this room, the light conveys more of a contemporary aesthetic, which balances out the room's more traditional color palette and decor.

Bright and Boho

Modern boho style is often light and airy with its color palette and ambiance. Your bedroom ceiling light can further define that tone by using a warm metal like brass or gold. No matter what metallic finishes/colors you use in your bedroom ceiling lights, you can also use that color elsewhere in the room's picture frames, furniture, and accents to create a cohesive style.

A New Consideration

Aside from the style of the light itself, it is important to consider how your bedroom ceiling light will cast light. This vibrant bedroom features the Annika Chandelier, which filters light through its round dome to create unique shadows and bursts of light. Many ceiling lights can create unique shadows and tones, so consider how that can play into the style of your bedroom.

Wonderfully Rustic

Rustic style uses wood along with classic shapes and imagery to create a cozy space. This sprawling master bedroom highlights wood beams with a rustic industrial chandelier. The simple shape, candle lights, and general rusticity go a long way in creating a cozy yet modern rustic bedroom.

Bedroom ceiling lights are incredibly diverse in their styles, finishes, structures, and lighting capabilities. Do not let this serve as a source of discouragement: instead, view it as a sign of how creatively you can design your bedroom and how you can create a truly personalized space. With the 25 bedroom ceiling lighting ideas and inspiration photos detailed above, you can now confidently create your ideal bedroom lighting scheme.


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