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25 of the best Bedroom Wall Lights Ideas

Bedrooms are a private oasis where you rest and rejuvenate every day. To make the most of your bedroom, consider what lighting fixtures you want to use in the room and where. You may default to considering ceiling lights, table lamps, and floor lamps, but bedroom wall lights are also practical and stylish fixtures fitting for any bedroom. To help you gather inspiration, we've created a list of bedroom wall lights ideas, tips, and tricks.

Mid Century Marvels

Mid century modern style is rising in popularity with its fun use of texture, shape, and materials. The Ball Wall Sconce by George Nelson for Herman Miller perfectly complements MCM style in every facet and can suit bold mid century modern bedrooms or bedrooms that simply want a small taste of the design.

An Imperfect Match

Not all bedrooms can accommodate a wall sconce next to either side of the bed. In these cases, it's perfectly viable to use one table lamp and one wall sconce. Lights from the same collection can balance the aesthetic and highlight organic asymmetry.

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Plenty of Choice

Your eyes aren't deceiving you; this light is indeed a wall lamp and not a floor light. This goes to show just how many options are available for wall lights and how they can be stylized to suit your room's specific needs. Let this room serve as inspiration: wall lights are full of unique potential!

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Simple Design

Today's lighting fixtures often feature minimal detailing and accents to create timeless designs. Swing arm lights are one option that can present very simple, streamlined designs or highlight vintage flair. Consider how a simple light can complement more detailed aspects of your room or further solidify the room's style.


Some bedrooms have a cozy alcove that is the perfect spot for a bed. However, you may not have room for nightstands or even lamps alongside the bed. The solution is simple: use wall sconces directly above the bed. Naturally you must be careful not to bump into these lights, but their placement and ambient lighting are perfect for creating a cozy little retreat.

Beauty and Balance

Wall sconces are ideally suited to illuminate vanities in bathrooms and bedrooms. Placing lights intentionally with specific lighting temperatures, lighting directions, and orientation will help you optimize your bedroom's vanity.

Completely Contemporary

Hammerton Studio's Axis Wall Sconce is a beautiful addition to contemporary bedrooms. With its linear structure, minimal detailing, and thick cast glass, this light is sure to leave an impression.

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Cozy Seating

A wall sconce or wall light can accent a separate seating area. Like this room, you may choose a wall light with a long, swinging arm to give you greater freedom in how and where you cast your light.

Fine Details

The small details of your bedroom wall lights can complement nearby furniture and artwork. Though it's difficult to see at a distance, these lights from Hudson Valley feature a gently swooping arm that mimics the curves and arches elsewhere in the room. These fine details create a very cohesive, intentionally designed bedroom.

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Coastal Bedrooms

Coastal wall lights often present a light and airy tone with their lighting temperature and overall structures. These wall sconces diffuse warm light through glass shades to suit the coastal vibe and create a warm, welcoming suite.

Separate Alcove

If your bedroom has a window seat or bench, wall sconces can perfectly accent these spaces. Instead of worrying about floor lamps or table lamps, choose these permanent fixtures to help you create ample lighting without cluttering the space.

Artistic Placement

Instead of placing one light on either side of the bed, you can scatter your lights to create a work of art. Today's wall lights are made for both form and function, which means that you can easily use lights that are practical and highly artistic.

Black and White

Modern monochromatic bedrooms often benefit from wall sconces, since these lights can serve as a further contrasting element or subtly slide into the background. In this case, the wall sconces are a lighter color to complement the nearby white walls, sheets, and accents. However, black wall sconces are also available to create your own custom black and white bedroom.

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Balancing Bunk Beds

Wall lights are ideal lighting fixtures for bunk beds. With their placement, these lights can cast enough light for nighttime reading and be turned off easily as soon as it's time to sleep. Along with that, each bed has its own individual light, so there's no need to be dependent on another person's light or a general ceiling light.

Whimsical Design

Artistic lights that don't feature symmetry are well suited for more whimsical or youthful bedrooms. These lights come in many different shapes and structures, so you can choose a sculptural wall light that fits a whimsical boho setting or something more contemporary and abstract.

Swing Arm

Swing arm wall lights are both stylish and versatile. These lights can be directed to provide a soft glow over your nightstand, be directed for reading light, or fulfill other practical purposes.

Highlighting Art

Even if they aren't specifically picture lights, these wall lights are well equipped to accent nearby wall art and decor. When choosing lights to accent artwork, consider the direction of the light, how far it spreads, and what lighting temperature will best complement nearby accents.

Lighting Scheme

Your bedroom's wall lights likely won't be the only fixtures illuminating your bedroom. In cases like these, look for matching ceiling lights, pendant lights, and other fixtures to complement your wall sconces. The lights can all come from the same collection or the same designer, but if you want a truly unique look, blend lights from different collections to create your own signature aesthetic.

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Wonderous Whites

Designing a purely white bedroom can be a daunting task, but the end results are stunning. One key to designing these rooms is to use white in various materials, textures, and finishes. Your wall light can fulfill at least one of those purposes by presenting white in a metallic finish, in frosted white glass, or in other areas of the light.

Illuminated Ideas

While wall lights often replace table lamps, you can easily pair both these lighting types to create a well-rounded lighting scheme. Different types of lights offer various lighting directions, brightnesses, and capabilities, so you may find that multiple lighting fixtures will serve your bedroom best.

A Great Alternative

Instead of placing table lamps on your nightstands, consider using two wall sconces. These lights provide the visual balance of lamps and essential lighting, but they do so without cluttering your tables.

Dramatic Details

Black bedrooms and other dark colored rooms are rising in popularity as great options for contemporary bedrooms. In these situations, a well placed wall light can stand out against the pitch dark colors and direct light over wider areas.

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Tasteful Traditions

Wall sconces with lamp shades often come across as more traditional and classic. Whether you're using them to decorate a traditional bedroom, an elevated boho space, or something more contemporary, these wall lights are quite versatile and work well in different aesthetics.


Just because you have the space for two wall lights doesn't mean that you have to use multiple lights. Instead, using one intentional light gives you greater freedom in using an artistic light that doesn't overwhelm the space.

Tricky Architecture

Even if your bedroom has a low vaulted ceiling, you can still incorporate wall lights alongside your bed. In these situations, the light can actually complement the room's architecture by not pressing directly against the slanted ceiling.

When designing your ideal bedroom, it's vital to consider what lights you'll use in the room. As you've seen, bedroom wall lights are incredibly diverse and versatile in how they can be used to style bedrooms. With the bedroom wall light ideas, tips, and tricks detailed above, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to craft your perfect bedroom.


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