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Discover 25 Bedroom Pendant Lighting Ideas

Pendant lights are highly versatile lighting fixtures that can be used in any room of the home. Bedroom pendant lights are particularly common for brightening nightstands, highlighting small seating areas, or illuminating the entire room. Since there are so many ways to use bedroom pendant lights in your space, we've compiled a list of bedroom pendant lighting ideas, tips, and tricks.


When you think of texture, you likely imagine fabrics like sheets, pillows, rugs, blankets, and curtains. However, your bedroom pendant lights can also present their own texture. By choosing a textured pendant light, you can add dimension to more minimalist modern bedrooms.

A World of Possibility

Many people have a limited vision of what pendant lights are and the styles they feature. Allow this room to inspire you: bohemian pendant lights are incredibly diverse in their styles, structures, and finishing. Because of that, you can choose a bedroom pendant light light perfectly conveys your unique style and complement your room's grand design.

Perfect in Pairs

Whether you are decorating a bedroom two beds or an individual's bedroom, using a pair of pendant lights is a great way to define the room. Consider how the lights can be placed to align with different beds, nightstands, artwork, and other decor to create a well balanced, visually pleasing room.

Black and Gold

Black can feel like such a cold color. That is why black bedroom pendant lights often include a warm metallic accent to soften the scheme. This warm accent can dramatically impact the tone of your room, even if it's a small portion of the light's design and an even smaller part of the room's overarching palette.

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Diffusing The Situation

If you want to create a calm, subdued bedroom, then look at how your bedroom's pendant lights diffuse light. In this eclectic modern space, the light is cast onto a softer circular surface. That in turn softens the light's impact on the table and nearby area, thus creating a more ambient space.

Contemporary Customization

Today's lighting fixtures are designed to suit many different rooms, layouts, and styles. With that in mind, know that many lights offer custom options with different sizes, finishes, and number of lights. This modern disc pendant shown here has multiple options for customization, which gives you the freedom to choose your perfect light.

Timeless Design

Candelabra pendant lights and chandeliers are commonly used in nay interior design style. The timeless structure of the lights is easy to customize with different shapes, finishes, and details to suit any style. If you want to include a timeless motif/design in your room, then a candelabra light is a fantastic option for you.

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Simple Statements

There is nothing wrong with choosing a simple pendant light to accent the bedroom. When these lights are used in minimalist spaces, they seamlessly reinforce that scheme and tone. When they're used in more complex spaces, then they serve as a supporting accent that balances with your room's other accents.

Pretty In Pink

Colored pendant lights can be used to infuse color into your bedroom. Like this room, your colored light may serve as one of the few pops of color in the room. In other cases, colored lights can reinforce dynamic color palettes and create a beautifully eclectic space. In any case, unique fixtures like these are full of potential and style.


In most cases, pendant lights feature a singular light. However, there are multi light pendant lights as well that can be used to customize your bedroom. The Aalto Round Multi Light Pendant shown here is just one example of this diverse category.

Complete Lighting Schemes

If you want your room's central pendant light to be the main attraction but still need other lights in the room, consider pairing your pendant light with recessed ceiling lights. Recessed ceiling lights are highly practical fixtures that can be distributed to suit your room's lighting scheme without taking attention away from other lighting fixtures and details.

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Creating Warm Whites

White can feel quite sterile on its own. However, when it is paired with other warm colors and finishes, any white colors in the room can transform to be more warm and welcoming. As this room shows, white and gold pendant lights can positively impact the tone of your cozy bedroom.

Dynamic Darkness

Dramatic, dark bedrooms are coming into style thanks to their sleek elegance. However, it is absolutely vital to consider how and where you use lights in these rooms. Placing pendant lights alongside your bed and in front of mirrors is a great way to illuminate that key space and further reflect light into the rest of the room.

Highlighting Height

If your bedroom features a tall ceiling, then a central pendant light can help highlight that architectural features. Like this room, you may place a pendant light at the tallest point of the ceiling and center it with the room. This is a classic, simple layout that produces stunning results.

A Work of Art

Pendant lights can be as bold or as subdued as you choose. The Ardesia Circular Pendant from Hubbardton Forge clearly leans towards the latter with its unique structure and artistic design. If you are accenting a modern or contemporary space, consider how a lighting fixture can serve as a unique work of art in your home.


Geometric shapes and patterns are commonly used in modern bedrooms. Your bedroom pendant lights can fit into this aesthetic by being the only geometric shape in the room, complementing other subtle geometric shapes, or connecting to a boldly geometric space.

Rustic Class

Rustic pendant lights can highlight your bedroom's unique aesthetic and bring an air of coziness into the room. By placing a round circular pendant light with candles in the middle of your room, you can show off that style and elevate it to feel more elegant.

Sublime Symmetry

Bedside pendant lights can further define your room's symmetry and visual balance. This minimalist tropical bedroom has many symmetrical elements with the ceiling beams, nightstands, benches, and the rest of the room's architecture. Two perfectly placed pendant lights further highlight that scheme and show off a highly streamlined, tidy design.

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Grand Elegance

Some materials exude class with their unique appearances, finishes, and textures. The multi light pendants shown here use clear crystal beads to create a luxurious, elegant tone. When you are creating more high end bedrooms, look for lights featuring glass, crystal, resin, or clear materials.

Contemporary Whimsy

Contemporary pendant lights are both practical and stylish with their designs. The central ceiling light shown here has a highly artistic structure and unexpected detailing in the light rods. This pendant light shows just how sculptural and stunning pendant lights can be.

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Big Statements

Typically lighting fixtures are scaled to fit your room's size and connect to your furniture's scale. However, if you want to make a big statement in your bedroom, use an oversized or extra large lighting fixture. It may be far larger than your furniture, but instead of making the room feel awkward, an intentionally large lighting fixture will make your room feel wholly unique and masterfully designed.

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Softening The Space

Rooms that feature many linear lines and rigid corners can sometimes feel cold. Your bedroom pendant lights and other lighting fixtures can soften the room's design by incorporating soft colors, shapes, and detailing.

Careful Coordination

A singular pendant light may not be enough to illuminate your entire bedroom. In these cases, your room's other lighting fixtures can connect to the pendant lights through similar color, shapes, structures, and details. Subtle connections in these areas can help you create a cohesive design in your bedroom.

Central Design

While it's common to use small pendant lights next to the bed, pendant lights can also serve as your bedroom's primary ceiling light. As you can see with this room, a large pendant light can be the perfect accent to your luxurious bedroom.

Grand Suites

Large bedrooms can be accented in many different ways. In the case of this room, you could reasonably center a pendant light with the bed or with the nearby sitting area. However, it is also valid to center the light in the middle of the room to cast light equally over the room, bridge the gap between two spaces, and fit into the room's symmetrical design. Allow this room to serve as inspiration for how pendant lights can be placed in various ways to suit your room's unique layout.

Bedroom pendant lights are highly versatile in their designs, finishes, and placements. No matter what style you fall into, what color palette your highlight, and whatever lighting needs you have, pendant lights can properly accent your room. With the 25 bedroom pendant lighting ideas detailed above, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to decorate your one of a kind bedroom.


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