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25 of the best Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Small bedrooms can be difficult to furnish and decorate, since you want to ensure the space doesn't feel cluttered or too busy. One underappreciated aspect of designing small bedrooms is how lights play into the room. The lighting fixtures you choose impact the tone of the room, its practicality, and how you feel spending time that space. To help you choose the best lights for your room, we've compiled a list of 25 of our best small bedroom lighting ideas.

Floral Finishes

The Alyssa Semi Flush Ceiling Light from Mitzi features beautiful floral accents surrounding each bulb. However, that is not where this room's floral motif ends. Instead, the accent pillow features a similar shape, the nightstand has a plant on it, and the tassels on the rug are reminiscent of the shape. Any motifs or recurring images used in your bedroom can be as subtle or as bold as you like, and these motifs can be incorporated in lighting fixtures as well as everyday accents.

Symmetrical Design

Small bedrooms that have traditional flair typically utilize symmetry with the room's furniture, artwork, and accents. The lights in particular tend to match one another, especially when each is placed on a nightstand. Using identical lamps for each nightstand is a great way to simplify the room's design and prevent it from feeling too busy.

Elevated Style

Even if the bedroom has a small footprint, you can still use a bedroom flush mount, semi-flush mount, or chandeliers to accent the room. This is true in rooms with standard ceiling heights, taller ceilings, or an inset portion like this one. If your room does feature architectural details in the ceiling, use a ceiling light to complement those features and draw the eye upwards towards them.

Marvelous Monochrome

Limiting your bedroom's color palette is a good way to create a simple aesthetic. However, your pillows, accessories, and lights all serve as opportunities to expand on the room's color palette. This monochromatic bedroom uses white as the main color in the lamp, but the incorporation of gold helps set the lamp apart and connect to other accents in the room.


Lights don't have to be included to brighten the entire room. In fact, they can be chosen for their ambient lighting and mood. These two fixtures shown here are artistically placed along the headboard of the bed and provide soft lighting to this small space. Whether you want to create a similar tone or something different, it is vital to consider the position of the light(s) as well as their brightness and light temperature.

Making The Most Of It

In small bedrooms, every surface matters. To fully utilize your nightstands, consider using bedroom pendant lights above each table instead of setting a lamp on each one. This setup will free the nightstand's surface for accents and necessities while still providing stylish lights for your bedroom.

Minimalist Moments

Some small bedrooms naturally have limited ceiling space thanks to slopes and rooflines. If that is the case with your room, consider what wall sconces or low mounted lights you can use by the bed and nightstands. These fixtures can cast light over the immediate area or disperse light over the room as a whole to suit your needs.

Modern Mid Century

Mid century modern style is quickly rising in popularity with its use of geometric shapes and general tone. To further that scheme in your small bedroom, choose lights that use geometric shapes in unexpected ways. The Alumina Table Lamp from Tala is one example as it features a glowing globe atop a rounded base. However, since this style is only growing in popularity, there is no shortage of mid century modern lights to choose from.

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Stylish Connections

You will likely use multiple lighting fixtures to illuminate your bedroom. This cozy bedroom uses a wooden floor lamp and a table lamp as the two primary sources of light, and with that, each light helps define the style of the room. To help solidify your room's style, choose lights with similar features, such as rounded drum shades, similar structures, metallic finishes, and detailing.

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Textural Details

Small bedrooms don't have to accented with a lot of pieces; instead, the pieces that are included should be used intentionally to further the room's design. This natural bedroom includes minimal artwork and no curtains on the walls and instead chooses to accent pillows, blankets, and nearby accents with different textures. Even the nightstand lamps feature a unique texture in their structure and detailing. Diversifying the presentation of texture and materials in a small bedroom can help you maximize the space and create a very dynamic room.

Wonderful Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are beautiful additions to small bedrooms, especially when they are placed alongside the bed. Each sconce is unique with its own design, lighting direction, and lighting capabilities. If you have a multi-function space or just want more mobility with your wall sconce, consider a swing arm wall sconce like the one pictured here. With that, you get impeccable style, practical lighting, and flexibility all with one fixture.

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Cozy Cave

Instead of trying to make your room feel larger than it is, try leaning into its small size to create a cozy, calming room. While the dark colors on the window frames and bedding help solidify that style in this room, the low hanging light further defines the room as a small, cave-like space meant for daily retreat and restoration.


Nightstand lamps are incredibly diverse with the different styles that they present. When you use these lights in a small bedroom, look at nearby accents and colors for guidance. In this case, the lamp has blue/grey tones in the lamp base and has soft curves to complement the bedspread and other rounded shapes. Each element of the room should be chosen with great intentionality to make the most balanced, masterfully designed small bedroom.

Vibrant Design

Yellow is becoming a highly popular color in many different interior design styles thanks to its natural warmth and vivid hues. Yellow table lamps are great ways to bring yellow into the room, whether it is the only inclusion of yellow or it supports other yellows throughout the room.

Modern Traditions

Another popular interior design style is transitional style, which is a blending of modern and traditional aesthetics. This bedroom highlights traditional styles in the tufted bed frame and panelled walls, but the modern style is exemplified through the nightstand, floors, and pendant light. When you create a transitional style in your small bedroom, consider which elements will fall into a primarily modern style and what other pieces will convey a traditional aesthetic.

Unexpected Design

Most lights are fairly neutral to match with the rest of the room's color palette. However, you can choose boldly colored lights instead of neutral ones to fit your room's color palette and make a unique style statement. This intentional method of using color in the room is bound to catch your eye and make you smile every time you see your lights.

Masterful Minimalism

Sometimes, it's worth it to keep your bedroom's color palette at an absolute minimum. The lights you choose can fit into the room's color scheme and even blend into the wall's color if you want it to make a subtle statement. With that, the finish of the light can also complement nearby accent colors like this sconce does with the silver and grey.

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Creating Balance

If your bedroom features detailed designs and patterns in the bed frame, pillows, blankets, rugs, and other accents, consider using a simple lamp on a nightstand or a simple ceiling light. In order to maximize the impact of those other patterns and designs, it is essential to balance the room visually to prevent it from feeling cluttered or too busy.

Oversized Design

Although nightstands do offer vital surface area, you can still use a large table lamp on these tables to create a practical and stylish space. By intentionally choosing an oversized table lamp, you create a stylish moment with the fixture and define it as an intentional design choice.


When choosing lights for your small bedroom, consider the size of the lights and how they direct light. The two pendant lights used in this room cast light in a focused downward cone, which is why those lights are complemented by a lighted ceiling fan in the middle of the room. Consider all the lights in the room and how they fulfill stylish purposes as well as practical ones.

Moody Moves

If you are creating a moody, small bedroom, lean fully into that aesthetic with the lighting fixtures you choose. The lights can continue the trend of dark colors in the finishes, detailing, or body of the light to help further the room's design. Consider the brightness of the light as well and how it balances with the moody tone of the room as well.

Artistic Chandeliers

Chandeliers and bedroom ceiling lights come in so many different styles, structures, and designs. You can choose to go with a highly decorative chandelier like the Mitzi Ariel Chandelier, or you can choose something more subdued to suit your room's aesthetic. The important thing to note is how many options there are for lighting fixtures, and how this means you don't have to settle for anything less than the best.

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Glamourous Design

The lighting fixture you choose for your bedroom can help cement your room's style as highly glamorous, relaxing, or vintage. The Ashleigh Chandelier from Mitzi shown here definitely leans into that luxurious aesthetic with its polished finish, sophisticated structure, and height. Whatever style you are creating, choose a lighting fixture that further defines the room's aesthetic and tone.

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Broaden Your Horizons

Flush mount ceiling lights get a bad reputation as being boring or basic. Fortunately, the opposite is true! These lights come in many different shapes, colors, and levels of detailing to convey different interior design styles. Whether you are creating a youthful boho bedroom or a contemporary suite, flush mount ceiling lights are well equipped to decorate your room.

Purposeful Patterns

Wallpaper is becoming popular once again, which means there are plenty of new and inventive ways to use the wallpaper to complement nearby lighting fixtures. In this case, the striped wallpaper features vertical lines. The wall light atop it follows the same track through its linear design. This setup makes for a very streamlined, modern space, but you can choose lights that stray from the norm if you want a more bold style.

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When it comes to small bedrooms, the lights you include are as important as the furniture, fabrics, and other accessories. With the ideas listed above, you can now choose whatever ceiling lights, floor lights, table lights, and wall lights are best suited for your small bedroom's unique style and needs.


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