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15 of the best Lighting Tray Ceiling Ideas

Tray ceilings are an attractive feature that adds interest to a home. They also present a great opportunity for lighting, whether your home is traditional or modern. Read on to learn how to creatively illuminate your tray ceilings.

Mixing Shapes

Tray ceilings comes in different shapes and sizes. Here we see a large rectangular tray with discreet cove lighting, and a smaller round tray with a rounded-shaped pendant. Perimeter spotlights round out the lighting scheme.

Paint it Gray

In this formal dining room by Nadia Watts Interior Design, a warm dark gray paint covers both the walls and ceiling. Thick white molding showcases the edges of the double tray ceiling, creating interest and depth. A traditional chandelier hangs above the table, completing the look.

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Tile the Tray

This opulent entryway tray ceiling features ornate telework and a crystal chandelier. A wood door and flooring add warmth to the space, designed by Sublime Homes. While tile is typically used for the floor or walls, it works equally well on the ceiling.

Wood for Warmth

To make your tray ceiling more warm and inviting, consider installing wood planks. This approach works well above a dining area in particular. A linear multi pendant fixture provides light above the table and is supplemented by recessed fixtures.

Try Linear

This game room tray ceiling adds dimension to the space. A simple linear fixture provides surface light for the pool table. Recessed fixtures provide overall illumination for the room. Linear fixtures are a great choice above both gaming tables and dining tables.

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Set the Stage

Try painting your tray ceiling a contrasting shade to the rest of the ceiling plane. Here a metallic finish sparkles and makes the tray appear to recede deeper. This allows a stunning crystal chandelier to to center stage.

Contrasting Edges

Try a dramatic chain chandelier above your dining table. It recesses perfectly within this cove-lit tray ceiling, defining the dining area without the need for walls. The sculptural fixture feels like a piece of art and draws the eye upwards.

Double Take

This double tray ceiling is lit for maximum effect: Perimeter cove lighting is amplified by a metallic ceiling finish. But stealing the show is an ornate chandelier hanging from the inner tray. This sparkling fixture is eye catching and the overall effect is glamourous.

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Highlight the Architecture

Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design opted for elegant look for this formal dining area. White walls and ceilings meld with white-trim double-tray ceilings, highlighting the architecture of the space. A hint of color comes in the artwork and draperies, and a candelabra chandelier hangs above the table.

Two for One

In this design by Joe Human of Designs By Human, the tray is expansive enough to accommodate not one but two mid-century modern chandeliers. One highlights the living area while the other lights the kitchen and eat-in dining area. Use the same fixtures for consistency.

Sweet Dreams

This soft blue bedroom by Nadia Watts Interior Design features a double tray ceiling with white crown molding. The blue and white theme extends to the crisp bed linens. A whimsical white chandelier hangs above like a cloud, ushering in a restful night of sleep.

Add Molding

Tray ceilings are an excellent addition to a bedroom. Here crown molding is incorporated to highlight the elevation change. A round beaded chandelier hangs above the bed, and recessed lights and floor lamps provide supplementary lighting.

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Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Elizabeth Ryan Interiors created a moody bedroom effect by painting the walls dark gray and lining the tray ceiling with wallpaper. This proves wallpaper isn’t just for walls! A modern chandelier casts light up and down, highlighting the pattern of the ceiling.

Mid Century Look

This variation on a tray ceiling inspirations a clerestory, admitting natural light. A linear fixture above the dining area ties into the wood tones of the kitchen. The lower ceiling areas incorporate recessed fixtures keeping a clean mid century modern vibe.

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Try a Ceiling Fan

Sublime Homes kept the look simple in this white bedroom with wood accents. An unadorned tray ceiling feels modern. A bedroom ceiling fan is a must for many in the bedroom, and this simple white one blends right in.

We hope these tray ceiling lighting ideas have been helpful. Whether you incorporate discrete cove lighting, an elegant chandelier or recessed fixtures, lighting your tray ceiling will add a new dimension to your home. It creates ambience and increases your home’s value.


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