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25 of the best High Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Rooms with high ceilings have great potential with their overarching designs and lighting fixtures. Between recessed lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans, and other lighting fixtures, there are many ways to highlight tall ceilings and nearby architecture. With that in mind, we have compiled 25 of our favorite rooms with tall ceilings and analyzed them to give you some great lighting ideas for tall ceilings.

Mid Century Modern

The sputnik design is one of the hallmarks of mid century style. In modern iterations, these lights now put unique spins on that style through different materials, structures, and finishes. Whether your home fits more into modern aesthetics or mid century style, choosing a mid century modern light is a great way to add style to your room.

Fantastic Ideas

In all seasons rooms or indoor/outdoor areas, ceiling fans are commonly used to circulate air and provide lighting. When choosing a fan for these spaces, especially if they have tall ceilings, consider its placement, blade number, and motor to ensure that it will provide enough airflow for the space. Also, if there is any chance of the fan being exposed to rain or wind, use an outdoor ceiling fan approved for those conditions.

Practical Design

Having tall ceilings does not rule out the potential for indoor ceiling fans. In fact, choosing a fan that hangs on a longer downrod is an ideal way to add in essential air circulation and lighting while providing a visual accent for the room's ceiling.

Maximizing Architecture

If your room has both high ceilings and has insets with even more depth, consider defining those insets with a bold chandelier or pendant light. The exact size of the chandelier will vary depending on the depth of the inset, the size of the space, and the size of the entire room. Even so, adding some sort of light in the center of the inset is a great way to draw attention to that detailing and connect to the space below it.

A New Perspective

Another facet to consider when choosing a light for hallways, living rooms, and other spaces with tall ceilings is how those lights look at different angles and perspectives. By looking at the room from all angles, you can choose lighting fixtures that fit the space perfectly from all perspectives.

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Coastal Vibes

Coastal style can be created through the proper color schemes and materials. The lighting fixture you choose for a coastal style room can highlight both those elements. For example, a rattan chandelier draws in the calming cream tones of the ocean and highlights a natural material associated with the beach. With that in mind, consider how the lighting fixture can subtly or boldly convey your unique style.

Central Design

In outdoor patios like this, you may find that your ceiling comes to a central point right in the middle of the space. In these cases, it is natural to add a light at the highest point and highlight the center of the room. The exact style and height of your light can vary, but this layout is a simple yet effective way to create a visually balanced space.

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To New Heights

Whether you are decorating a stairwell like this or a room with tall ceilings, a sculptural pendant light like this can accent your room. Thanks to the ceiling's height, you do not have to worry about the light overcrowding the space or being too close to those walking by. Plus, fixtures like this can draw your eye throughout the entire space and allow you to appreciate all the architectural and decorative features.

Luxurious Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an area worth splurging on to show off your style and create the proper tone. Aside from the essential task lighting of vanity lights, adding in a single light to create ambiance and highlight the bathroom's tall ceilings is an ideal way to create a luxurious bathroom.

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Making the Most of Minimalism

Master bedrooms are spaces for unwinding and relaxation. The lighting fixture you choose for that space can help define the tone and tie into nearby furniture, architecture, and accessories. In this case, a simple stick light coordinates well with all the straight lines elsewhere in the room. Although it may be a fairly simple light, it fits in perfectly to highlight the room's minimalist modern aesthetic.

Mixed Design

Large rooms often feature the same ceiling lights used in multiple areas of the room to create a cohesive space. However, it is completely viable to mix different lights and lighting types in a common area. Doing so can help set apart different areas of the room, ensure that each space has the light that best suits it, and expand on your personal aesthetic.

A Work of Art

Lights are ideal for creating essential lighting, but that is not their sole purpose. Contemporary pendant lights and chandeliers can serve as modern works of art through their structures, hanging style, and illumination. When adding a lighting fixture to any room of the home, consider the potential to use a contemporary pendant light as a beautiful and unique work of art.

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Accenting Exposed Beams

Exposed beams have a large impact on the room's tone and style depending on their layout and finish. In both cases, you can connect the beams to the lighting fixtures through similar colors and designs to create a well defined style. In addition to that, the hanging lights will help bridge the gap between the ceiling and eye level design to naturally guide the eye throughout the room.

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Open Concept

Often with open concept rooms, you will see one light centered over the living space and another over the dining table. While this is a great way to differentiate the two spaces, you can also choose to use one light over a singular space or in the middle of the entire room to highlight the length and height of your room.

Darling Dining Spaces

When it comes to adding lights to standard height dining rooms, there are some base guidelines to help you hang a light over the table. One of those rules is that the light should be at least 30-36 inches away from the table. However, if your dining room has an elevated ceiling, feel free to hang the chandelier further above the table. This practice can make your room feel larger and naturally draw the eye towards the ceiling and any higher architectural features.

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Dimensional Design

Grand rooms with tall ceilings have unique options with pendant lights and chandeliers. To highlight the natural height of the room and architecture, consider using multiple pendant lights over the span of the room. Featuring the same light in different sizes and heights to create dimension is an ideal way to maximize your room's architecture and create an artistic statement.

Rustic Glam

If your home has a natural wood ceiling highlighting its elevation and style, it is vital to consider what light will work with the wood to define your style. The fixture can lean into purely rustic, modern farmhouse, or coastal style depending on its finishes and structure. However, even luxury lights like the Byron Chandelier can pair well with the wood and create a new style: rustic glam. Even if this is not your exact style, the lighting fixture you choose can balance with the nearby wood tones and convey your unique aesthetic.

Lighting Plans

The lighting fixtures you hang in your kitchen are important for both ambient and task lighting. Oftentimes, pendant lights and chandeliers are not enough to create the necessary task lighting. That is why it's wise to use recessed lights or undercabinet lights to create that light and ensure the room is properly illuminated. Rest assured, the inclusion of under cabinet lights or recessed lights does not take away from your pendant lights; instead, it allows those elements to shine as necessary accents and lights in the room.

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Finishing Details

Although the shape and style of the fixture itself has a large impact on the room's style, so do the light's finishes. This beautiful candelabra from Troy Lighting features hand worked iron finished with gunmetal and smoked chrome to create a more industrial finish. You may think that these details don't matter since the light far away from the social spaces, but these accents are still highly noticeable and important.

A Work of Art

The light you choose for your room's ceiling has a large impact on the room's style, but that style is furthered when the light has similarities to other motifs in the room. In this case, the large lantern light connects back to the wall sconce through similar materials, structures, and candles. Simple connections like these can help unify a room's design, especially in grand, large spaces.


Colors lean into either warm or cold temperatures based on how they incorporate red or blue tones respectively. In any case, whether your room's color scheme uses mostly warm or mostly cool tones in the paint and furniture, a warm metallic lighting fixture can help create an inviting space. Gold, brass, and copper are three popular options for warm metallic finishes and they are available in lights of all styles.


If you are creating a moody dining space with a vaulted wood ceiling, the lighting fixtures you choose should tie into the overarching aesthetic and convey the proper tone. Since these lights feature candles and not bright downlighting, the lights themselves reinforce the room's style and create perfect ambient lighting.

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Different Design

Previously, we saw how lighting fixtures can mirror architecture through similar structures and shapes. However, the light you choose can also contrast the architecture to create a unique statement. This entryway with a tall ceiling has many straight, linear lines in the furniture, decor, and architecture, which is why the lighting fixture intentionally breaks the mold and highlights round shapes. Whether you match the architecture or choose to use a different design, both options are valid for defining your room.

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A Work of Art

The light you choose for your room's ceiling has a large impact on the room's style, but that style is furthered when the light has similarities to other motifs in the room. In this case, the large lantern light connects back to the wall sconce through similar materials, structures, and candles. Simple connections like these can help unify a room's design, especially in grand, large spaces.

Designer Islands

Using numerous pendant lights over a kitchen island is a common practice for creating balanced lighting and beautiful styling. When hanging lights over an island, be sure that they are at least 30-36 inches away from the island's surface. If the fixtures cast light outwards at eye level, place them at a higher elevation so that no one is blinded by the lights. Finally, the lights should be at least 6 inches from the island's edges to ensure no one bumps into them.

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Tall ceilings can be accented with lighting fixtures in many unique ways. Whether you are decorating a large open concept area, a grand foyer, or a bedroom, you now have many high ceiling lighting ideas to help you craft your personal style.


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