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25 of the best High Ceiling Foyer Lighting Ideas

Grand foyers with tall ceilings are beautiful areas to welcome friends and family into your home. With the proper lighting fixture, you can further define the room's style and creating an even more inviting space. There are so many possibilities with these room that the process of choosing a light may be intimidating. How do you choose lights that are the proper height, scale, and style for your room? Fortunately, we've created a list of our favorite entryways with tall ceilings and provided tips, tricks and foyer lighting ideas for tall ceilings.

Thematic Introductions

As the first room of the home, foyers often introduce the style of the entire home and foreshadow design elements you may see in neighboring rooms. This is especially true in open concept homes where rooms blend together much more seamlessly. Take inspiration from this home and use lights that have similar shapes, structures, detailing, and finishes in the foyer and nearby rooms to create thematic consistency in your home.


Even though foyers with tall ceilings can accommodate large, hanging lights, you can also use a different type of light to accent your foyer. Small chandeliers, mini pendant lights, flush-mount ceiling lights, and semi-flush lights are all popular fixtures for foyers. Each option has plenty of choices with different designs, heights, and aesthetics, so you have unlimited potential with decorating your home's foyer.


Tall, cascading chandeliers are ideally suited for entryways with tall ceilings. With their natural drama, flowing material, and light dispersal, these fixtures are incredibly versatile and stylish.

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Rounding Out The Design

One principle of interior design is that soft, circular shapes soften the tone of the room. Round chandeliers and pendant lights serve that exact purpose when adorning your entryway. In tall entryways, they can create a welcoming, homey tone that doesn't come across as imposing or overly grand.

Lantern Lights

Lantern chandeliers and pendant lights are incredibly diverse in their stylings and uses. They can add rustic charm to traditional spaces, create a more homey aesthetic, or even convey an air of elegance. Aside from their various styles, they can also be used in many different types of entryways and interior design aesthetics.

Elegant Industrial

Industrial style is quite popular with its use of iron, steel, and sleek metals. The staircase in this tall foyer naturally shows off industrial style with the floating stair system and railing, but that scheme is complemented by the door and the black iron chandelier in the back. The chandelier itself may not lean into the industrial style, but since it uses a similar material and color, it fits into the room and positively impacts the room's tone.

Modern Art

Chandeliers and pendant lights aren't just there to provide essential lighting to a room; they are also there to serve your unique purposes. Among those purposes, you may be looking to fill an empty space, incorporate a new color, complement another lighting fixture, or present your chandelier as a work of art. Because foyer lights can serve so many functions at once, they are incredibly diverse and perfect for today's homes.


Large foyers often open up to other rooms or a second floor. In cases like this room where the staircase leads to a second floor balcony, it is vital to think about what light placement is best for both the downstairs and upstairs. While the light may not provide practical lighting for the second floor, it still serves as a decorative accent and should be placed intentionally so it can be beautiful from all perspectives.

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Grand Size, Grand Design

Oversized entryways call for oversized chandeliers. If this room were to leave out the chandelier, then the space would almost feel too vast and empty. The well placed light draws the eye through the space and creates a warm, welcoming tone with its classic candle lights and ambiance. When working in large spaces, use grand chandeliers to fit the room's scale and set the proper tone.

Complementary Design

When choosing a chandelier for your foyer with tall ceilings, look at any architectural features or details that already exist in the room. These details can serve as inspiration for what lighting fixture you choose for the room. Take this room as an example: the glasswork features intricate, whimsical swirls, so the chandelier uses similar rounded shapes but in a more modern way to gently change the room's style to feel more modern.

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Creative Connections

One way to create a cohesive foyer is to look at your room's architecture and existing decor for inspiration. In this elegant foyer, the rounded shapes of the chandelier tie into the arched doors, curving staircase, and the swirls in the iron railings. Using similarities in shapes is often enough to create a cohesive style, but using similar metals and finishes is another way this room rounds out its style.

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Artistic Entryways

In foyers with tall ceilings, you can stagger different lighting fixtures to create a multi-level work of art. In this case, the same chandelier is used again and again at various heights and in different sizes. This creates a very dynamic lighting scheme that serves a practical purpose as well as serving the room's style.

Gentle Design

The small chandelier used in this foyer may not have the largest footprint, but it certainly impacts the room. With the gentle fairy lights and brighter bulbs scattered throughout its canopy, this light conveys an air of whimsy and gentleness. Remember, just because large foyers can handle large chandeliers doesn't mean that you need to fill the space. Choose a light that conveys your desired tone with its lighting temperature, light size, and design.

Light and Shadow

The lighting fixture itself obviously plays a key role in defining the room's tone, but so does the creation of light itself. The specks of light cast whimsically throughout this entryway create an old-world charm that standard, unimpeded light beams simply could not create. When choosing a light for the entryway, consider how the light is cast and how that can add a new spark to your foyer.


The Pix Sticks Cirrus Chandelier from PureEdge Lighting features rods in varying lengths and lens shapes to create a custom look. In addition to that, this light features 8 different color temperatures, dimming options, and diffused white lenses to further customize your entryway. As you shop for the best light for your home, you'll find many chandeliers and pendant lights offer different sizes, light numbers, and other options to help you customize your tall foyer.

Breaking the Mold

If your foyer's architecture and furniture feature rectangular shapes and clean-cut lines, consider using a chandelier that breaks away from those shapes. Whether you use an abstract swirling light or this rounded globe light, you can break up the room's rigid lines with a unique design element and show off your skills as a designer.

Marvelous Pairings

Your foyer may use multiple lighting fixtures to create a complete lighting scheme and style. When using multiple types of lights, look for similarities that span across all the lights. This contemporary foyer matches the chandelier and wall sconces with rounded shapes, dark hues, and imperfect finishes. Along with that, the warm lighting temperature further connects the lights and helps define the room's tone.

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Unexpected Placement

Foyers with tall ceilings typically hang their chandeliers at taller heights to emphasize the room's size. However, a low hanging chandelier can do the same and draw your eye to a particular point. When your chandelier is low, be sure it is not placed directly in a walking path where it may be bumped. Instead, line it up with a table like this entryway does.

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Natural Inspiration

The artists and designers behind today's most popular lighting fixtures take inspiration from many sources. In this case, the chandelier is inspired by nature. Featuring delicate gold leaves and white crystal tears, this piece subtly harkens back to nature in a very upscale way. If you have a specific vision or source of inspiration for your entryway, seek out lights that fit your exact design. In all likelihood, another designer has been inspired by the same thing and created a light perfect for your foyer.

Mix It Up

Chandeliers and pendant lights often use different finishes together to create unique styles. This sputnik chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting intentionally pairs warm gold with dark black to create a balance of tones and bold contrast. Not only does this impact the light's statement, but it also helps you tie the light into various colors and accents throughout your foyer.

Stairway Accents

Foyers with tall ceilings often connect to a staircase that leads to the next floor. In these cases, there are no hard-set rules on how and where to place chandeliers. They may often be placed above a landing, but you can also use them elsewhere like in this entryway alcove. As you can see in this room, that creative placement draws the eye towards the small seating area and the grand stairwell and adds essential lighting to the entryway.

Elevating Your Foyer

The materials and finishes of your room's lighting fixture have a dramatic impact on the room's overarching tone and style. In the case of this elegant entryway, the chandelier uses cascading cast resin to create a highly luxurious crystal-like light. As you shop for elegant foyer chandeliers, look for materials like glass, crystal, and resin, which are ideally suited for elevating the room's tone.


Even if lights in different rooms cannot be seen at the same time, it is worthwhile to have some similarities in the lights. From this angle, we see the gorgeous chandelier and the wall sconces in the background. Many people will not see the room from this perspective and see the similar lighting fixtures, but it is still effective to carry a cohesive design throughout your home's lights.

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Cascading crystals define this elegant chandelier as something to behold. With the unconventional metal base and framework, the crystals are placed at varying heights to create a fixture reminiscent of flowing water. Whether your entryway is highly luxurious or classic, chandeliers like these do wonders in elevating the room's aesthetic.

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Steal The Spotlight

Less is more when it comes to grand foyers. Simple panelling is the primary accent of this room and is the perfect backdrop for this elegant spherical chandelier. If you want your light to be the center of attention, keep other decor and details at a minimum.

Foyer lights come in many different heights, sizes, and styles to suit different types of homes. Whether your home is rustic, contemporary, vintage, or another style, you now have knowledge and inspiration to choose the best lights for your foyer. All that's left is to take action and create your ideal entryway.


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