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25 of the best Staircase Chandelier Ideas

If your home has a dramatic two-level entry with a staircase, then you undoubtedly need a statement-making light fixture. There are a variety of styles from which to choose, from traditional to modern and farmhouse. Read on to learn some strategies for choosing the best chandelier for your space.

Keep with Tradition

A fluted glass chandelier adds elegances to this traditional staircase entryway. Its form complements the ornate architecture while bringing a sense of scale to the space. Complementary wall sconces anchor the symmetrical composition.

Lead the Way

Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes opted for a circular metal framed pendant to guide the way through this two-story entry space. The palette is neutral with gray and beige walls and wood-trimmed stairs. The black pendant provides a grounding element that leads the way.

Check Mate

In this design by Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design, a largescale black farmhouse-style pendant coordinates effortless with a black-and-white checkered floor. If you opt for a bold floor pattern, then keep the rest of your finishes on the simple side. For example, a checkered floor with a flashy crystal chandelier could easily become too much.

Around and Round

Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design created a classy double-height entry with patterned floors and ornate scrolled stair railings. A large circular chandelier complements the pattern of the spiral stair’s metal rails. Naturally, the walls are a neutral off-white.

Mirror the Architecture

This bold, geometric stairwell sticks to the basics of black and white. Black trim contrasts white paneled walls. The semi-flush mount ceiling fixture picks up on this same language and introduces a softer curving form.

Waterfall Effect

Cascading from the ceiling like a waterfall, this stunning chandelier grounds an entryway design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes. With such a show-stopping focal point, the rest of the space can remain neutral, with beige walls and cream trim. Dark wood flooring and front door help to ground the entry sequence.

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Statement Pieces

If you have a fairly traditionally space you can easily inject some whimsy and dramatic flair. An animal skin rug, bold staircase runner and sculptural chandelier do the trick here. Keep the rest of your finishes neutral so those pops of color and texture take center stage.

Natural Touch

Grey Joyner of Grey Joyner Interiors opted for a multitiered chandelier to add natural texture to an otherwise mostly white entryway. The fixture brings some warmth to the space and coordinates well with wood accents and furnishings. When making such a strong statement, it helps to keep the rest of the space neutral.

Simple Symmetry

Perfect symmetry is at play in this design by Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Interior Designs. A simple glass semi-flush mount highlights the stairs tile fabric-shaded wall sconces guide visitors around to each side. Soft gray walls and white trim complete this traditional stairway space.

Sculpture by Day

An ultramodern and minimal space with a stair can benefit from a statement chandelier. Too plain of a fixture would disappear and the room could feel lacking of a focal point. During the day the space receives plentiful natural light and the fixture is like a sculpture, but come night time, it takes over to light the space.

Minimal Meets Traditional

This understated, elegant space features white walls and molding with just a simple accent of black on the stair railing and trim. The effect is bright, modern but also classic. The chandelier falls in line with that aesthetic; a minimal framework suggests a traditional chandelier shape but feels thoroughly modern.

Shared Experience

In this traditional entryway design by Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Interior Designs, the stairwell is delineated by a soft blue shade, while the rest of the entry is a soft gray. Similarly patterned carpet treatments tie the two zones together. A semi-flush mount fixtures provides light for both spaces, aided by a table lamp.

Coordinate with the Stair Rail

Do you have a unique looking stair railing with lots of character? Let it be a point of inspiration for choosing a chandelier. Here the form of a wrought iron latticework railing is echoed in the form of the chandelier. The rest of the finishes are kept neutral so they become the focus of the space.

Stick to Basics

Black, white and gray are a timeless combo. This neutral color palette can make any space feel larger than it is, and helps draw the eye up in a stairway. A simple chandelier is all that’s needed to complete this design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes.

Perfect Symmetry

This grand entrance features two levels of windows, which admit ample natural lighting. White walls further reflect the light, and a touch of black trim anchors the space. A two tier chandelier mirrors the clean aesthetic of the space will providing the perfect punctuation.

Festive Feel

Bring a festive feel to your entry stair year round with a tiered resin chandelier. The design recalls the sparkle of traditional crystal chandeliers but adds a clean, modern spin. It’s a perfect choice for a transitionally designed space such as this, which combines traditional and modern elements.

Old World Style

A traditional wood staircase and entryway design by Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design calls for an old world–style fixture. A subtly aged finish works well with the rustic wood steps and scroll-like banister. The color palette is neutral, warm and welcoming.

Complement and Contrast

This modern, very linear stair is both complemented and contrasted by a round metal chandelier. Try matching your stair’s hardware with your light fixture, but choosing a form that contrasts it. This will make your entryway feel both consistent and balanced.

Drops of Light

Like drops of rain, these rounded glass globes seem to fall from the ceiling of this stunning entry with circular stair. The fixture cascades more than three levels, creating a dramatic display. While this installation is on a grand scale, you can use a similar idea within a more standard double-height stairwell.

Guiding You Up

Don’t forget to look up in this design by Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Interior Designs. A cascade of glass globes illuminates this modern entry stair. Square wall sconces help guide visitors up the wood stairs, which feature a minimal glass railing.

Low Ceiling Solution

Many staircases rise from a space with a lower ceiling, rather than from within a dramatic double-height area. A flush or semi-flush mount fixture is always a good option for a lower ceilinged space. These fixtures can look just as dramatic as a chandelier.

Cue the Classics

The combination of wood flooring, soft cream walls and classical sculptures produces a refined and stately stairway area. A multitiered chandelier with an oil-rubbed bronze finish picks up on the wood accents. Wood beams add depth to the high ceiling.

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Combine the Unexpected

This unexpected chandelier is made with cast resin. While the form is traditional, the expression is anything but. And that is what makes it work so well in this space that combines traditional and whimsical elements, such as a rustic end table with an acrylic coffee table.

Disappearing Act

Kelly Taylor of Kelly Taylor Interior Designs opted for a staggered linear pendant fixture that practically disappears against its modern backdrop. A sleek glass railing and under step lighting help to guide the way. The overall effect is modern and minimal.

Infuse Movement

A multistory stair calls for a multitiered pendant in order to light the space evenly. This draped, flown design adds movement to the space. It can be appreciated from multiple angles as one ascends or descends the stairs.

Now that you’ve learned 25 different ideas about how to select the right fixture for your staircase and entryway, it’s time to take the final step: choosing the right fixture for your home! We hope these ideas have sparked some of your own. The entryway is the first impression your home makes to guests, so make it a good one.


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