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15 Low Ceiling Chandelier Ideas for Elegant Spaces

Homes and rooms with low ceilings can be difficult to manage, especially with chandeliers and ceiling lights. While you may be afraid that chandeliers are off limits because of your ceiling height, that could not be further from the truth! Chandeliers come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, so they are easily adaptable to rooms with low ceilings. Even more standard, long chandeliers can be used in homes with low ceilings as long as they are placed intentionally. To assist you in choosing the best chandelier for low ceilings, see our low ceiling chandelier ideas, inspiration photos, and advice.


Lighting is an essential part of any bathroom, but it is especially important to consider with bathrooms with low ceilings. Placing a sputnik chandelier directly above your tub is a great way to illuminate the room, elevate its tone, and create a spa-like experience. By placing the light over the tub instead of a central walkway, you can use a lower chandelier without the worry of bumping it.

Perfect Placement

There are many ways to arrange dining room tables and ceiling lights. Oftentimes, a singular chandelier or pendant light will be centered above the table itself. However, the height at which the light is placed can vary depending on your room's layout, other accents, and ceiling height. If you are adding a light to a low ceiling dining room, consider hanging the light closer to the ceiling like this room.

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Eclectic Tastes

This small eclectic dining room features bold colors, prints, and furniture. Pairing these details with a more classic lantern chandelier is a great way to elevate the room's tone and draw attention to these key focal points instead of a low ceiling.

Dining Design

If you are looking for ideas on which rooms to use low ceiling chandeliers, then you will see many pointing you towards dining rooms. This is because you can easily place a chandelier directly over a dining table at various heights without consequence. If a light is hung too low in an entryway or living room, there is more risk of bumping into it as you walk throughout the room. However, when a light is placed over the table, there is no risk of bumping into it because it is too low. This gives you greater freedom in using chandeliers in dining rooms with low ceilings.

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Matching Metals

Whether your room has a low ceiling or not, it is important to connect your light to the rest of the room's aesthetic. One simple chandelier idea for a low ceiling is to use matching metals or similar finishes. In the case of this cozy living room, the chandelier and coffee table both feature warm metallic finishes. This helps tie the room together and draw attention away from a lower ceiling.

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Chandeliers are not just central, low hanging lighting fixtures. Modern chandeliers are styled in that way, but they are also available as linear chandeliers. These linear lights do not carry the same depth as traditional chandeliers since their main design is displayed horizontally instead of vertically. Lights like the Abbott Linear Chandelier displayed here are a great option for rooms with low ceilings, especially dining rooms or kitchens.


The designers behind many of today's most iconic lighting fixtures design lights to suit real homes. The Ace Chandelier from Troy Lighting is one such example. Whether you use the light at this narrow height or extend it further into your room, you can tailor the light to suit your room's unique layout and height. This chandelier is merely one example of chandeliers for low ceilings, so as you shop, be sure to look for custom options with lighting height and size.

Bedroom Balance

The best chandeliers for low ceilings vary in size and design. That is because different homes have varying ceiling heights, layouts, and lighting needs. When choosing the best chandelier for a low ceiling it is as important to consider the light itself along with where it is. In bedrooms, even medium height chandeliers like the one shown here can suit the room as long as it is placed intentionally so it is not bumped into and it fits the room's grand scale.

Whimsical Design

There is no need to sacrifice design if you are bound to low ceilings. The Alexa Chandelier from Mitzi displays a stunning design without protruding too far into the room. The unique floral shades and detailing may not be overly extravagant, but they are prominent enough to make a bold design statement and serve as the best chandelier for this low ceiling bedroom.

Width and Height

Not all chandeliers extend downward. In rooms with low ceilings, you are often better off choosing a chandelier that branches out horizontally instead of vertically. Not only will that balance with the room's ceiling height, but it will also spread light out over a wider area.

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Two Tiered Is Not Always Too Tall

In your search for the best chandeliers for low ceilings, you will not see too many 2 tier chandeliers like the one shown here. However, it is important to note that these lights are indeed an option for your home even if the ceilings are lower. As long as the light is placed at the proper height, away from key walking paths, and it fits the room's scale and size, you can include a luxurious two-tiered chandelier.

Unconventional Design

It is common practice to have the chandelier mimic the shape of the dining room table. If you are striving to create a more artistic, unconventional design in your dining room, consider using a round chandelier with a rectangular dining table. This deviation from the norm automatically establishes your dining space as being uniquely designed. Even unconventional rooms like this one highlight the potential of straying from the norm. This dining room goes to show how the best chandelier for a low ceiling dining room may not be exactly what you envisioned of it may not follow all the "rules."

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The Proper Balance

When choosing a hanging height for your room's chandelier, it is important to consider the size of the room itself along with any key architectural details and furniture. This eclectic mudroom highlights how a chandelier can balance with a window, built in cabinet, and ceiling height. Allow your room to guide you as you select your chandelier's final placement.

Fine Dining

Placing a chandelier or pendant light directly above a dining room table is an excellent way to create a well lit, elegant dining experience. In general, pendant lights and chandeliers often mimic the shape of the table. So, with a circular table like the one shown here, it makes sense to choose a more centralized chandelier instead of a linear or rectangular one.

Welcoming Ambiance

Consider adding sleek, modern wall lights to frame the entrance of your home. Emitting a soft, warm glow, these lights cast a welcoming ambiance, guiding you towards the entrance with subtle elegance. These lights not only illuminate the way but also serve as tasteful accents, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the entrance and providing a touch of sophistication to the space.

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Chandeliers and pendant lights can accommodate even rooms with low ceilings. Whether you are outfitting a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, home office, or another area of the home, you can use a chandelier to accentuate your room's style and provide essential lighting. With the chandelier ideas for low ceilings detailed above, you now have more knowledge and inspiration of how to maximize your home's potential.


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