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25 of the best Office Chandelier Ideas

The term "office" doesn't necessarily have positive connotations. Oftentimes, offices are thought of as boring spaces where you are stuck doing menial tasks. Fortunately, offices don't have to be devoid of personality and dull; instead, you can infuse style into both home offices and corporate offices through rugs, decor, and lights. Need inspiration? Here are 25 office chandelier ideas, tips, and tricks for using these lights in home offices and office buildings.

Contemporary Boho

Modern iterations of boho style often feature teal and gold hues. Though this room's furniture and built-ins all lean into contemporary style, the central chandelier draws it back to boho with the warm metallic finishes and whimsical leafy design. This room goes to show how the lighting fixture you choose for your home office has great power in swaying the room's overall style and tone.


While the lighting fixture itself has a specific tone and style, so do the beams of light. The contemporary chandelier used in this masculine home office casts light softly over a wider area and with uneven light distribution through the crystals. These two facets dramatically impact the tone of the light and the mood of the entire room.

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Modern Classics

Candelabra chandeliers have been popular for centuries, but they are not limited to vintage or elegant spaces. In fact, modern candelabras take inspiration from the classic design and simplify it to create more streamlined, sleek designs. Because of that, these lights are ideally suited for infusing class into modern home offices.

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Classical Whimsy

Lantern chandeliers are popular in a variety of interior design styles. While the lights often feature a classic rectangular shape and candles, there are many different ways these lights are styled to suit different aesthetics. Like this light, you may use a clear square frame to surround the center and keep the light feeling more airy and whimsical. Truly, lantern chandeliers present unlimited opportunities with their designs, color palettes, and finishes.

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To New Heights

Even if the office you're decorating has a standard or low ceiling height, office chandeliers can still be used in these spaces. Linear chandeliers like this can hang close to the ceiling while still carrying all the style of other chandeliers. In addition to that, flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lights are also highly stylish and personal with their designs and placements.

Multiple Chandeliers

Large office spaces and meeting tables can accommodate more than one chandelier. Like this room, you may choose to balance two lights over two conference tables. Not only do the lights serve to balance the room, but it also casts light equally over the table to encourage productivity and comradery.

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Complementary Design

The metallic finishes and colors of your office chandelier are great areas to pair with your existing decor. This sleek modern office uses black and warm metals like copper and gold throughout the room's key furniture, lighting, and decorative accents. Simple pairings like these go a long way in creating a complementary design.

Low Hanging Lights

Hanging a chandelier right by your desk can help define that space as the primary focal point of the room. In these situations, be sure that the light is not too bright, since eye-level lights should not be blinding to the person sitting there. Instead, ambient lighting or down-lighting can better serve these layouts.

Elegant Workspaces

A regal, elegant chandelier can elevate the tone of your office to create a stunning workspace. Draping crystals intertwined in a classic candelabra chandelier fits this room's grand traditional tone and takes it to the next level. Taking the time to create a luxurious home office that you enjoy will help you enjoy the space you're in, even if you don't enjoy the work you're doing.

Busy Offices

As wallpaper comes back into style, you'll see it pop up in more and more home offices. Because wallpaper can be so bold, you may be scared to choose a detailed chandelier to go with the wallpaper. Don't worry; wallpaper and intricate chandeliers can still exist in the same room without being overbearing. Choose a chandelier with similar colors, shapes, and general aesthetic to match the wallpaper to create a dynamic office.

Simple Shapes

No matter what room you're decorating and what the specific style is, there are some standard interior design principles that apply to any setting. One of the principles, shown in this transitional office, is how different shapes convey different tones. Rounded shapes, circles, and other soft edges all convey a softer tone than rigid rectangular shapes and straight lines. Consider the power of different shapes and curves when decorating your office and choosing an office chandelier.

Dark and Bright

This burgundy home office is highly moody with its deep colors, dark brown furniture, and lack of bright colors. The room's chandelier could follow a similar scheme by using dark metals or materials, but instead, the light uses a warm metallic finish to contrast these darker elements. Even though it is a simple touch, it plays a big role in defining this dark office as both serious and welcoming.

Company Space

Lights have a big impact on company offices and workspaces. Corporate offices often focus on practicality above all else with lighting fixtures, but style and functionality can go hand in hand with ceiling lights. Lights should be properly dispersed, cast light intentionally, and have the proper lighting dispersal to create a practical space. This office certainly uses lights practically, but they are also dispersed creatively and artistically to create a cool, contemporary space that is far more enjoyable than a dull office.

Infusing Drama

If your home office uses primarily neutral tones, a black chandelier can break away from those colors to add a pop of drama to your office. The linear light shown here obviously differs from most of the room's accents, but it does tie into some of the artwork and the railing. Simple connections and pops of dark color can modernize any dining room/home office hybrid space.


Dark chords make up this elegant office chandelier. Draping lights in general tend to exude class, but when these lights feature unusual dark colors, you can create a very moody elegant office space.


Office chandeliers obviously serve a practical purpose in creating ample lighting, but they can also serve as unique works of art. Abstract and designer chandeliers can work in minimalist offices as well as more detailed ones that feature intricate artwork, large wall murals, and other contemporary pieces..

Balancing Act

How and where you place a chandelier depends on the room's layout and what purpose the chandelier will serve. If the light is specifically for illuminating a desk, then it may be perfectly centered over that fixture. However, if it is to provide general lighting to the whole room, it will likely be centered in the middle of the space and in line with key architecture. This warm industrial office uses the latter method to choose the chandelier's place and serve the room's overall layout and lighting scheme.

Waiting Room Chandeliers

As guests and clients wait for meetings, it is important to have a comfortable area for them to stay. The chandelier you place here can convey a simple, clean aesthetic like this one, or you can showcase an artistic light. These lights can exemplify your company's perspective and draw your guests and clients into the company's vision.

Shimmering Light

Crystal and glass can diffuse light in their own unique ways, but metallic lights like the Argent Round Chandelier cast light in even more sporadic ways. Small lights are intentionally placed within this cloud of intentionally shaped metallic discs to cast light in various directions. This creates a shimmering effect and a soft glow over the room. While they may not provide essential task lighting, these office lights can help set the tone and create a soothing workplace.

Professional Offices

Whether you're furnishing an official office building or another meeting room, linear chandeliers can serve to balance longer accents and provide essential lighting for larger spaces. These lights are perfectly suited for illuminating long tables where meetings are held. Like this light, you may choose something highly artistic and creative to encourage new ideas at your meeting or show off the office's personality.

Coordinating Lights

Home offices typically use multiple lights to brighten the room. With that, it's wise to choose lights for their designated purposes (task lighting, ambient lighting, or both) along with how the lights work together stylistically. Although the branching candelabra in this office is far more intricate than the table lamp, the two still pair well thanks to their soft coloration and similar rounded bases.

Meeting Space

Home offices aren't just used for their deskspace; many of these rooms are also used for meeting clients and developing key relationships. The proper chandelier can define your seating area's aesthetic, set the proper lighting tone over the space, and give your client insight into the type of person you are. Whimsical lights, sleek contemporary fixtures, traditional chandeliers, and others can all show off your personality to you and anyone who meets in your office.

Completely Custom

No two offices are exactly alike. While this extravagant suite features custom built ins, gallery lights, and chandelier, you may be developing a more minimalist, streamlined design. Since there are so many different ways to style the home, many of today's lights come with different options in design, size, and finishes. This light by Hammerton Studio offers 8 different finishes to fit your room's style and has dimming options. With so many options for customization, you can choose a light that truly is perfect for your office.

It's Only Natural

Natural materials like wood, rattan, and sisal are used in many of today's' homes to create warm, welcoming tones. Each of these materials can be woven and crafted into different types of chandeliers to fit your style. In the case of this transitional office, the chandelier complements the warm wood tones of the room and further develops the natural aesthetic. Whether your office uses many natural materials and tones throughout the room or your light is the only use of the material, these lights can suit any interior design aesthetic and color palette.

Textural Details

Different uses of texture are vital for creating dynamic office spaces. Your chandelier can bring texture into the room through various materials and finishes, such as the wood beads used in Crystorama's Poppy Chandelier. With cascading wood beads of different sizes and heights, this chandelier naturally breaks up the sterile lines of the room and adds a new element of interest.

Today's offices have great potential when it comes to different styles and personalities. The proper chandeliers can improve the space's practicality by setting the proper tone and providing ample lighting, but they can also create a much more pleasant workspace and inspire creativity. With the ideas listed above, you can now begin designing your own office with the best office chandeliers.


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