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25 of the best Open Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Rooms with open ceilings are full of possibility when it comes to design. Since there are so many possibilities and potential with how and where to use lights in these rooms, you may be perplexed on how to choose the best lights for your room. That is precisely why we've created a list of tips, tricks, and open ceiling lighting ideas to inspire you and guide you through designing your home. Continue on for all the inspiration you need!

Rustic Class

Rustic style is beloved because of its incorporation of wood tones and natural dimension. This style can blend well with other aesthetics as well to create new schemes. This grand room may have rustic roots in the floor, ceiling, and walls, but the furniture, lights, and accents all lean into more contemporary aesthetics. Blending rustic style lighting with more contemporary styles is a great way to create a classy rustic aesthetic.

Detailed Ceilings

Detailed and masterfully designed ceilings are coming back into style as unique ways to define the room's aesthetic. In some cases, the ceiling may be incredibly detailed or perfectly constructed in a specific pattern. Instead of disrupting that flow with ceiling lights, consider using floor lamps, table lamps, or wall sconces instead.

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Perfect Pendants

Pendant lights are popularly used in rooms with open ceilings. A singular light can be used to define a small seating area or alcove, but multiple lights can also be used to showcase a specific space. This layout is common with dining room tables, kitchen islands, and longer areas that need direct light or multiple accents to balance the space.

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It's Hip to Be Square

Standard round recessed lights are incredibly versatile, but you can find other types of recessed lights that lean into a specific style. Square recessed lights like these show off contemporary flair with their unique features and rigid lines. When they're used in settings like these, square recessed lights can complement modern architecture and decor to create a streamlined contemporary aesthetic.

Only Natural

This homey cottage has plenty of natural light from the nearby windows and the window in the arch. Whether you're working with natural light or ceiling lights, consider the color of your ceiling and what paints they are finished with. Gloss or semi-gloss finishes on the beams here help reflect the light to further brighten the room. You can apply similar finishes and strategies to brighten your room.

Grand Design

Rooms with tall or open ceilings naturally feel larger with their greater height and dimension. Because of that, you have more freedom in using large lighting fixtures in your room. Take this opportunity to choose larger and grander lights that fit your room's practical needs and aesthetic to create a boldly designed room.

Subtly Industrial

This room's architectural details lean heavily into an industrial style, but the furniture is more mid century modern or eclectic. When using multiple styles in a common space, your lighting fixture can bridge the gap and showcase both styles. In the case of this room, the chandelier has bent rods that are reminiscent of industrial ducts and clean round bulbs that fit a MCM style.


While many lights are placed with the intention of creating bright illumination, there are other purposes to lights as well. One function is to have the light purely for ambient reasons to provide soft lighting and set the mood. Consider what practical purposes you'd like your light to accomplish when choosing your perfect ceiling light.

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Open Ceiling and Open Concept

If your room features various areas like this home, then consider how your lights can establish each space as being unique. Although the kitchen island light is quite different from the hanging lights of the dining room, the fixtures do work together with matching lighting temperatures, rounded shapes, and dimension. When you're designing open concept spaces, include similar design elements like these to create a cohesive and well-defined room.

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Unexpected Style

Ceiling lights often use colors, metallic finishes, and structures that connect to other details in the room. However, red pendant lights can also break away from expectations by including a fresh pop of color, unique detailing, and one of a kind structures. The end result will be fresh and unique to your home.

Reflective Design

Rooms with moody designs need to use light sparingly and intentionally to sustain the room's mood. However, if that light isn't enough to brighten the room, consider amplifying it with one easy accent: a mirror. Mirrors reflect light throughout the room to create a brighter scheme without actually including any more lights in the room. This simple trick works wonders in dark enclosed rooms like this and bright rooms alike.

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Chandelier Alternatives

Even though chandeliers are popular and great options for open ceilings, they are not the only type of ceiling light that works well in these settings. Semi-flush and flush mount ceiling lights can also pair well with open ceilings. These lights are incredibly versatile and diverse in their stylings, so whether you're creating an elegant rustic space or something more modern, you can find a flush mount/semi flush light perfectly suited for your room.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are great accents for open ceilings. When placing these lights, be sure to distribute them across the room to provide essential lighting to your key areas. Along with that, you do not want the lights to hide in the depths of your open ceiling. Follow this room's example by lowering the lights to the beams' exteriors. This will allow the lights to shine further into the room without the wood blocking the rays of light.


Seeing Double

Depending on the size of your room and the height of your open ceiling, it may be beneficial to use two chandeliers instead of one. To create a more traditional vibe with multiple chandeliers, use the exact same chandelier at the same height and placement. This simple practice will create a balanced aesthetic and exude class.

Black and White

There are many interior design styles that work off a monochromatic color palette. Whether your home is a modern farmhouse aesthetic like this or purely contemporary, you can pair a black sputnik pendant light or chandelier with white walls. The contrast is extremely sleek and fitting for many different types of homes.

The Future Is Now

Large spaces that are used for commercial purposes often incorporate more lighting fixtures to provide ample lighting. In these cases, focus on lights that fulfill functional purposes and round out the room's style. Placing lights sporadically throughout the room and at various heights is highly stylish, practical, and dynamic.

Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings can be styled in so many different ways that you may be unsure of where to start. One idea is to use a hanging chandelier that rests at the tallest point of the ceiling. However, another idea is to hang the light so it is centered above a specific area. Like this room, you may choose to hang a chandelier directly above the dining room table to define that space, or you may center it in the middle of the ceiling to highlight the main architecture. Both solutions are valid and stylish.

Stunning Chandeliers

Even if your ceiling has its own detailing with open areas and beams, you can still incorporate a chandelier into your room. In these cases, choose a light that balances the complexity of the ceiling. Since this room features very simple white beams and clean details, the chandelier can feature more ornate designs and color to create a stunning space.


This tropical jungle dining space exudes elegance with the furniture, decor, and architecture. While the light itself isn't specifically made for jungle style spaces, it fits into the aesthetic by using a cascading design reminiscent of a waterfall. When designing any room of the home, look for unique and subtle ways your ceiling light can reinforce the room's overarching aesthetic.


Candelabras are one of the most popular styles for chandeliers. However, these lights aren't just traditional or classic. Today's lights feature candles or candle-like structures to pay homage to that style, but they expand on that original aesthetic with modern detailing and structures. Because of that, candelabras are incredibly diverse with their various stylings and can work in many different types of homes.

Floor Lamps

Instead of using lights in your open ceiling, you may choose to implement smaller lighting fixtures like floor lamps and table lamps around the room. However, since the room is likely taller with the ceiling, you can use larger floor lamps like this arched lamp to fill the space and present your unique style.

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Linear Design

Linear suspension lights are popularly used to accent dining room tables, kitchen islands, and other long spaces. While you can choose a singular linear light to decorate these spaces, you may also craft your own linear light by carefully placing pendant lights in a line. This will serve the same function as a linear light, but it presents something even more unique and artful.

To New Heights

Similar to the last example, this room masterfully places lights at different heights to create a statement. However, one element that this room does differently is using the same light in different sizes. Using the same light in different heights and sizes is a fantastic way to create a contemporary, artistic space.

A World of Possibility

It is truly impossible to summarize all the different styles that ceiling lights come in. The Banga Pendant light from LZF is specifically designed to pay homage to a well dressed parasol or a plush brolly. The lighting world is full of possibility with masterful and creatives designers like these creating innovative designs, so we encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to choosing lights for your home.

Finding Inspiration

Choosing a light can be a daunting task, since there are so many options and possibilities. One way to narrow the search is to look at your room's architecture and colors for inspiration. For example, this rustic room features warm wood tones and panels with clean lines. Both these elements appear in the chandelier with the clean lines and warm tones. In addition to that, the dark black finishes connect to the dark knots of the wood.

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The lighting fixtures you choose to use in these spaces are monumental in determining the room's tone, style, and functionality. This is true in any room of the home, but it is especially important to consider in large rooms with open ceilings. With the open ceiling lighting ideas, tips, and tricks above, you can now masterfully design your room to suit your practical needs and show off your personal style.


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