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25 of the best Bathroom Mirror And Light Ideas

Whether you're designing a bathroom from scratch or simply refreshing your vanity, your bathroom mirrors and lights are essential in creating a beautiful, practical bathroom. However, there are so many possibilities with designing bathrooms and vanities that you may be struggling with how to create your best bathroom. To guide you through the process, we've created a list of bathroom mirror and light ideas along with tips, tricks, and inspiration photos.

Middle Point

Depending on your bathroom's layout, your vanity mirrors may provide lighting to other areas of the room as well. Like this room, your light may be in a prime position to brighten the toilet space. As you shop for your ideal lighting fixture, consider exactly how and where to place your bathroom wall light so that it adequately directs light over multiple areas.


Wall lights are typically not enough to illuminate an entire bathroom. In these situations, look at the entire room to create a lighting plan. This will help you choose fixtures that properly brighten the whole room and designated areas like sinks, tubs, and showers. Along with that, you can select fixtures with similar features like this room does to define the room's aesthetic.

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Sleek Silvers

Silver is an extremely versatile color that can easily be shared between bathroom lights and mirrors. Even though this wall light features very little metal, the matching metals still go a long way in unifying the entire vanity's scheme and tone.

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Matching Metals

Bathroom wall lights often feature different metallic finishes to suit different styles. Gold is one of the most popular accents for modern or mid century modern bathrooms. Aside from including gold in your wall sconces, you can also tie that gold into the rest of the room through countertops, faucets, drawer pulls, and other accents to create a balanced scheme.

Artist Design

When choosing lights to go with your mirror, it's important to consider any lights that may impact the mirror's utility or ambiance. In the case of this bathroom, the artistic lighting fixtures in front of the mirror provide great backdrop lighting while the light alongside it provides necessary side lighting.

Limited Spaces

Much like this bathroom, you may not have room to place wall sconces along the sides of the mirrors. That's no problem! Place your wall sconces directly on the mirror instead to add that essential lighting, make a unique style statement, and allow the light to reflect further into the room.

Textural Details

Wall sconces with lamp shades often feel more traditional than other linear lights, but even these traditional sconces can blend well with other aesthetics. This tropical bathroom features small shaded lights that use a more laid-back and natural material to set a new tone that perfectly fits the bathroom's theme.

Crystal Clear

Aside from conveying an air of class, crystal wall sconces also create multiple points of interest when they're used as the main bulb. This wall sconce from Hinkley Lighting features a faceted clear crystal container for a candle. Each of these facets refract light in different ways to create beautiful diffusion and shadows.

Simple Sculptures

Bathrooms lights can be as minimally designed or as detailed as you please. The Acuo Wall Sconce from Cerno is a simple sculptural design that displays a three sided box that has been deconstructed to create a sculptural light. Let this light serve as inspiration and an eye-opener of what different types of lights are out there.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse style continues to be popular thanks to its approachability and simplicity. This bathroom conveys that style with its monochromatic color palette along with the three wall sconces. The placement of the lights and their style all reinforce a warm, welcoming tone fitting for farmhouse style bathrooms.

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Designer Trends

Glass, crystal, and resin are three materials commonly used in high end, luxurious wall sconces. Like this light, the crystals may be used to create beads that dangle from the light. Other fixtures will use these materials in completely unique ways to create new styles fitting for purely contemporary or vintage homes. Consider how your wall lights' materials can impact the room's luxurious tone and ambiance.

Pure Glam

Glamorous crystal wall lights are stunning additions to any elegant bathroom. The way that these fixtures disperse light to create unique shadows and beams adds dynamism to simple elegant rooms and highly detailed bathrooms alike.

Lighting Temperature

The lighting temperature of your bathroom wall lights impacts the tone of the entire room. In this case, the light conveys a warm temperature to create a more cozy bathroom. Other fixtures may mimic daylight or present cooler tones fitting for more sleek spaces. Aside from their aesthetic values, consider what lighting temperatures are best suited for the tasks being performed in that room. For example, if this is a bathroom vanity where you put on makeup or get ready for the day, we recommend a warm white light.

Perfectly Balanced

With long double vanities, you may have enough room to give each vanity its own set of lights. In other cases, you may not have enough space to accommodate a pair of lights for each mirror. This bathroom shows a perfectly viable solution: placing three lights equidistant from one another and the mirrors. This layout reinforces the room's natural symmetry and ensures each mirror gets plenty of light.

All That Glitters is Gold

While gold is popular in modern bathrooms, it's also a great color for vintage restrooms. Gold, bronze, or brass mirrors/lights can work together to complement a classic aesthetic and add warmth to the room's design.

Marvelous Motifs

Floral wall sconces and wall lights are popular for boho and modern bathrooms alike. They can even pair well with bathrooms like this that feature vintage colors and wallpaper. Consider how your wall light can reinforce any theming or imagery present in your room's grand design.

Black and White

Monochromatic bathrooms feature a stunning color palette of dark blacks and pure whites. These bathrooms often do include warmer elements as well in vanities, accents, and accessories. While this bathroom's sconce only features a small accent metal, there are plenty of other black or white bathroom lights that can perfectly complement your scheme.

Double The Vanity, Double The Lights

In the case of double vanities, it's wise to provide individual lighting for each mirror and sink. Not only does this create plenty of light at each vanity, but stylistically it also creates visual balance that makes the whole space feel symmetrical and visually appealing.

Symmetrical Design

If your bathroom mirrors have a very streamlined, rectangular shape, consider using wall sconces with a similar frame. These similarities will connect the accents with similar proportions and shapes to create a very cohesive vanity.

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Over The Mirror

While it's popular to use wall lights on either side of a mirror, placing lights above the mirror is a great alternative for tight spaces or for highlighting the room's height. In these cases, be sure that the light is directed in the proper directions so that it complements the mirror and provides enough light for getting ready.

Directional Design

Bathroom wall lights and wall sconces are highly practical lighting fixtures. While the aesthetic of the light is important, it's also vital to consider aspects like lighting direction, lighting dispersal, lighting temperature, and overall brightness. This bathroom clearly took those principles to heart with its light choice and placement at the top of the mirror, and you must similarly choose your light based on your room's practical needs.


When choosing wall sconces to pair with your bathroom mirror, it's important to be sure that the lights are properly scaled to the mirror. When they're placed to the sides of the mirror like this, you do not want lights to take up more than two-thirds the size of the mirror. The balance shown here matches those proportions perfectly and shows how larger wall sconces can serve as works of art on the vanity wall.


The Alyssa Wall Light from Mitzi is known for being very youthful and versatile. With its whimsical structure and detailing, this light is perfectly suited to complement arched bathroom mirrors and bohemian aesthetics. However, this light can also add simple flair to more streamlined modern bathrooms as well.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Contemporary bathrooms will often feature very streamlined furniture and accents, but other details of the room will be highly artistic and busy. This bathroom masterfully uses tiles to create an accent wall and artistic detail. Since that is the main draw of the wall, the lights are quite simple and complement the other basic furniture nearby.

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Mirrored Lights

Instead of choosing a mirror and lights, why not choose a mirror with built-in lights? Lighted bathroom mirrors are a luxurious addition to any bathroom that can immediately elevate the room's tone. With that, mirrors with lights often feature customization with different lighting temperatures and brightness levels to help you optimize your bathroom.

When they're intentionally paired, bathroom mirrors and lights work together to style your bathroom and maximize its lighting scheme. Both of these fixtures are incredibly diverse and full of potential when it comes to layouts, sizes, finishes, detailing, and overall styles. With the bathroom mirror and light ideas, tips, and tricks detailed above, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to create your own designer bathroom.


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